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In Vermont, the story is in the details

February 19, 2008 |  9:39 pm

Given the current contours of the Democratic presidential race, the outcome of Vermont's March 4 primary seems a no-brainer. Even though the state's black population is miniscule, the well-educated, progressive nature of much of the Democratic electorate makes it prime turf for Barack Obama.

Still, a story in today's Burlington Free Press provides the latest example of the degree to which Team Obama has taken nothing for granted and out-hustled Hillary Clinton's campaign in a national battle in which grabbing every delegate possible is key.

The paper reported that Clinton would be dispatching ...

three paid staff members to Vermont this week and that they would be opening an office.

"We know the state is considered an Obama state, but we think Hillary also has support here. We're not writing it off," said Clinton backer Madeleine Kunin, who served as Vermont's first -- and so far only -- woman governor from 1985-91.

Here was the telling information in the article, however. Obama's campaign already has "seven paid staffers in the state, four storefront offices and is running television ads for the Illinois senator."

You can read the rest of the piece here.

The article also mentions but, regrettably, does not picture the two "ObamaMobiles" that Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield, founders of the ice cream company bearing their first names, donated to the candidate of their choice. (Cohen is on the rebound -- he previously backed John Edwards, memorably doling out free ice cream samples on his behalf during the walk-up to the New Hampshire primary.)

-- Don Frederick