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First, Obama gets the $. Then the nomination. Now, Scarlett Johansson

June 10, 2008 |  6:03 pm

This is getting pretty pathetic. First, this Illinois yahoo Barack Obama, who beat Alan Keyes of all people for the Senate joScarlett Johansson says her heart belongs to Barack Obama so we're going to tell Michelle Obamab, waltzes into that chamber and usurps the Democratic presidential nomination that was to be Hillary Clinton's by rights.

Then he raises all this money, nearly a quarter-billion or something.

And now? Now, he's got Scarlett Johansson whipped over him. Give us a break here. Like, where's the fairness in any of this?

The guy rides a bicycle around in public in one of those goofy-looking but really, really safe helmets that legislators who don't ride bikes have declared that everyone must wear. Next thing you know they'll say we can't talk on cellphones while driving.

And Obama bowls like a Martian. And golfs like he's weed-whacking. And Scarlett falls for him.

Unbelievable. Anyway, here's Scarlett talking over on our sister blog The Dish Rag, which she isn't:

"I am engaged to Barack Obama. My heart belongs to Barack." Doesn't that make you sick? She's doing a lot of campaigning for him and everything.

We're tired of that politician's mug for a while. Seems like we use it every day. So we're gonna take this opportunity to publish Scarlett's photo insteaElizabeth Snead writes The Dish Rag blog so you will want to bookmark her blog and go there every hour or two because she's really smart and a good blogger and sometimes writes about Scarlett Johansson so we can write about her blog and have an excuse to publish Scarlett and Elizbabeth's photo in a place normally filled with yucky politicians' facesd. Nice and big too.

In fact, we may publish her photo in several unrelated items. Because bloggers are really powerful people.

In their own minds.

The Dish Rag, by the way, is written by Elizabeth Snead. Here's her photograph. Obviously, not a politician. Now, you'll really want to bookmark her blog and go there and read more on Scarlett and this topic. And all the other pretty people stuff they have over there.

Which isn't fair either.

--Andrew Malcolm

Johansson photo Credit: WireImage