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‘Inferno’ filmmaker: I’ll wait for Lindsay, no matter what

July 6, 2010 |  6:12 pm

Lilo Lindsay Lohan will soon be headed to jail, and then rehab. Will she be headed to a movie set after all of that?

With a Beverly Hills judge on Tuesday sentencing the former child star to 90 days in jail and a subsequent 90 days in a drug rehab facility, Lohan’s already slowed movie career has hit an even deeper pothole. But the filmmakers behind one of her few film projects – the independently financed porn-star biopic “Inferno: A Linda Lovelace Story” – say they’ll wait for Lohan even if it means delaying production into 2011 and beyond.

"Not moving on, not re-casting, not under any circumstances," director Matthew Wilder said in an e-mail Tuesday afternoon.

Wilder added that the production is "fully financed, prepared to go" but was nonetheless "fully committed to Lindsay," which meant waiting for her to emerge from her court-mandated period behind bars and in treatment. (There's no definite time frame for that, given that the sentence could be truncated, but it's likely she won't be available to work until late fall at the very earliest.)

Wilder has long maintained his commitment to Lohan despite the fact that the actress is difficult to insure on a movie set. That's at least in part because his financing may be dependent on Lohan; during the Cannes Film Festival in May, he said the actress had meetings with foreign sales executives and others "who, after having met her, put up money" for the film.

Lohan was also slated to appear in "The Dry Gulch Kid," an adventure comedy that would co-star Willie Nelson and be produced by his company. Upon hearing of Lohan’s sentencing Tuesday afternoon, producer Kerry Wallum said, “We have a bunch of music videos we’re doing right now, so we can just be busy until she gets out,” adding, “We hadn’t really negotiated the full deal yet, but we’ll see how it works. She’s a good actress. We’ll wait.”

Of course, given the shaky nature of independent film financing, waiting may be partly a function of confidence in Lohan -- and partly a function of a producer trying to lock down financing.

After her trip to the big house, Lohan will inevitably find more than a few talk-show hosts waiting to grab a piece of the post-prison interview pie. She'll also find at least find two little-known filmmakers eager to put her in their low-budget shoots -- among the remaining few who believe the troubled star is actually capable of a comeback. 

-- Amy Kaufman and Steven Zeitchik



Photo: Lindsay Lohan learns of her sentence in court Tuesday. Credit: Reuters/David McNew/Pool


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After a few months of high-carb jail food and sugar-drenched, re-hab, comfort vittles, poor Lindsay may be far too fat to convincingly portray a "Porn Queen."

Read attorney and legal analyst Matt Semino's articles, "LOHAN CANNES NOT WIN" and "LINDSAY LOHAN CAUGHT IN A PARENT TRAP". He predicted this!

Glad the judge did what is right. Lohan has been nothing but disrespectful to the court and judge about her drinking/partying - and she kept doing it when she said she wasn't. She never took it seriously. Being an actress, she could have ACTED like she was following court orders instead of basically thumbing her nose at the judge. Now to see how much of her sentence she serves. In any case, the girl needs help.

Considering how many actors turned DOWN this role, does Matthew Wilder have any other choice BUT to wait on Ms. Lohan? I mean, Rose McGowan declined the offer.

As I read this -- Lindsay is a "cheap" (inexpensive) "name" star and that's why they will wait. They can't get anybody else of "noted" quality to do these movies. Besides, what A or B list actress would want to play Linda Lovelace? Maybe an unknown would, but I'm sure any actress of "quality" wouldn't want this on her resume.

Not buying it.............Lindsay has not been in any legal trouble like DUI since 2007 and should not be subjected to this sentence now. The judge is clearly looking for her own fame or TV show and Michael Lohan is and always has been out for himself only.............don't get me started on the fool he has for an attorney. Hopefully she spends no more than another 84 minutes in jail. As for treatment again, they could send her to treatment facilities untill the cows come home but IF she is addicted to pills, she would need to clean up as her own choice and not a courts choice.......it just does not work. I have also never heard of a probation requiring an adult to refrain from alcohol...she is 24 not 18.

Dumb movie. People might click on a free gossip site, but no one's gonna pay to see this twit do anything. Aside from being unlikeable, there are far better actresses and folks have had a lifetime's fill of her. Move on



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