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Movie Club: 'Get Him to the Greek' at the Vista

June 3, 2010 |  4:43 pm

This week, Movie Club will take in the Russell Brand-Jonah Hill rock comedy "Get Him to the Greek" at the Vista Theater in Hollywood at 1:30 p.m. Saturday.

The film, which also stars Mr. Sean Combs, has gotten reviews from the likes of the New York Times Houston Chronicle and Philadelphia Inquirer touting it as a fun romp and mentioning the excellence of the supporting cast. The Times' own Betsy Sharkey differed a bit in saying that the "film's funny and compelling moments are overshadowed by all the raunchiness." Well that's what critics do -- they critique. We'll get reactions from the people. To start you off, here's the trailer.

Unlike many of our costuming adventures -- from "Robin Hood" to "Prince of Persia" -- our choice of attire for this outing shouldn't be too outrageous. We'll be the guys with a camera, asking for opinions. And, speaking of opinions, we have another showdown coming up for next weekend with "The A-Team" vs. "The Karate Kid" vs. "Winter's Bone." Comments?

-- Jevon Phillips

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I think the previews look funny here, def a movie I'm checkin out tomorrow, a lot of buzz surrounding the release for sure

I'm really excited for this movie! Wish I could be there! I'll still definitely be seeing Get Him to the Greek this weekend! Can't wait for what I'm hoping to be the summer's smash comedy.


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