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Raging bulls: Donald Trump fires back at De Niro

April 25, 2011 |  1:11 pm


In an appearance on Saturday, Robert De Niro questioned Donald Trump's integrity. In an appearance on Monday, Trump questioned De Niro's intelligence.

Speaking to a Tribeca Film Festival audience this past weekend on the issue of politics, the actor said that some are "making statements about people they don't even back up. It's a big hustle."

He was referring, apparently, to Trump's birther crusade against President Obama. De Niro never mentioned Trump by name, but when moderator Brian Williams interjected wondering whether De Niro was referring to a personality who had a show on NBC, De Niro tacitly acknowledged it by continuing the tear against Trump: "How dare you? That's awful. Just to go out there and say things you can't back up. That's crazy."

Speaking by phone to the hosts of "Fox & Friends" on Monday morning, Trump let his own resentment fly. "Well, he's not the brightest bulb on the planet," the mogul said of De Niro. "I have been watching  over the years and I like his acting, but in terms of when I watch him doing interviews and various other things, we are not dealing with Albert Einstein." Trump went on to continue to hammer at the birther theme. (The video is below; relevant portions start at about the 3:00 mark.)

It was the second time in a week that Trump took aim at an entertainer. After Jerry Seinfeld pulled out of a Trump charity event over the birther comments, the "Celebrity Apprentice" star/producer went after Seinfeld and his failed show "The Marriage Ref," calling it "terrible."

Public interview skills have been a shaky area for De Niro -- Saturday's event further underscored it -- though it's rarely been seen by those who poke at it, including Williams and David Letterman, as a matter of intelligence so much as awkwardness or introversion.

Of course, there may be a larger end-game in Trump taking a shot at De Niro or Seinfeld: If the coiffed one is indeed serious about a bid for president, he could find worse strategies than running against liberal Hollywood.

--Steven Zeitchik



Tribeca 2011: Fitfully, Robert De Niro talks about his acting past and future (and Donald Trump)

Photo: Donald Trump addressing the CPAC convention. Credit:  Alex Brandon / Associated Press

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Why cannot I see the wittle baby footprints of Barry Obama? Why does the most transparent president in His Story keep them from me?

Anyone who hangs onto his ego by not letting go of a hairstyle from the 70's needs a reality check. Let's see Trump's IRS filings. I've heard he's not worth the amount of money he boasts. All show and no substance.

Nobody in the entertainment industry is intelligent. Remember, these are clowns at the circus who want attention. Hollywood is not creative--they steal their scripts from other people. I don't even know why people worship Hollywood. It's like a religion, with its ignorant, blind followers who put money in the collection plate at movie theaters.

All the genius people in Hollywood!!!! My, my........if they ruled the U.S., we'd be like a large insane institutions. Let the crazies stay in California. DeNiro should move there, he'd be right at home. Put all their IQ's together and the total would be under 100.

De Donald crushes De Niro!

All Donald is doing is asking an inconvenient question - is that so bad? And what about Obama's college records? Thesis? Law review articles? etc. It ALL seems to be hidden. If these are all so innocent, why not let them be published? Where there is smoke....

Di Nero... He talks about people saying stuff they can't back up? Well he's got tons of examples of his own.
If you've ever heard Di Nero talk politics, he should take a hint from his own script. This guy is a moron when it comes to facts. He goes with the ignorant crowd and flow instead of actually 'researching facts' and having an informed opinion.
Take your one pony acting, with the same facial expressions, and your holier than thou ego and leave us reasonable thinkers alone.

Mr. De Niro has more talent in his pinky nail than Donald Trump has in his entire family!

Donald Trump commenting on Robert DeNiro's intelligence?
Frankly I'm surprised. I've always thought the King of the Self-Promoting Blowhards was far too narcissistic to even notice, much less comment, on opposing points of view. Is it possible that his skin is growing as thin as his ridiculous hair?

Intelligent people often have a difficult time speaking in public. Albert Einstein had quite a few issues and wasn't a popular guy.

I wonder what that says about these people...

De Niro says Trump is making statements he can't back up. Trump responds by attacking De Niro.

Note that what Trump DIDN'T do is back up the staements he made.

Heh... some of the anti-Hollywood comments here are pretty funny. Wonder if these commenters also worship at the Reagan Altar.

In any event, whatever De Niro's intelligence or level of sophitication re politics, he's not the one claiming that he's running for POTUS. The importance of intelligence of the speaker really does depend on who the speaker is, don't you think?

Trump is a empty wagon making a lot of noise. He is a broke bully! Bully! Gee, he is a bankrupt fool! He stiffed small banks and people and didn't pay his bills. He is a crook! This is simple! He braggs on how he has stole money from people he will deal with! Trump is Maddoff 2! He is hot air! Rolling around the country cheating people!

gotta say i worked for deniro...and he is a little nutty. i'd vote for trump-proven entity unlike the current prez!

Hollywood Celebrities are generally not formally educated - most having pursued acting rather than college. Most are narcissistic, self absorbed and surrounded by yes people who reinforce any opinion the celebrity has adopted as their own. These celebrities are far removed from reality once reaching the level of a DeNiro or Seinfeld. DeNiro can act - nobody can argue that, but to claim he is highly intelligent or even informed - is a stretch at best.

Donald Trump on the other hand also is clearly narcissist, self absorbed and probably surrounded by yes people too - as most people who've reached that level of success and wealth naturally develop a large ego that needs to be fed and sustained. However at least the Donald must have a reasonable degree of intelligence to have navigated business and real estate for decades now. And if any critic points at Donald’s failures in business as shortcomings in intelligence they are attempting misdirection since success in business demands risk, and most millionaires failed several times before succeeding.

I'm no Trump fan, and certainly am not a fan of celebrity Hollywood's self-important stance on all things political; however Trump is asking a legitimate question. Obama claimed to be so transparent and different - and yet he's broken almost every one of his campaign promises. And if he has a birth certificate - not the cert of live birth, but a real birth certificate, why not show it?

Everytime Donald Duck opens his mouth Obama gains another dozen votes. You Repubtards and Tea Losers always end up benefiting the Democrats. Keep spewing that filth you spew so well and we'll keep taking the White House every election.

P.S. That birther filth is awesome. It's ensuring that Obama will be elected again. Keep it up retards. Good Job!

"Raging Bulls"? Maybe one of them but the other, the one with the coif, is a cow.

I'll take De Niro any day over Trump. This is a good man, who doesn't flaunt what he has, including his intelligence and his class, which is apparent without even trying.

Anyone who speaks out against Trump should be ready for a school yard taunt that seems to be indicative of Trump's emotional, social, intellectual development and capability. De Niro and the rest of us know that it is crazy behavior and nothing short of ridiculosity and "hustling" that Trump engages in and, worse, he lacks the basic intelligence to know it, or, if he does know it, to use it. Either way, it is not something anyone with a bulb on, dim or bright, would choose to do unless they have nothing else to offer, so, I would surmise that his bulbs are out altogether. It doesn't take an Albert Einstein to figure that out.

Deniro has more intelligence and Integrity in his little finger than Trump. I actually used to think Trump was entertaining til he joined the right wing nonsense "birther" rhetoric. DeNiro is a very intelligent, but quiet person who speaks when he has something to say. Evidentally that's not intelligent to the donald.

De Niro us just an actor. He never created or built anything. He is in a basic form just and actor, which is just a talking monkey.

De Niro caries less weight about politics then NYC subway rat.

Way to go, Trump! Tit for tat junior high cat fighting! He questions your integrity, you question his intelligence! You sound more like a modern US American President hopeful every day!

I, Albert Einstein, was a democratic socialist. Don't name-drop me, Trump.

At least Trump is not a traitor and liar.

god bless America. This is the only country where ediots like Donald Trump can say anything without substance and be taken seriously by a few.
Not all Republicans are racists but all racists are Republicans/Tea BAGGERS amd DUMM TRUMP IS JUST ANOTHER RACIST REPUBLICAN.

I totally agree with Dinero. He hasnt been able to back anything he's said with facts. But I say let him keep spewing that vomit. Its making sum on the right very nervous and thats fine by me. Even the tea party prince Bachman as nutty as she is has backed off the birther crap. I hope Trump runs so all his baggage can come to light. Like his numerous bankrupt filings, his numerous flip flops, and also the fact that he secretly lusts after his daughter. Good luck Don.

The Donald for President??!! - Beware all those who think he is the business mogul he pretends to be. Remember he didn't make his money from nothing - daddy helped quite a bit - and he is the only guy I know the went broke running a casino. Just another windbag like every other politician - Ross Perot anyone???!!

In all seriousness, I don't think Trump stands a chance of being elected because of that hair. It gives him a weasel-y look. I can't see Americans choosing him over someone with even thinning hair. I guess it would depend on the state of the other guy/gal's hair (most likely guy).

I am completely serious.

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