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Producer: Lindsay Lohan will star as Linda Lovelace and ... appear in Cannes?

May 4, 2010 |  7:00 am

LiloAlso see: UPDATE: Lohan movie 'Inferno sets off internal firestorm

The Internet has been abuzz with the rumor that Lindsay Lohan, amid all her trouble, has landed her next acting gig, playing '70's porn star Linda Lovelace in the independent period drama "Inferno."

Like so many Lohan rumors, it's been tricky to separate fact from myth, but late Monday we talked to one of the producers, and he confirmed that Lohan will star in the film.

"Inferno" producer Wali Razaqi told us that Lohan has indeed been cast and that an announcement will be made (no doubt for the benefit of the foreign distributors whose money partly finances such productions) at the upcoming Cannes Film Festival. Lohan may appear at the festival as part of that announcement, though we'll believe that part when we see it.

"We've all thought that Lindsay would be a great choice for a while now, and we're all convinced that she is going to do it," Razaqi said. "For at least a year, the director [Matthew Wilder] and I have gone back and forth imagining how awesome of a performance she could give if she was in the movie."

As far as what Lohan will actually be doing in the film, the producer was less forthcoming. He did disclose that Bill Pullman is attached to play Hugh Hefner in the movie, which will be based on the real events of Lovelace's life. The drama will delve into "the difficult stuff she went through and overcame," he said.

"I would say it's probably one of the most challenging roles any actor could play -- and not because of the sexual content, necessarily -- but more because she was so battered and beat up emotionally, that I think it’s gonna take everything Lindsay has to really be able to pull it off," he said. "Not that Lindsay's life is similar in any way -- but she's been through a lot of ups and downs. A lot of times you're loved and then you're hated, and I think she can relate to those emotions and feelings. One week she's the 'it' girl, and the next, she's the 'what are you doing?' girl."

Lohan has been raising eyebrows as of late as she's stayed out all night partying at Hollywood clubs. Her father, Michael Lohan, has made a public plea for his daughter to get help for what he claims is a serious drug problem. But the antics don't worry Razaqi. "I'll tell you this," he said, "if her behavior were a serious concern, I don't think we would have been going after her the way we did."

-- Amy Kaufman

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Photo: Lindsay Lohan. Credit: Jason Merritt / Getty Images

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She should be good at this. :)

It's like asking Chuck Norris to star in a movie about Karate.

Wasn't Anna Faris supposed to play Linda Lovelace in the same film but dropped out. If so, doesn't that mean Lindsay has to go back to being a blonde?

It's misleading to say the movie is based on "the real events of Lovelace's life," when the film is probably based on Lovelace's revisionist memoirs in which she falsely claimed to have been a victim during the filming of "Deep Throat."

It's too bad that Lindsey Lohan's personal life has overshadowed the fact that she's a very good and engaging actress.

Wali Razaqi is not a producer on this movie. He half-assedly attempted to get financing then gave up. He will get no producer credit and will not be involved in any way, shape or form.

You mean, "Appear with cans" don't you?

Good god, I just hope it's not another movie whose message is "porn stars are victims".

I hope that the subject and all who are a part of this will never come to pass. It's a bunch of worthless, evil rot.

r m kraus/akron

Linda Susan Boreman (alias Linda Lovelace) would not be happy about the film endeavor nor the fate of Lindsay Lohan. Boreman and anti-pornography movement has not advanced much. This film will be a true disgrace to Lindsay Lohan and her career.

she was good in the Love Bug...the remake i believe.

In the love scenes she's been in, she is so awkward when with a man. She'd be better in a lesbian role.


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