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Late-night's best: Anne Taylor, Aretha and Kadafi's hats and one Mexican's legal U.S. visit

March 7, 2011 |  9:10 am

Kadafi Gadaffi goes with the gold ringed beret on this day

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Here's the regular Monday morning collection from the previous week:

Fallon: A new survey reports women spend eight years of their lives shopping. Which means men spend six years on a bench outside Anne Taylor.Mexican president Felipe Calderon in Washington 3-3-11

Leno: Mexico's president, Felipe Calderón, arrived in the United States this week. So he can speak to the Mexican people.

Fallon: Mexico's president wants more American tourists to go there.  He explains their new tourism slogan:  "Mexico. Come to us or we’ll come to you!"

Leno: Oops! Texas Gov. Rick Perry says Juarez, Mexico, is the "most dangerous city in America." He just assumed Juarez is American because so many Mexicans live there.

Letterman: Libya's Kadafi was fun when he started out, you know. He’d stop by for....

... a few laughs, tell some good stories. But now he’s talking all crazy. Al Jazeera even canceled his show "Two and a Half Shiites."Aretha Franklin singing in a large hat

Letterman: And this Moammar Kadafi guy. Boy, he's nuts. Have you seen this guy? Hey, Aretha Franklin called. She wants her hat back.

Conan: State Department officials are calling Moammar Kadafi “disconnected from reality.” In fact, according to the State Department, Kadafi thought this year’s Oscars were fantastic.

Letterman: So did you see the Academy Awards? Great to see Oprah back. She gave everyone in the audience an Oscar.

Conan: The Oscars show got panned as boring and long. But one highlight was a presentation by 94-year-old Kirk Douglas. When the telecast began, he was only 89.

Conan: The new Egyptian government has invited Oprah to do her show from Cairo. So, they replace one power-mad tyrant who’s been in power for 30 years with another.

Conan: Justin Bieber got a haircut, donated his famous bangs to charity. Upon receiving the bangs, the people of Darfur said, “Umm, thanks?”

Fallon: So happy birthday, Justin Bieber, 17 years old. Exciting. He’s finally old enough for his parents to move out of his house.

the Bat SignalLetterman: New York City's crime rate is skyrocketing. 500 murders! It's so bad that every night this week I've seen the bat signal.

Letterman: So Mayor Bloomberg bans outdoor smoking in New York City. Gun smoke? No problem. Radioactive steam? No problem. Street guy roasting a goat on the corner? No problem. Toxic meth fumes? No problem.

Letterman: Mayor Bloomberg is now also trying to make it easier for foreign models to work here. A top  priority of his. Because what we need is more women you have no chance with.

Conan: Charlie Sheen’s publicist has resigned. I don’t know about you, but I’m excited to see what Charlie’s like now that he’s free to say whatever he wants.

Letterman: So, now Charlie Sheen is offering advice to Lindsay Lohan. That's as bad as Lindsay Lohan offering advice to Charlie Sheen.

Conan: Congress sends President Obama a spending bill to keep the federal government going for two more weeks. So our government has the financial-planning skills of a college sophomore.

Fallon: Costco is now selling designer wedding dresses for 40% less than fancy boutiques. It's the usual Costco deal -- "I wasn’t planning on marriage, but hey … 40 % OFF!"

Leno: The price of gas near my house went up to $4.50 today. And that was while I was pumping. It started at $3.85.


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-- Andrew Malcolm

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Photos: Reuters; Alex Wong / Getty Images (Calderón); Ron Edmonds / Associated Press (Aretha Franklin singing); DC Comics