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Movie Club: 'Prince of Persia' reactions ranged from 'loved it' to 'get an imagination'

June 1, 2010 |  3:20 pm

Tony as Prince of Persia  "Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time" did not bowl over critics, and with its $37.8-million take barely beat out "Sex and the City 2" for the No. 2 spot over the weekend. Still, a majority of people we talked to for Movie Club seemed to enjoy the film.

Tonypierce2 The crowd at the Pacific Theatre in Glendale was overflowing with patrons for both "Prince" and "Sex" on Friday night, but not many were willing to disclose their likes and dislikes on camera. Tony, in his swashbuckling finery, found a few fans (and hopefully future Movie Club participants), but overall, not enough video fodder.

Enter the Vista. We traveled to the classic Hollywood movie theater to get more reactions to the actioner starring Jake Gyllenhaal. We got a range of reactions, from utter revulsion to giddy enthusiasm. Though "Prince of Persia," along with the upcoming "The Last Airbender," have come under fire recently for 'whitewashing' casting, Gyllenhaal's on-screen presence and the film's action sequences seemed to take center stage.

This weekend, we'll be seeing the Russell Brand-Jonah Hill vehicle "Get Him to the Greek." Check back on Thursday for location and show times.

— Jevon Phillips

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Photo: Tony Pierce as Dastan from "Prince of Persia," and Pierce with movie goers outside of the Pacific Theater in Glendale. Credit: Jevon Phillips

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I absolutely loved this movie. Jake and Gemma had great onscreen chemistry, the action was non-stop, the CGI was top notch and it had heart.

Saw the movie... It was actually better than I imagined it to be. The movie is very light hearted, full of action and had a great actors and actresses.

This first guy who made the comments regarding the color of the skin of the actors made an ass of himself. Badly.

It is clear he has never met Iranians ( "Persians") who can be TOTALLY WHITE BLUE EYED just like the actors he's talking about.

The same you can say about Afghans and Turks. As much as there are the regular dark skinned ones, they also have totally white and even blue eyed plenty of people who come from many generations in their countries.

The comments are even funnier coming from a black person who obviously has race in his constant thoughts.


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