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Reader photos: Busted! Pets behaving badly (and caught on camera)

May 24, 2010 |  9:19 pm


We know a certain terrier (um, ours) who once made it a personal mission to systematically destroy his guardian's favorite books. He did not make it a personal mission to replace them.

That rascally terrier, who shall remain nameless, once suffered from a nasty case of separation anxiety. Fortunately for him, and for his guardian (us), and for his guardian's beloved book collection, his emotional state is vastly improved and his taste for paper, with the exception of a desire to shred the occasional paper napkin, has abated.

We still get a certain pleasure out of seeing the photographic evidence of other animals' bad behavior, though. Call it schadenfreude if you will; we prefer to think of it as a way to feel a sense of solidarity with other pet lovers. That's one of the reasons we love perusing the Pets Behaving Badly album at The Times' photo-sharing site, Your Scene. It's chock-full of gems that remind us how bad-bad-bad pets can be, and what great friends they must be for us to forgive them for their transgressions time and time again.

Above, submitter KariLynn shares a shot of her dog, Kirbie, who, she says, simply had to have one of those forbidden snacks on the kitchen counter. (We hope he didn't actually get one, as we suspect it'd be pretty hard on his stomach.) See more of our readers' shots of pets at their worst after the jump!


"We caught our cat drinking the water out of the punch drinking fountain bowl during a wedding open house," submitter Michelle says of her shot, above. "Yikes!" Yikes, indeed -- and remind us not to drink out of a tiered punch bowl at a wedding anytime soon.


Submitter Durbino takes a guess at what his French bulldog puppy's internal monologue might include: "Why are you blaming me ... you're the one that left steak in there!"


Submitter Juwelz says her puppy is an expert shoe destroyer. "It wasn't a set-up. I promise! An actual act done by a real rascal," Juwelz wrote in a comment.


"My dog decided to flip his own home," says submitter Angel G. Apparently no one told this guy it was a poor seller's market.

Bad bird

Submitter Jas describes this destructive African grey parrot as a "grey termite." That sounds about right to us. Now, if Jas could only teach that bird to install a new door!

Dog eats couch

Submitter Raygunz's dog looks just delighted with his impressive chaise lounge-destroying work. (There's just got to be a modern art joke in here somewhere. Too many options ... we cannot pick.)

This Was Once A Feather Duster

Submitter socalcde's cat seems to have gotten a feather duster confused with an actual bird. 


Submitter ejbSF describes Otto the dog's work, above, as a "squeakectomy."


Submitter Holly's dog Asta seems to have taken a love of digging to a whole new level.

Bad bird

Submitter Katie's bird just can't imagine where all this mess came from -- maybe the cat?


"I gave Phoebe this pillow to lie on -- this is what she did to it," says submitter Kathy.


Submitter SSB's kitten, Peanut Butter, apparently hasn't learned manners yet -- or proper eating habits. Shouldn't you be eating cat food, Peanut Butter?


Submitter Jen's dog wants to know why she thinks he's the one who ate the spaghetti.


"Igby loves going into the backyard and finding sticks to chew on," submitter Arabia explains. "Last night he came through the dog door with this 'stick,' a piece of the old fence 4 feet long. I couldn't stop laughing." Good thing Igby's guardian is such a good sport!


Submitter John's two golden retrievers could apparently learn a thing or two about maneuvering through a dog door from Iggy. This shows the aftermath of the dogs "attempting to drag a freshly planted palm tree they just dug up through the doggy door," John explains.


Submitter Anthony's pet ferret was caught red-handed-pawed in a candy heist.


Submitter Miss T.'s dog Tommy Boy is no fan of water -- or sprinklers.

Cat drinks from a straw

Submitter Shakespeare suspected his cat Jimmy was drinking out of glasses he shouldn't have -- but he didn't have proof until this photo was taken.


"This stunt got mommy a new fridge," says submitter Mindylu. Well, at least someone other than the dog got something out of it!

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-- Lindsay Barnett

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