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Donald Trump, Jerry Seinfeld upset over Obama birth certificate yada yada

April 21, 2011 | 10:33 am

Donald Trump speaks at a tea party rally in Boca Raton, Fla. on April 16, 2011

In what has to be a dark day for birthers, it seems Donald Trump, their most popular champion, has tired of talking about President Obama's disputed birth certificate.

At the top of an interview with CNN on Thursday morning, the brash billionaire bristled when the host asked him about the topic that has been on the tip of the tongue for months.

"You have to stop asking me about a birth certificate," Trump told CNN’s "American Morning" hosts Kiran Chetry and Ali Velshi. "You've got to stop asking the questions."

Trump, who has led numerous GOP presidential polls due, largely, to his beating the birther drum, complained that the issue doesn't allow him to talk about other problems like the trade deficit.

“The problem is every time I go on a show — like as an example, this morning — the first question you asked me is about the birth certificate," Trump, who has has yet to announce his intention to run for president said. "I think my strength is jobs, the economy and protecting our nation from OPEC, China and the other countries that are ripping us off.”

Velshi fired back by offering the bestselling author of "The Art of the Deal" ... a deal.

"We'll stop asking you the questions when you stop saying that President Obama can't prove he is born in the United States," Velshi said.

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Trump, however, refused to toss away his trump card. "Every day that goes by, I think less and less that he was born in the United States," Trump said. "He possibly was, but I want to get rid of the word 'possibly.' "

With all of the attention the billionaire has received for his questions about the president's true nationality, Trump has also received backlash. CNN is reporting that comedian Jerry Seinfeld has canceled an appearance at a charity benefit hosted by one of Trump's sons because of the birther issue.

According to Seinfeld's manager, the television star "feels this kind of demagoguery has no place in public discourse." Although the comedian made a contribution to the Eric Trump Foundation and to the hospital that is also a beneficiary of the event, The Donald wasn't pleased and wrote Seinfeld an angry letter.

"I just learned you canceled a show for my son's charity, the EricTrump Foundation, which benefits the St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital [which treats children with cancer] because of the fact that you think I am being very aggressive with respect to President Obama, who is doing an absolutely terrible job as our leader -- just look at Libya, our economy, gas, food, and clothing prices and maybe you will understand what is going on!" Trump began.

"What I do feel badly about is that I agreed to do, and did, your failed show, 'The Marriage Ref,' even though I thought it was absolutely terrible,” Trump continued. “Despite its poor ratings, I didn't cancel on you like you canceled on my son and St. Jude. I only wish I did."


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Photos, from top: Donald Trump speaks at a "tea party" rally in Boca Raton, Fla., last week; Jerry Seinfeld on the set of his ill-fated "The Marriage Ref." Credits: John W. Adkisson / Getty Images; NBC