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Oh, no, he didn't: Zach Galifianakis' Prop. 19 joint was just a prop itself, Bill Maher says [polls]

Zach Galifianakis smokes a joint during Prop. 19 debate on Real Time With Bill Maher

After Zach Galifianakis appeared to sparkup a joint Friday during a Proposition 19 discussion on "Real Time With Bill Maher," panelist Margaret Hoover took a whiff and seemed to confirm the weed was real. However, Maher's publicist told website RumorFix on Monday that, nah, that kidder Zach was just pulling our leg. No bud here, honest!

We had been wondering why the host didn't partake, but it all makes sense now, right? Maher made the same point to CNN's Wolf Blitzer on Monday when he too said it was just an illusion. Or maybe just cloves.

"Zach's crazy, he's not that crazy," Maher said of the "Due Date" star.

Prop. 19 — which through means we don't quite understand would legalize possession and cultivation of pot for personal use — has been running behind in the polls recently, even with supporters getting a million bucks at the last minute from George Soros. On Monday, supporters of legalizing marijuana via Prop. 19 were aiming to get out California's youth vote.

Watch the video below, and let us know what you think.

— Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Zach Galifianakis at the Four Seasons hotel in Beverly Hills on Oct. 25, 2010. Credit: Jay L. Clendenin / Los Angeles Times

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I think it was real and Bill chose not to smoke for the same reason you would not smoke at your work.... Unless you want to get fired.

I use to read the times . I CAncelled my subscription yesterday !!! THe Elitism
and Corporate pulling at the reigns has left me with little faith in the public media . The story in the newspaper is now nothing more that a fabrication of fear . I use to look to it for information . Now thats Over . Thanks Alot LA times

I suspect it was a real joint and now somebody who works for the show or network is trying to keep this incident from being investigated any further by the network suits and/or possibly law enforcement. Hoover seemed pretty convinced of it's authenticity. I don't know of any prop weed that smells like the real stuff.

BS. I've heard from audience members that could smell it. It was the real thing.

Maybe it was a marijuana-clove blend. He'll never tell.

Lakes of minnesota, after observing the media's reporting and editorializing on gay marriage, I'm convinced. Reporters are now unabashed activists that use terms like "marriage equality" when reporting in news articles.

It's also clear to me that the media is happy to be opposed to the majority, at least with issues where there's a disparity between automated polling and polling where a live person asks the questions.

With gay marriage, I've believed that reporters that were drawn to report on gay marriage were very interested in the subject personally.

What kind of reporters are personally interested in Proposition 19? The religious?

what nonsense. it was real and now the suits are trying to cover it up... because.... its decriminalized now? what are they afraid of?

lighten up.

looks real to me. the smoke is grey, and fades fast in the air. bud smoke for sure. thats not cigarette smoke. its well crutched, looks almost like it has a cigarette filter on it. its way too well rolled for zach to have rolled it, must have gotten it from the prop guys. but it looks like a real joint to me.

plus the reactions are all too real. the white chick is shocked, but knows what it is. the indian dude obviously smokes by his reaction. the white dude is a square, and acts like one. bill is worried about his show.

i believe zach galifianakis smoked a real joint of marijuana on this show.

hell yeah son, next time bring a blunt to pass around.

No on 19

It will not raise tax revenue for CA since users can easily avoid paying tax; the Supreme Court held that it is a Fifth Amendment self-incrimination to pay a state tax that notifies authorities that you have violated a law, such as the federal laws against marijuana that remain in place.

And as for cutting marijuana related expenses, we already have a law that does that. SB 1449 decriminalizes marijuana; it doesn't legalize it. Now under current CA law, you won't go to jail for possession of up to an ounce. That saves money, since there's less criminal justice system related expenses. Now you pay a 100 dollar fine, which increases revenue.

Prop 19: Pointless at best, Dangerous at worst.

I think it's great what he did... I think it sucks that he did it when he did simply because I've always fantisized that I would be the one that did it, not him.

I'm not only for it's legalization, I'm for it's fully being researched, seperating fact from fiction, then going after the people that fed the public false information for more than just a couple centuries, destroyed lives, killing kids smashing down doors in raids (you know how little 6-12 month olds like to camp out in front of doors, including the front door), all the property they (law enforcement) have stolen from people in the name of marijuana prohibition...

If you want to see one of the faces of terrorism, all you have to do is follow marijuana prohibition in America... cops make the leap from "law enforcement" to "terrorist" as soon as they decide to pick up a gun, conspire with other individuals to break into a place and steal a persons property, ride up in a mob of cars/trucks/van, wait for the cop that is allowed to do drugs to come out, then kick the doors in and put guns to everyones heads in the most violent of fashions, for a plant...

why is this such an issue? watch 'mad men', they smoke CIGARETTES and drink ALCOHOL-right on camera! you can't smoke anywhere in public in CA anymore but someone sparks a joint on CABLE TV in a studio and it becomes national news. incredible. incidently, more people smoke pot regularly than you can possibly imagine-decriminalization makes sense at this point because more funds are being spent on why we shouldn't be doing it when many people are and will continue to do so whether it is legalized or not.

I don't know why the network would try to cover it up... All legal responsibility would fall on Zach... Vote yes on prop 19 today!

I dont think it was real cause if you watch the way he inhaled it. I know he smoke pot on his own time, and he took a hit of it and just blew it right out.

I think it is fake because watch the way he inhaled it. We all know he spoke on his own time, any real pot head would never take a hit and blow it out so quick.(lol)

Bill Maher is a bottom feeder...smokes....never donated a single penny to Prop 19 and then has a dullard on his last show, aired before Nov 2, to demonstrate to the world how we pathetic pot heads behave so clownish. Bottom feeding pus bucket delusional stain on the American flag Billy...we took him off the HBO record option last night...He buys his pot from the Mexican cartel which is already celebrating the defeat of Prop 19 along with that Sen. Finkelstein kid.

who cares? geesh did it hurt anyone? what people don't understand is that smoking pot is going to continue with OR without prop 19. what all the ignorant people against prop 19 don't realize is that since its going to continue anyways, why not make all these "pot smokers" pay tax for their usage to BETTER California...people are so idiotic. people spend so much time being against it that they don't even know how to exert action to their advantage...to the state's advantage. ITS GOING TO HAPPEN ANYWAY.

Of course "it wasn't real".... He could be prosecuted for a stupid law that hopefully will be gone after today. It was real though, and the faces on set prove that. Awesome!

I want to remind everyone that LA Times is run by the same company who runs FOX News. They've always been bias and untrust-worthy.

@Nightingale -- Christie D'Zurilla here from MOG with some information that might surprise you. The Los Angeles Times is part of Tribune Co.; Fox News is run by News Corp.

The two organizations are separate.


It could be k2, that legal marijuana.


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