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A special Labor Day tribute to those Americans on duty from those of us off

September 7, 2009 | 12:01 am

Sometimes, things happen.

But heading into this Labor Day holiday today, The Ticket's goal is no politics. In a bi-nonpartisan way, of course.

Today, our goal is to pay tribute to those of our countrymen and women around the world who don't have a day off, who will be eating MREs instead of backyard BBQ, for whom "a cold one" might mean an actual shower.

Without them and their predecessors and their successors, none of us would have the political freedoms we enjoy, very often take for granted -- and sometimes don't even bother to exercise because we're just too gosh-darned busy back here out of harm's way.

Turn your sound way up high to watch this moving musical video.

Give a three-minute mental salute to these folks. And then pass this link here on to anyone you think might like to join us.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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