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Donald Trump says he's the Democrats' 'worst nightmare'

April 11, 2011 |  1:02 pm

Donald TrumpDonald Trump's future was one of the more interesting topics on "Meet The Press" Sunday when a White House adviser said that the billionaire didn't have a shot at being the next president of the United States.

"There is zero chance that Donald Trump would ever be hired by the American people to do this job," White House senior advisor David Plouffe said on the NBC morning show, alluding to Trump's hit program "The Apprentice."

It was also an echo of a brash statement Trump delivered earlier this year regarding Texas congressman Ron Paul's chances.

"I like Ron Paul, but he has no chance of getting elected," Trump said at the Conservative Political Action Conference in February.

Trump took to the airwaves Monday morning to fight back at the White House.

"Obviously, I hit a nerve because they're fighting me," the 63-year-old real estate magnate said Monday on "Fox and Friends."

David PlouffeTrump said that it is his presence as a potential challenger that haunts the administration the most, despite the fact that he has never run for office or held a political position.

"I can tell you I'm their worst nightmare," Trump pronounced. "I am not the person they want to run against. They know it, and I know it. I know it for a fact because I have a lot of people that frankly are contributors to him and they tell me, 'Donald, you are not the person they want to run against.' "

Trump has been demanding that President Obama release a different type of birth certificate than the one the state of Hawaii has released. Trump even produced two of his own birth documents to prove how easy it is to attain.

Recently Trump has said that he has sent investigators to Hawaii to dig into the matter more thoroughly.

"They cannot believe what they’re finding," Trump said last week on the "Today" show. "And I’m serious."

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-- Tony Pierce

Top photo: Donald Trump arrives at the "Dressed to Kilt" charity fashion show in New York on April 5.  Credit: Reuters / Lucas Jackson

Second photo:   David Plouffe, White House senior advisor, is interviewed Sunday on NBC's "Meet the Press." Credit:  William B. Plowman / NBC/ Associated Press