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Jesse James and a paparazzo tangle -- and of course there's video


James wcc It isn't easy being Jesse James these days -- witness this exclusive KTLA video from paparazzo Ulises Rios showing a March 25 run-in involving Rios, Sandra Bullock's husband and another man on a street across from James' custom motorcycle shop.

Rios says he was stopped at a red light across from West Coast Choppers when James, in the helmet, rode his motorcycle over and parked in front of his car. In the video, the two appear to shout at the photographer in his car, and James' companion pulls out what Rios said is a knife and appears to hit the vehicle with it. Rios reported three slashed tires and other damage.

On the morning of March 25, a photographer called Long Beach police to report vandalism to his property. When they arrived, mutual citizen's arrests were made. James told police he was being stalked by a paparazzo, according to the New York Daily News. Authorities also ...

... stopped by WCC that Friday, TMZ reported. (That report called it a "swarm," but maybe it just looks like guys checking out a bike shop?)

West Coast Choppers is just north of downtown Long Beach. Long Beach police, who told KTLA that they were investigating the incident and had requested the video from Rios' attorney, declined to comment on the tape when contacted by The Times' L.A. Now

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Jesse James at West Coast Choppers on July 8, 2009. Credit: Spencer L. Weiner / Los Angeles Times.

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Well jesse,you messed up this time,,,,,,REHAB??????.Not going to work for you big guy!......It only worked for tiger cause his wife has a muffin in the oven

Free Jesse James!

This kind of makes it sound like the poor paparazzo dude was just minding his own business and was suddenly attacked. But of course that's not what really happened. If he's really a paparazzo then he was there trying to get some candid photos of Jesse and I'd be wiling to bet this wasn't the first time. Why didn't the reporter ask the dude how long he'd been following Jesse around and whether or not Jesse had asked to be left alone? If he was given fair warning and kept up the harassment then he got what he deserved. And, if channel 5 paid for this "exclusive" video aren't they an accessory to the harassment?

Christie D'Zurilla here from the blog with a reminder that we don't print comments that include profanity, even if you use ast*risks or d--hes in the words.



I'm sorry he didn't beat the living crap out of him. Jesse James would have been just the one to do it too.

Oops! Sorry, I didn't see the profanity warning. Not that the word I used was foul but it could be construed as inflammatory. Good for you CDZ.

@ladyofargonne -- CDZ here! Actually, you picked the ONE almost-profanity that doesn't qualify as profane! I was just kickin' back and chatting with a co-worker and didn't see your comment waiting.


Taking a side on this match up - papparazzi vs J. James,much less caring, is akin to pulling for Sadaam vs the Ayatollah in the bad old days.But if Mothra shows up ...

Jesse James? What an truly imbecilic idiot...if you can't stand the heat, stay out of the spotlight.

RIOS was stalking Jesse James at his place of business. He deserved to be cited by the police department. He is not telling the whole story...... A CAMERA does not give RIOS or any body else the right to STALK another person. Enough is enough.

Papo are the scum of the earth... that fat boy got what he deserved. He is lucky he didn't get any personal bodily injuries.


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