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PREACH IT! Sex addiction, now an official trend! Thank you, Tiger Woods!

Tiger woods Sure, we’ve heard the occasional tale about a celebrity seeking help for addiction to sexual urges, but now that roster, apparently, includes Tiger Woods. Per X17 and People, Woods has checked into an Arizona facility called the Meadows to recover from his -- I’m gonna say it! I’m gonna say it! -- drives. I SO just wrote that.

A slew of other famous people have reportedly sought treatment for sex addiction, including David Duchovny, who doesn’t just play a sex addict on TV. The "Californication" star has come out and said he has a sex addiction problem. There’s also Bill Murray; in 2008 divorce papers, Murray’s ex-wife said the comedic actor suffered from “addiction to marijuana and alcohol [and] sexual addictions.” There’s also Russell Brand and the whole cast of Dr. Drew Pinsky’s celebrity-themed "Sex Rehab" show -- model Amber Smith and Kari Ann Peniche among them. (You may better know Peniche as the third member of the Rebecca Gayheart-Eric Dane threesome.)

(If you’re wondering why I'm not putting Michael Douglas or Eric Benet on the list, it’s because they’ve both denied the rumors. That doesn’t mean anything, just that they’ve denied the rumors.)

So if the X17 report is true, what kind of treatment is Tiger likely receiving?

Drew pinskyApparently, with sex addiction treatment, the goal isn’t abstinence, the way it is with a substance abuse program. Rather, it’s avoiding compulsive sexual behavior, sometimes with the added support of a period of sexual abstinence for the first phase of treatment. Sometimes, 12-step programs adapted to sex addiction are used; patients are taught to recognize the triggers for unhealthy sexual behavior and to substitute other activities for that behavior.

May we suggest, perhaps, golf?

-- Leslie Gornstein

Photos: (top) Tiger Woods is reportedly being treated for sex addiction. Credit: Robyn Beck / AFP/Getty Images)

(bottom) Dr. Drew Pinsky treats celebrities for sex addiction. Tiger Woods is not, however, being treated by Dr. Drew. Because that would make our brain explode. Credit: Anne Cusack / Los Angeles Times

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Seems any bad habit now is an 'addiction' to be used as an excuse for continued bad behavior. So if you're an alky, a doper or a lech, you can rely on people being understanding and sympathetic. God help you if you have no vices and are expected to lead a normal life like most of us--you get no recognition.

more like a skank addiction. Worthless bag of bones he is.

Nonsense! Do you actually think that the human specie has changed all that much in a couple hundred years? What about the chemical composition of testosterone, to be more on target? Why do we now blame our lack of self control on a "disease". I'm sorry, but I don't buy into this mindset. You can attend all the ripoff, tree hugging rehab facilities in California, but if you aren't ready to take responsibility for your behavior, you're wasting your money.

A trend??? That's like calling the act of breathing oxygen a "trend."

The male sex drive has been the driving force for humanity since day one. If not for that force, humanity wouldn't exist -- period. Biologically all normal men are saddled with a desire to have sex that is so overwhelming it would cripple the average woman if it suddenly because a part of her genetic makeup.

Add to that the fact that most woman possess a very low sex drive that gets weaker and weaker as they get older -- and especially have kids -- and it's no wonder men start looking elsewhere at some point. Our drive stays the same in most cases -- even if the equipment doesn't work as well.

Of course, how hard we look depends on certain factors. As they say, a man is only as faithful as his temptations. And celebrities -- even nerdy looking ones like Woods -- get a LOT of temptation from woman attracted to fame and fortune. That includes his wife, of course. After all, if not for his fame and money, a gorgeous woman like that wouldn't give him the time of day.

And I don't want to hear the stereotypical female argument that men are weak. That's like saying a man is weaker than a woman because he can't hold up a thousand pound weight for as long as she can hold up a ten pound weight. It's no comparison.

BTW, am I condoning infidelity in a marriage? Of course not. Just don't act so surprised when it does happen. And for crying out loud, don't be so stupid as to call it a "trend."

The only trend these days is getting caught.

You know, I'm sick and tired of hearing a guy has a sex addiction if his "drive" is too high. Maybe we need to point the finger back at the wifey one of these times and just admit she's not taking care of her man?

America seems totally committed to creating a generic, homogeneous and saintly lot out of it's citizens. All of us will eventually be completely cured of all 'defects' by checking into some 12 step based country club. The general lump of desires, testosterone, hormones and just plain debauchery inherent in us, especially the obscenely wealthy, can be eradicated by attending AA based meetings. Not!
"Hi! My name is ______ and I love sex, alcohol, shoplifting, shouting, eating, sleeping, walking, talking, breathing and existing!"
And "I am powerless over my human need to have some fun!"

Oh, boy. As someone who's done a lot of work around sex addiction issues, it's always a downer to read the angry, cliched Internet responses to any sex addiction article.

Here's the deal: I know you're upset that someone who's a "lech" (sic) finds a place where people are understanding and sympathetic, and work to help that individual deal with their problems. After all, a "lech" should simply be shamed and punished until the end of time, right?

12-step programs are not a way to "avoid responsibility" for one's self, or to write off bad behavior as a disease, thereby never taking accountability. They are a way to take ACTUAL accountability - to stop destructive behavior, clean up the mess of one's past, find ways to amend pain that's been inflicted on others (if it's possible-- it may not be), and live a decent, happy life in the future.

It is the ULTIMATE way of "taking responsibility" for who you are and what you've done. It is NOT an excuse to keep behaving that way in the future.

As for the argument that sex is natural, and a good time, and why are they trying to "brainwash" us out of having fun-- sex addiction is not about having a "strong drive." Sex addiction is about people who (compulsively) can NOT stop. People in the depths of sex addiction are NOT having a good time. They're engaging in destructive behaviors, working hard to destroy their lives. They have a form of mental illness. They have gone beyond their actual sex drives to a place where they're desperate for help. They find it by crawling into a rehab or a 12-step room and saying, "Please help me stop." If you can't fathom what I'm talking about, go find a sex addiction meeting in your area. Listen to the stories. And decide for yourself if these are people who were just "having a good time," until the blue-noses got in the way.

Anyway-- sex addiction is in the same place alcoholism was about 30 years ago. No one's taking it particularly seriously, even as it wreaks total chaos across America (and especially amongst you Internet users!). Slowly, the wake-up call is coming, and there's a lot of angry sex addicts out there who don't know they've got a problem, and are in for an unpleasant surprise as they start to see the consequences in their own lives. Don't worry... there's plenty of seats in the 12-step rooms for you, without judgment. And there is hope!

He's not a sex addict, he's just a rich scumbag who cheats on his wife.

Jesse McCartney, Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, Jeremy Shum, Jonas Brothers, they all are sexually abstinent. If you're a Disney fan I think sexual absstinence is cool :)


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