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Late-night's best: Air traffic controllers, Obama's trillions, NFL replacements, Donald Trump fired?

April 25, 2011 | 10:44 am

An airport Tower View

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O'Brien: Earlier in the week, President Obama released his 2010 tax return. Turns out, last year Obama made $1.7 million and spent $14 trillion.

O'Brien: NBC executives say if Donald Trump decides to run for president, they will not renew “The Apprentice.” So, some good may come of this.

O'Brien: President Obama participated in a town hall meeting hosted by Facebook. In other words, like everyone else in America, Obama was on Facebook when he should have been working.

Leno: An Ohio guy gets a $16-million cable bill. He calls the company to fix it. They told him....

...for another 8 he could get the NFL package.

Leno: A new report says 65 million Americans have a criminal record. So the NFL will have plenty of replacement players to choose from this fall.Jail Cells 2-11

O'Brien: President Obama in L.A. for more fundraisers. Huge traffic delays all over L.A. Tomorrow, Obama is back on the East Coast. Huge traffic delays all over L.A.

Fallon: A new study says our happiness peaks in our late 80s. Yeah, mainly because all the people who annoyed you are dead by then.

O'Brien: The FAA has suspended an air traffic controller for watching a movie while on the job. When asked why he was watching a movie on duty, the air traffic controller said, “I just couldn’t sleep.”

Fallon: This week, a message in a bottle was found in Russia, 24 years after it was written. Unfortunately, the note said, "Help - stranded with enough food for exactly 23 years."

Letterman: So Costco is now selling wedding dresses for those who think Wal-Mart apparel is a little too dressy. Trouble is, at Costco you have to buy the wedding dresses in boxes of 12.

Letterman: With all these wars going on, gas prices could be five, maybe 10 bucks a gallon. So ABC has a new show now, "Carpooling with the Stars."

O'Brien: The online dating site says it will begin screening its members against a sex offender registry. The site expects to be pervert-free by July and out of business by August.

Leno: L.A. Mayor Villaraigosa has been fined $42,000 for accepting free sports and concert tickets. It would have been more, but fortunately for the mayor Clipper games are not conGas Gaugesidered entertainment.

O'Brien: On “The Today Show,” Gary Busey said that Donald Trump would make a great president. Experts say now Trump just needs to focus on getting the endorsements of Randy Quaid and Charlie Sheen.

O'Brien: To celebrate the birthday of Kim Jong Il, North Korea held the biggest magic show ever. Things got out of control when the magician pulled a rabbit out of a hat and it was immediately eaten by 28 million people.

O'Brien: A new study reports that 93% of women say their armpits are unattractive. The study was conducted by the Association of Researchers Who Have Run Out of Questions to Ask Women.

Leno: After record losses, the U.S. Postal Service says it's cutting 7,500 jobs. But a post office spokesman now says those positions could be restored if this whole email thing turns out to be a fad.


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-- Andrew Malcolm

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