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Tiger Woods gets the Annie Leibovitz treatment for Vanity Fair

Tiger Who doesn't love an ominous Vanity Fair cover with moody shots from lens master Annie Leibovitz?

Tiger Woods, perhaps. He's splayed on and inside the February edition of the magazine, with a piece from contributing editor Buzz Bissinger on Woods' dramatic spiral. 

"There was no way of ever knowing Tiger Woods — not in golf, beyond witnessing the machine-like relentlessness that made him the most remarkable athlete of our time, and not outside of golf, because he never showed any real part of himself off the course," Bissinger writes

Never showed us a real part, until he hit that fateful fire hydrant.

The academic read on Tiger's recent (and money hemorrhaging) misfortune is certainly insightful, the anatomy of an American hero's perversion and, at times, desperation. Yet at the bottom of the cover, noticeably devoid of other sell-lines and content teases, is a quote from William Shakespeare's "Henry VI."

"O tiger's heart, wrapp'd in a woman's hide!"

Doesn't that say it all?

-- Matt Donnelly

Photo: A shirtless Tiger Woods looks sullen while pumping iron. Credit: Courtesy of Annie Leibovitz for Vanity Fair / Associated Press.

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Anything that touches Tiger Woods, we will BOYCOTT including Vanity Fair.
Completely support AT&T, Gillette, Accenture's decision to drop the LOSER Tiger. I pray and hope the IRS Certified Fraud Experts go after his nonprofit organization and his entire staff. He belongs in PRISON for his financial deception & fraud and he should be forced to pay a hefty penalty for all the years of cheating the U.S. government of taxes. Zero character, zero morals, zero conscience. All major world religions, all worldly cultures teach basic integrity, basic sacredness of our soul and life. He has proven he possesses neither.

Oh God_and_Karma, get off your horse! If everyone had not built the feline up so much, this wouldn't be such a huge brouhaha, he's not a hero, he was never a hero, he is a human being, faults, infidelities, and championship winning golf skills included.

This picture shows the REAL TIGER does it. He looks like a thug. Why would she have him pose like that for starters. If I saw him in a dark alley I would be scared stiff. Even if I saw him these days I would put my head down and keep walking.

I feel kind of sorry for the guy. I think he's getting raked over the coals because we're all disappointed he's not the deity we all thought he was - he's human. BTW he looks pretty hot in this picture.

[God_and_Karma] "Zero character, zero morals, zero conscience"

Oh, come on. He plays golf extremely well, and he really, really likes women. Where do you come up with financial deception and fraud?...because he let you down? BS. Stop looking up to celebrities and buying products because of endorsements. Then you won't feel so hurt when a famous person is shown to be nothing more than human.

money hemorrhaging misfortune? You got to be kidding.


i can see the hatred towards Tiger Woods from you. In my opinion it is someone like you pose serious threat towards society.

It's time to change his name from "Tiger" to "Cheetah."

Now they are showing Tiger's real face! kind of scary..

Do you the think the cap is from the Gap.
say this, say that, but in the end
it's his life to live not the worlds
to govern.

Vanity Fair has once and for all proved to me that it is nothing more than a designer, overpriced gossip rag not worth even flipping through at the local supermarket while waiting in the check out line. That photo of Tiger is 4 years old. I have heard that Annie Leibovitch shot this photo of Tiger this was to show his intensity and dedication to the sport of golf. I'm sorry but I find this photo hilarious to look at.

Tiger is a sweet guy. He didn't ever promise you God or a new Mercedes. He seems very human to me, not to mention handsome and a great golfer. Are your expectations about Tiger perhaps EXTREMELY unrealistic and while we're checking on reality, how is the rest of your life going?

GodandKarma: hahahhhahahaahahhahha!!! very funny!! Thanks I needed a good laugh today.

You people seriously crack me up! First of all, I heard this picture is pretty old.If that same picture came out win he was a "saint" nobody would care.Now that since this new world "Jesus" has oh em gee..CHEATED, hes labeled as a thug and who knows what else.We do you people hold a golfer to such high standards? Is he Buddha, because I think I have really missed something.

How many you kept those cheating friends? And how many of you would become famous and then turn down free women/man!? Give me a break!!

All of you "saints" are a joke.I am so tired of everyone and there high standards for everyone.He cheated so freakin what!? Hes awesome at gold and those sponsors are dumb in m opinion.

I think ALL publicity is GOOD publicity.

And what girl (famous girl at that) is going to think her famous husband is never going to give in to his temptations!?

Ok Im done :)


Kates new hair makes her look terrible. It was a very bad job and looks fake. She spent 7000.00 for new hair. How stupid can she be...I thought she was poor after Jon took some of the money but wait he paid his part back....she hasn't been held accountable since day one. She is mnothing but a famewhore. WE need to protest TLC for yet again shoving anything she's involved with. No one wants to see more Kate, never did. The show was about the kids not her. This creep is such a loser. She's not even very pretty. I feel for the kids. Whatever couold they be thinking about their mom always spending huge amounts on trying to better herself. What a waste of money. She really should be trying to take better care of the kids. I won't be surprized if we all hear that Jon killed himself. TLC and Kate have all backed him in a corner, made it impossible to make a living, make him look even worst than he did himself. His kids will see all this mess and will turn against Kate for causing all this trainwreck. Yes I said it..kate is the responibile for creating this trainwreck 100% respondiblie. Can't stand her....

God and Karma, that is two different idealogies that you need to research before you put it out like that, He as you and I are human, we make mistakes and we learn from them and move on, give the man a break and go get yourself some spitural counseling.

Tiger Woods is a gorgeous man I would be his mistress any day.

Being human doesn't excuse the way he acted. He showed no self-respect and no respect and consideration for his kids and wife. He is great golfer, but a sorry excuse for a man.

I neither condone, or condemn his actions. He has issues like everyone else, which brings to mind two very well known statements. " let those without sin cast the first stone", and "judge not least ye be judged" . Life is real.....attend to your own.


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