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Breaking Barack Obama fashion news from Italy!

June 23, 2008 |  1:10 am

This is very exciting news to start off the first workweek of summer.

The other day, you may remember, we had a great kerfluffle over Michelle Obama's revelation on national television that while she does buy and wear some high-priced duds like another presidential candidate's wife, she just happened to be wearing at that very moment a dress that cost $148.

Italian fashion diva Donatella Versace dedicates her 2009 men's fashion line to Barack Obama, which could well change the course of history or at least call attention to her weekend fashion show in Milan

This was apparently huge news to half the country and could well somehow decide whose husband becomes president of the United States.

Under Michelle's husband's tax proposals, that $148 could turn out to become more like $174. So to beat the crush, thousands of women who would never be caught dead in the same dress as another woman were reported to rush out and buy up the entire existing national stock of that dress so they could wear the same dress as another woman. Yeah, well, go figure.

Now, thanks to the Canadian Press, we have just this morning received urgent news from overseas that Italian fashion goddess Donatella Versace has dedicated her entire 2009 spring-summer collection ...

... to none other than Barack Obama. First, he gets Jane Fonda's endorsement. Then, Scarlett Johansson's. Then, he gets his own official almost-president Great Seal. Now, Donatella.

We're not making this up and, yes, it's still 2008 in these 57 states.

Donatella, who may not be immune to the temptations of publicity associated with an American presidential race, described her new men's line as for "a relaxed man who doesn't need to flex muscles to show he has power.”

But that's not all. She had some advice for American candidates on the campaign trail, saying she would ditch all ties and "jazz up the shirt." The Ticket remains uncommitted on jazzed-up shirts. But we're good with the no-tie look. And we'll watch men's stores today for no runs on no ties.

About DV's show, the CP also reported:

"Shirts under jackets were either super easy with rolled-up sleeves or replaced by a silk T-shirt. The new Versace suit has a structured jacket softened by a double lapel or no lapel at all and slim trousers with slick techno-fabric sheen.

"Crazy zigzags break up the monotony of pinstripes and checks, while the pastel palette gives the collection a warm summer feel."

We've actually been saying the exact same thing for years now. Except the pastel part.

-- Andrew Malcolm

Photo credit: Associated Press