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Your morning adorable: Cat punches the air while watching boxing on TV

September 23, 2010 | 12:05 pm

Gizmo the cat is a boxing enthusiast, clearly -- as evidenced by the fact that he mimics the boxers by "punching" with his paws every time he sees a boxing match on television.

Or, translated into LOLcat terms, "Boxing cat is in ur ringz, punchin ur pugilists."

YouTube user ottheman62, Gizmo's owner, swears that there is no dangling string -- nor any other form of trickery -- employed to induce Gizmo to perform this strange-but-adorable behavior.

We are not-so-secretly hoping that someone will add the song "Eye of the Tiger" as the soundtrack to the video above.

On second thought, make that ... "Eye of the Tabby."

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-- Lindsay Barnett

Video credit: ottheman62

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