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Michelle Obama's cheap dress drives others to don the same

June 20, 2008 |  4:30 pm

This just in. Michelle Obama wore a $148 dress the other day on national TV. And this is a big deal. And lots of other women are reportedly running into the chain store she mentioned. And maybe not cat-fighting yet but grabbing the dress for themselves.This is not THE dress so many people are talking about Michelle Obama wearing on TV that now so many other women want to wear even though they don't like wearing the same dress as other women even though this one here is a suit

And a lot of people are talking about this. So here we are writing about it in great excitement too.

According to one reported expert, Michelle has now suddenly soared into the Oprah orbit in terms of influencing other females to do things she does or recommends. And both those women are on Barack Obama's side in this fashion, er, election contest.

This expert predicts that Michelle is gonna revolutionize first lady clothes-wearing because she mixes high fashion with cheaper stuff. And we don't mean pantsuits.

No doubt this emerging tog tizzy will determine who becomes leader of the free world. So everyone should pay attention. Maybe we can just skip the voting stuff.

And along the way someone will no doubt explain why women who are absolutely appalled to be seen wearing the same dress as another woman are now running out to buy one just like millions of other women who are also running out to look like another woman they saw on TV.

That's why real politics is so fascinating.

As usual, that cursed Elizabeth Snead has the story first next door here on her booming Dish Rag blog. She even has video. All we have is a picture of Michelle in a boring but very sensible suit. Can't say about the shoes. There'll be a new blog for that anyday now anyway.

--Andrew Malcolm

Photo Credit: AP