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Watch Zach Galifianakis smoke a joint on live television

November 1, 2010 |  8:07 am

Stoners, you have a new hero, and his name is Zach Galifianakis. On Friday, during a conversation about Proposition 19 on Bill Maher's talk show "Real Time," the "Hangover" star said he thought people's opposition to legalizing marijuana might be due to the fact that the drug was still considered taboo. Then he did his part  to make it a little less taboo by pulling out what appeared to be a joint on live television. The crowd cheered as he lighted it, smoked it and passed it to conservative Republican Margaret Hoover, who smelled it and exploded into shocked laughter. We think the "Real Time" discussions would get way more fun if guests got high together more often.

-- Melissa Maerz