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Mel Gibson isn't moving to Australia -- but you knew that


Mel Gibson gossips have been on fire over a British tabloid story claiming the actor was packing up and moving to Australia -- a story the Ministry considered "on fire" like a prankster's flaming bag of dog mess on a front porch.

It's a story that involves "no truth," Gibson's rep, Alan Nierob, told NBC on Monday. Nierob is the rep who's reportedly been told by Gibson's lawyers to keep his mouth shut during the current scandal -- yet apparently the Australian relocation fabrication was dead-wrong enough to merit a comment. 

Why did we hate and ignore this story from the moment we saw it linked on the Drudge Report? 

It claimed that Gibson's sale of his "New York mansion" was indicative of this alleged escape plan.

It also implied that Robyn Gibson's support of her estranged husband in a sworn declaration to the court was a sign they'd been reunited.

Never mind that the estate is in Connecticut, and had been on the market since 2007 -- both perhaps hints of slipshod reporting. The drastic difference between the original asking price and the much lower sale price was highlighted as a sign of his rush to flight, ignoring that the price had been gradually reduced over time in response to what Americans are familiar with as "our messed-up housing market" and that the deal closed before the tapes were made public.

Also cited: A report that Mel had also putting his Malibu pad on the market. Scandalous! Except for the fact that the $14.5-million property referenced was, as this post is published, listed 137 days ago. And the other fact that it's not his only Malibu pad -- the property mentioned, Lavender Hill Farm, is not the home he bought from David Duchovny and Tea Leoni in 2008. 

More reasonable speculation about why Gibson would be shedding properties? He's in the middle of a divorce that involves splitting a massive estate, reportedly heavy on real estate and light on liquid cash. (Even lighter on cash than one might expect, given the comments heard in the fifth of the recently released audiotapes.)

Also bubbling in the background, despite the many commenters who've been shouting "Deport him!" and "Send him back where he came from!": Gibson is, in fact, already "back where he came from," give or take 3,000 miles. The actor was born in New York, which makes him a lifelong U.S. citizen (albeit one with dual citizenship in Ireland, thanks to his mother).

The Daily Telegraph, reporting Monday on the Daily Mail story, said Nierob "would not confirm the actor's plans to move back to Australia."

Gee -- maybe he "would not" because the actor didn't have any?

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Mel Gibson on Jan. 16 in Santa Monica. Credit: Kirk McKoy / Los Angeles Times

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Wow- enuf ammo to go around. Both M and O need to grow up, slow down, take a deep breathand figure this out for the daughter. If they cannot be together in the same room, then get professional meidators, altho if you both cannot make things work in a room, I am afraid for your daughter Sasha, and Mel's 7 others are in a heap of trouble, esp. the younger ones. Robyn good for you, and kudos to Tim Dalton for flying in and checking on Sasha. O and M---really, there are (what?) 6 bill people on Earth. Aren't you problems more workable, say than, the girl whose genitals are cut out to make sure she is chaste, or the myriad of African countries where people are macheted 2 death or Haiti OR OR OR...get over yourselves, make it work, quit threatening and quit with the recordings already.

Mel is still fine . . .

I know it is politically correct to side with the chick, but I just can't this time. She set him up much like she did the father of her last child. What makes this more that a home wrecker turned child custody case is the possibility that she also stole his soul. Unless you know about the Catholic faith you are probably clueless. In the Catholic faith it is a big no no to leave your wife and reproduce with another. Where the rub comes in is if she misrepresented herself to make him believe she was his soul mate, them pops a kid and dumps Mel, that is the mortal mortal sin.
Now you are on the phone, not face to face with the creature who has stolen your child and your soul, how do you think you might react. To make matters worse this cold harted person is acting like one of those robotic phone screeners machines that get us all screaming mad. That tone of her's, that uncaring attitude, that that that....HAAAAAAaaaaa Jessa-bell.

Oh Trooper Keeton, you slay me. "she misrepresented herself to make him believe she was his soulmate"? So Mel was an innocent waif and this demonic woman came along and stole his soul by misrepresenting herself as his soulmate? You must watch a lot of fantasy films because what you posted has nothing to do with reality.


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