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Movie Club: 'Robin Hood' was 'confusing' and 'frighteningly stupid' but 'good'

May 17, 2010 |  3:00 pm

Tony as Robin Hood What kind of audience went to see "Robin Hood" on its opening weekend?

Apparently one that wasn't overly bowled over by what director Ridley Scott and star Russell Crowe did in updating the legend of one of the most well-known vigilantes in history.

Box office for the film topped out at an estimated $37.1 million, a respectable number domestically that could be  better for the studio when worldwide grosses are factored in. But you'd never know there were even that many tickets sold from the sparsely attended 3:50 p.m. showing we attended.

More people stopped to stare at the ever-changing poster for "Beastly" than stopped to chat with us outside Theater 5 at the Regal Cinemas Theaters at L.A. Live. A few families, a number of couples and some solitary filmgoers walked right past enthusiastically clothed Times blogmaster Tony Pierce and me, most saying things like "It was OK" and "I guess it was fun." Some clutched their mystified children as they reached out to touch Tony.

The trio of moviegoers that did stop let their voices be heard, even if all they did in watching the movie was catch up on a little sleep.

So what do we conclude from this? Acting/actors = good. Movie = so so. 

Check back Thursday for the specifics on our next movie outing this weekend: "MacGruber."

-- Jevon Phillips

Photo: No, that's not Robin Hood, that's Tony Pierce. Credit: Jevon Phillips / Los Angeles Times

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How can a movie be confusing and yet frighteningly stupid at the same time? Frankly, I think this evaluation says something about the viewer's intelligence. This was not a confusing movie. People who say this are either brain dead or snobs, and if they're the latter, they're also hypocrites because the same people constantly complain movie plots are never complicated enough. And stupid? Far from it. I thought the plot was clever and a nice, fresh take on the Robin Hood legend. I am also excited about the prospect of a second one, which hopefully would flesh out more of the Robin Hood we tend to think of, spending his time robbing the rich in Nottingham Forest.

Wow. I guess if it's historical people think it's dumb? No explosions? Really what were people thinking? That the transformers were going to fall from space and save the save the day? I saw it and was amazed. A powerful woman and man that gave back ten fold. Wasn't that what Robin was all about. Giving back his good luck so that it would continue but he did it in way that empowered the poor and helped put food in their bellies? That's what every man ever called Robin Hood was about. He wasn't one man but many that saw the injustice of the king and barons and did something about it. Robin of the hood was as common as Johnny in Gangster era.

Was Marian the issue that men didn't like? Does a powerful woman scare them?

Watched Robbin Hood over an 14 hour flight. Color maps, preformed nails and WOW stupid "Cling" Sord sound effects.and O yea Rip offs galor from Lord and the Rings!! How much money soooo little tallent on the sound crew historians and writers!! Almost walkes off of the flight !!


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