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Your morning adorable: Kitten thinks his reflection is another kitten (and doesn't like it one bit)

September 20, 2010 | 11:31 am

In our opinion, it's rarely anything but cute when baby animals display their confusion about the ways of the world. Mirrors, of course, can be a big source of befuddlement for creatures that don't understand the concept of their own reflections.

We're big fans of adorable videos previously featured here in which a Brussels griffon puppy and a golden retriever puppy demonstrate their charming ignorance of mirrors. Now we are pleased to add to that list little Flynn, above, a kitten who becomes deeply alarmed when discovering his reflection and considers it a potential threat.

A tiny orange-tabby kitten is cute enough on its own, but Flynn's not-at-all-threatening moves, while intended to be menacing, make him especially adorable.

For any readers worried about Flynn's safety in relation to the tumble he takes toward the end of the video, owner 100disks is quick to point out that he didn't get hurt.

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-- Lindsay Barnett

Video: 100disks via YouTube

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