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May 2010: The month in animal photos

June 1, 2010 |  7:32 pm


If there's one thing we love nearly as much as animals themselves, it is great animal photography. We love adorable baby animal photos, photos of pets behaving badly and shots of animals that are the best of friends. Basically, if there is a beautiful, fascinating, fun or just plain silly photo of an animal, we want to see it.

Since we suspect many of you feel the same way we do, we've assembled a photo essay of our favorite animal pictures taken during the recently ended month of May. It's complete with foals, calves, pups, cubs, chicks, wild animals and domesticated ones, household companions and endangered species and even -- wait for it -- monkeys drinking from water faucets.

Above, an endangered Przewalski's horse looks mighty displeased with its neighbor, a European bison, at a wildlife preserve near Berlin on May 3. Check out more great animal photography after the jump!


A newborn reindeer tries to stand at a zoo near Gelsenkirchen, Germany, on May 3.


A pair of ring-tailed lemurs relaxes at a wild animal park in Albany, N.Y.


A brown pelican captured off the Louisiana coast is cleaned at a triage center in Fort Jackson, La., after becoming covered in oil as a result of the Gulf oil spill on May 4.


A Przewalski's horse and her foal stand in a field at the Hortobagy National Park in Hungary on May 4.

Sea lion

An animal care specialist at SeaWorld San Diego pulls a sea lion pup out from under a San Diego Police Department patrol car at a San Diego-area beach on May 5. SeaWorld plans to release the pup, believed to be about 8 months old, after rehabilitating it.


Two white lion cubs are bottle-fed by keepers at a wildlife park in western Germany on May 6.


A Eurasian eagle-owl is sprayed with an anti-mite solution after receiving a vaccine to protect it from avian flu at the Jurong Bird Park in Singapore on May 7.


A dog rests at a domestic animal show in St. Gallen, Switzerland, on May 8.


A jury member judges a cat at the St. Gallen exhibition on May 8.


A participant in the inaugural Hungarian Donkey Gallop waits for competition to begin with his donkey teammate on May 8.  Organizers of the event wish to establish a tradition of donkey races for the tiny village of Radpuszta.

A cow sticks out its tongue in a field near Miesback, Germany, on Monday, May 10.

A cow sticks out its tongue in a field near Miesback, Germany, on May 10.

Monkeys drink water from faucets on the side of a building during a hot afternoon in the northern Indian city of Jammu, the winter capital of Kashmir, on Monday, May 10.

Monkeys drink water from faucets on the side of a building during a hot afternoon in the northern Indian city of Jammu on May 10.

A serval hisses in its enclosure in a zoo in Leipzig

A serval, a species of wild cat native to Africa, hisses in its enclosure at a zoo in Leipzig, Germany, on May 11.

Red ruffed lemurs

Two red ruffed lemurs, born at the Vienna Zoo on April 24, await feeding time on May 11. Red ruffed lemurs are a critically endangered species.


Young Canada geese walk near the Schuylkill River in Philadelphia, Pa., on May 12.

Dachshund UN

Dachshunds are seen in an art installation entitled "Dachshund U.N." at Australia's Melbourne Museum on May 15. The installation was part of the New Wave Festival and featured 47 dachshunds posing as world leaders. 

A moose calf walks through its enclosure at the Berlin Zoo

A moose calf walks through his enclosure at the Berlin Zoo on May 18. The calf and his twin brother were born three days earlier. (See more photos of the pair in Unleashed's May 18 installment of Your Morning Adorable.)

Pygmy hippopotamus

A pygmy hippopotamus explores its enclosure in Australia's Melbourne Zoo on May 18.


Dogs wander around their houses at a large shelter facility for homeless animals in Caxias do Sul, Brazil, on May 19. The animals -- about 1,600 dogs and several hundred cats -- are available for adoption, but Reuters reports that most people in the area prefer purebred dogs rather than the mixed-breeds that occupy the volunteer-run facility.

Fish soccer

A blue tang and a flame angelfish face off near a transparent, tiny soccer ball filled with fish food inside a tank made to resemble a soccer stadium at the Hakkeijima Sea Paradise aquarium in Yokohama, Japan, on May 20. The blue tang is meant to represent Japan's national soccer team, which is popularly known as the Blue Samurai; the angelfish is meant to represent Denmark's national team. Japan and Denmark will play each other in Group E of the 2010 FIFA Soccer World Cup later this month.


A ring-tailed lemur examines a camera at the North Carolina Zoological Park in Asheboro, N.C., on May 20.


A sea otter swims in the newly-unveiled otter habitat at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach on May 20.


An African penguin attempts to score a goal -- well, we suspect it's not really trying that hard -- at the Hakkeijima Sea Paradise aquarium on May 20.

Surf dog

A surfing dog participates in the fifth annual Loews Surf Dog Competition in Imperial Beach, Calif., on May 22.

Giraffe tongue

A giraffe nibbles on leaves at Kuala Lumpur's national zoo on May 23.

Tiger swim

A Malayan tiger takes a dip at the national zoo in Kuala Lumpur on May 23.


A gray squirrel rests his chin on a tree limb in Gates Mills, Ohio, on May 23.


People watch from a bridge as decorated cows graze near a stream in the Harz mountains of Germany on May 23. About 5,000 people came out to watch the spectacle.

Yun zi

Yun Zi, the San Diego Zoo's youngest giant panda, plays with a toy in his enclosure on May 24.


A lioness relaxes at a wildlife park in Pakistan on May 24.


An edible frog sits in a pond in Mannheim, Germany, on May 24.


Lotta, a dog, and Charly, a cat, enjoy the sun on a bench while another dog, Lili, lies in the shade under the bench in Salzburg on May 24.


Egret chicks stand in their nest on an island off the coast of Louisiana on May 24.


PETA supporters Lucy Clarkson and Victoria Eisermann protest the use of real fur in the ceremonial hats worn by members of the Queen's Guard on May 24.


French President Nicolas Sarkozy and his wife Carla Bruni-Sarkozy pet a goat as they visit a farm exhibition in Paris on May 24.


A roseate spoonbill passes a gull over an island off the coast of Louisiana on May 24.


A group of Greater Swiss mountain dogs are tested on their willingness to stay in a "down" position for three minutes while their handlers are out of sight during the 16th annual Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Club of America's National Specialty show and obedience/rally trial in Springfield, Ill., on May 24.


A bison calf stands near its mother at the zoo in Chorzow, Poland, on May 25.


Tengmalm's owl chicks sit on a tree branch in a forest on the outskirts of Minsk on May 25.

Polar bear protest

A demonstrator in a polar bear outfit talks to a police officer in San Francisco during a May 25 demonstration.

Frisbee dog

A mixed-breed dog named Ronja catches a Frisbee thrown by her owner Christina Weiss in Kassel, Germany, on May 25.


A cheetah named Rukia, left, grooms a cheetah named Chiku at the Indianapolis Zoo on May 25.

Squirrel monkey

A squirrel monkey looks at its reflection in a camera lens at the Monkey Jungle park in Miami on May 25.

Tawny owl

A Belarussian ornithologist tags a tawny owl chick in a forest about 30 miles outside of Minsk on May 26.


Penguin keeper Celine Pardo holds a young Humboldt penguin chick at Seattle's Woodland Park Zoo on May 26.


Three young red river hogs stand with their parent at the Los Angeles Zoo on May 26.


Dutch Queen Beatrix greets Milo, a leader dog in training, during a celebration to mark the 75th anniversary of the Royal Dutch Guide Dog Foundation on May 26.


A brown pelican covered in oil is washed at the International Bird Rescue Research Center in Fort Jackson, La., on May 26.


Biologist Vilma Castillo applies medicine to a freshwater turtle at a reptile clinic in Costa Rica on May 27.


Frogs swarm across the Egnatia highway in northern Greece on May 27. The frogs' migration from a nearby lake forced the closure of a major highway for two hours after three drivers skidded off the road while trying to dodge the frogs. None of the drivers were injured.


Italian diver Simone Arrigoni of Italy attempts to set a free-diving record while being propelled by two dolphins near Rome on May 27. Arrigoni managed to set a new record by completing 12 loops in 1 minute and 42 seconds.


Giant panda Lin Hui eats from a buffet of fruits and bamboo during a birthday celebration for her daughter, Lin Ping, at Thailand's Chiang Mai Zoo on May 27.


Lucifer, a male Asiatic lion, chomps on a ball filled with meat at the London Zoo on May 27.


A heron walks through reeds at the London Wetland Center on May 27.

Tiger kids

Schoolchildren show off their love of tigers during an event to raise awareness about wild tigers' plight at the National Animal Museum in Beijing on May 29.


Gulls fly from a pier near Williamstown, Australia, on May 31.

Dog jump

A military dog jumps through a ring of fire during a Border Guards Day celebration near Minsk on May 29. Not pictured: The dog going down, down, down while the flames rose higher. 

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-- Lindsay Barnett

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