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'Inferno' director: Lindsay Lohan didn't quit -- we fired her

November 20, 2010 |  6:53 pm

Getprev After months of waiting for Lindsay Lohan to emerge from jail and rehabilitation centers, director Matthew Wilder has finally axed Lindsay Lohan from his planned Linda Lovelace biopic, "Inferno."

Reached by telephone Saturday, Wilder confirmed that he and the producers of "Inferno" had come to the decision to recast the film about the late porn star. He  denied a TMZ report that Lohan had quit the project, but declined to elaborate further, saying he wanted to avoid  "mudslinging." 

He did say, however, that he would reveal more details Monday about what occurred between the filmmakers and the troubled actress, and who would replace her. 

It was not long ago that Wilder seemed deadset on sticking with Lohan. "Not moving on, not recasting, not under any circumstances," he said in July. In October, though, the filmmaker admitted he was frustrated by Lohan's schedule, while also saying that he hoped to shoot after the 24-year-old emerged from her court-mandated stay at the Betty Ford Center in January.

As for Lohan, while the Lovelace movie could have drawn criticism, without it, it seems the actress has no definite job prospects lined up. This summer, the filmmakers behind a Willie Nelson-produced adventure comedy called "The Dry Gulch Kid" had expressed interest in Lohan. They could not be reached for comment Saturday.

Meanwhile, it remains to be seen who will fill the actress' shoes in "Inferno." Share your thoughts on her replacement in our poll. 

— Amy Kaufman


Photo: Lohan at a court hearing in July. Credit: Al Seib/Los Angeles Times.


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What utter rubbish it was Lindsay's decision to quit this if she was actually "fired" as this creep claims it would have been on October 22nd when she was sentenced or prior to that.

Legal situation :
July 6th sentence - Jail then inpatient rehab until October 31st then formal probation until August 8th 2011
August 25th (probation modified)- Outpatient rehab and Formal probation until November 1st and 30 days in jail if she violates
October 22nd - Inpatient Rehab until January 3rd and Formal probation until February 25th and 180 days in jail if she violates before then

Instead after she changes her mind about this movie and doesn't want to meet with them on her day pass from Betty Ford the creepy director gives an interview stating that that is a plan b in place if Lindsay isn't taking part in it.
However it actually emerges that she never signed the contract and then a few day later she is "fired"
This is just spin from him.Lindsay quit and it was completely her decision.

good she's not part of this movie - Lindsay is too good an actress for this

This really sux..umm...er...ah...I mean bites. Cuz now I'm gonna lose a garden hose golf ball bet by default! Life just ain't fair....

I guess she will have to find another movie in which to expose herself.

Lindsay didn't quit and anyone who believes that is delusional (or Dina Lohan). Lindsay will do anything for money. She has sold her own photos to the tabloids. She did not quit and wouldn't quit ANYTHING that put a dollar in her lying, manipulative pocket. She was fired and she deserved it.

I also heard they are talking about a re-make of the movie "Pretty Baby". I don't see how they could do it in the USA they way people are now. It really was a great movie depicting life in that part of the country at that time. Actually in most of the country at the turn of the century and at least a decade or two into the 20th century.

This really bites, I mean I just lost a garden hose golf ball bet by default.

This was the worst possible project for Lindsay at this time in her life. If they did fire her, they did her a huge favor.
Lindsay, I wish nothing but the best for you. Get well soon. I'm sure that you will have many better offers waiting for you then.

Which is to say– whether one is getting fxxked or simply getting fxxked up – and that you can be washed up in Hollywood by the age of 24 should further strengthen the metaphorical connection implicit in the new vernacular making the rounds of Hollywood- that of media whore.


Jane Doe: How on Earth could you possibly favor a lying, scheming drug addict, who is known mostly for her blatant narcissistic ways? 99 percent of the human population can't stand this a**hole.


I find it incredibly interested that you know all these facts!


I care so little about this spoiled, useless little drug addict that I almost fell asleep.

Whatever Lohan...Seriously, grow up. You have issues. Well guess what, there is not one single person in the world that does not have issues or is going through tough times. The only difference is that you have/had $$$ to seek therapy and resolve your issues but instead you continue to play the victim role. Well, I guess that is the one role that suits you well and have mastered..."and the marter award goes to..." yeah you!

Does anyone really care?

Good. If more directors will follow the lead, people like Lindsey and Charlie Sheen won't be enabled to keep up their childist behavior.

Either way, the director of this project is a hosebag creep, judging from the interviews I've seen. And she's probably going to end up doing LESS drugs by disassociating herself from this cursed production. But that doesn't automatically get Lindsay off the hook. It is astonishing to me that one girl could be surrounded by so many negative exploitative people--from the business to her family. And to see her oblivious, fame-w&%re mother on the Today show a few months back, no doubt there's more trouble ahead for this tragic hero. So far, it's playing very Jerry Springer meets Lifetime movie of the week; when all I really want is a "Precious" meets "Annie" resolution to all this.

Any of the other actresses above on the list would be good. But what's the reason for replacing Lohan? she'll be out soon enough to portray this trampy, not very attractive Lovelace.

Whatever the reason, I wish Matthew Wilder and all others involved in the making of this movie lots of success. I have an idea, why not get a current young porno actress that way she wouldn't object to any of the scenes needed and it would give her a big break, we need someone new anyway. Plus Lohan does not have a very good body and her acting is nothing special either, no special qualities per se.

They cannot shoot this movie with Lohan because she cannot be insured. That's the bottom line. Say goodbye to Hollywood, Lindsay.

Not so interested in who fired or quit--but do think that Lindsay Lohan may have a stronger chance of reviving her career if she didn't do the Linda Lovelace role, anyway.

If she took her time, in her career, after she gets clean (hopefully) and chooses her next roles carefully, she may be able to bounce back; and strongly.

Hollywood is forgiving.
Choosing parts wisely, is up to the actor.
Sometimes, the best remedy is to "serve" some time away from acting work, for awhile.
Everyone loves and supports a happy ending.

Who cares...nobody will remember her in 2 years when her lifestyle will catch up with her.She will overdose soon anyway...you would have to pay me to watch her movies.

TheWrap's already reporting that Malin Akerman has been signed to portray Lovelace in Inferno.

It was so nice of this director to kick someone when they are down, always there to put their foot on top of your head and push you under water, how can a person who is obviously a porn guy trying to hustle a big name into something that would have dragged Ms. Lohan down even further. Good riddance porn man. who cares about you.


It was all a charade from the beginning, the "casting" of Lohan, to make her seem employable while in jail and rehab..


This is one of the best thing to happen to Lindsay!! Inferno is a porno biopic. It's gonna be vulgar, sadistic & nasty especially degrading to woman Good for Lindsay quitting or getting fired - which ever it all worked out better for her career. No woman is going to want to go to the movies to see this movie where a woman is morally & humanly reduced to filth, degradation, beatings and stigmatized for her the rest of her life until her tragic death.

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