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Kristen Stewart: 'Breaking Dawn' will change people's minds about Bella Swan

October 18, 2010 |  7:06 pm

Getprev"Twilight" fans love to debate their favorite novel in Stephenie Meyer's bestselling vampire series. Kristen Stewart says she has her own favorite -- and it's the most explicit and intense of the bunch.

"This one's really good. This one really goes there, finally," said the actress who plays the iconic Bella Swan of "Breaking Dawn." "This one is like the forming of a family. You see everything really come to fruition because I feel like [Bella] has sort of gone through an accelerated growth period."

In November, Stewart will reprise the Bella role when she begins filming the first half of “Breaking Dawn,” the fourth movie in the “Twilight” franchise, which will be directed by Bill Condon. The story follows [spoiler alert: if you aren't familiar with "Breaking Dawn," skip to the last paragraph] Bella’s marriage to vampire Edward Cullen (Rob Pattinson), as the two finally consummate their relationship and Bella becomes pregnant.

"At this point," Stewart says, "you do accept [Bella] as a mom.”

Because their child is half-human and half-vampire, Bella’s pregnancy is riddled with complications -- all leading up to a dramatic birth scene, in which Edward tears open Bella’s stomach with his teeth to save their baby.

There has been speculation about how the graphic scene will be depicted on screen. Stewart acknowledges it's a "crazy concept," also describing werewolf Jacob's hearing "vampire teeth against vampire skin" during the childbirth scene.

Just how that will play out on screen, though, has yet to be determined. "I've seen the script," which tracks closely to the book, she says. "But it depends on how they shoot it."

Stewart, who was speaking to 24 Frames to promote her new independent drama "Welcome to the Rileys," said she thinks her "Twilight" character has been misunderstood. “Bella’s criticized sometimes for being, like, you know -- I don’t know, selfish and overly emotional and silly and frivolous and annoying and young,” said Stewart. “That’s sort of like a very judgmental way of looking at it."

--Amy Kaufman


Photo: Kristen Stewart in "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse." Credit: Summit Entertainment/Kimberley French.


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Breaking Dawn was the worst of a horribly written book series... How is that going to make a good movie?

breaking dawn is my fav book im so excited i cnt wait to see it come to life. i cant wait to see what bella looks like as a vampire and i really really wnt to see when bella and emmett have the arm wresting comp, i hope they put that in the movie. and when bella attacks Jacob

to who ever wrote that comment obviously didnt understand the novel and has got no idea what he/she is talking about

Breaking dawn is going to be a awesome movie. The last book was good. Wow stop bashing on it. Just because you don't know anything about good movies.

What are you on? that is the best book written from that series. Maybe you need to read the book again & start from the start of the series. Im really looking forward to this movie from what i have heard that it will be the same as the book. Cant wait to see Bella attack jacky. Looking forward to the birth of nessie & looking most of all foward to seeing Emmett on the big screen. yay Rosealie has nothing on me... from Emmett Lover.

The book sucked compared to the other ones which were awesome. I hope the movie is alright though because Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse were epic but not sure about Breaking Dawn...

Breaking Dawn is my favourite book and the best book of the series! Kristen you are amazing!

Can't wait for the conclusion of my favourite saga EVER, Breakind Dawn along with Eclipse were my favourite books and as some have said before I can't wait to see Bella as vampire, being gracefull and attacking Jacob and arm wrestling Emmet, but most of all I can't wait to see Bella and Edward's marriage and their honeymoon with feather flying around :P

Breaking Dawn is one of my top books. I can not wait to See Bella is a Vampire, I hope the show her with Charlie. That would be great to see. The interaction with her dad would make the movie for me; in the book he knows something but will not admit it to himself. He knows about wolfs, and taking that step to vampires would be to much for him and finding out his little girl chose this life.

Breaking Dawn was the best written book, of a horribly written series....its similar to being the smartest kid in your special education class.

Honestly it doesn't matter how they shoot it the whole thing is badly laid out and horribly written.

And before you blast my comments....I read the series twice and have seen all 3 movies to come to this conclusion.

Are you sure that movie won't be called "Breaking Wind"? And it will be a bunch of vampires learning the art of flatulence!

god i love kristen and robert i cant wait for breaking dawn its gonna be awesome they are gonna be a family .do you think is true that rob ans kris is gettin marry a voodoo wedding?

Im wayyy exciting i cant wait, huge huge fan, i go crazy over any little thing that has to do with the saga <3

Im wayyy exciting i cant wait, huge huge fan, i go crazy over any little thing that has to do with the saga <3

No, Boring. Bella Swan is boring, we said. Personality-less and dull, with cliche happenings and predictable responses. Not anyone to give any more thought to. Twilight should've killed this movie franchise. It put me to sleep. So did the book, so I wasn't surprised.

This movie is going to be amazing!

I agree with Kristin, Bella isn't any of those things. Its more telling about the person themselves when they describe Bella's actions as positive or negative and how they themselves would act in the same situation.

I'm a heterosexual 20 year old male, and i openly admit that i like the Twilight series, lol. but they're gonna have to really pull some strings to make the Breaking Dawn film good. I liked Breaking Dawn, but it was the most anticlimactic work of fiction i have ever read. Hopefully they'll change the ending around. especially considering the drama in Eclipse that they'll have to live up to.

To all the ones who thinks Breaking dawn was horribly written and think the movie will not be any good, YOU SUCK!!

Breaking Dawn is an awesome book, full of raw passion, courage, unity and family. I hope they keep the story as true as possible as the book is so intense, to mess with it too much would be heartbreaking.

im verry excited about Breaking Dawn i cant wait to see the action on screen and Bella in her vampire form *giggle* or course i want to see the relation between Renesmee and Edward start when he ear he fort the first time in bella belly that partin the book is my favorite i know they do a great job with this movie and as a volturi fan to i hope see the complete guard and the wives too twilight will be a;way a part of me after this two movie we lovee Bella Marie Swan

breaking dawn was the best book!! i mean they are all AMAZING. but i cannot wait for this one to come out!! you must not all be there in your mind, if you think it was a bad book. now take your negative thoughts somewhere else please.!

Breaking Dawn is my favorite book!
and Nessie (Renesmee) is my favorite charecter I love
her :)
I can't wait for the movie!

I love Breaking Dawn and I can't wait!!!!! I'm so excited and I can't wait to see what Bella looks like as a vampire and I can't wait to see Renesmee and I can't wait to see her attack Jacob!!!! I especially can't wait to see her's and Edward's wedding!!!! Especially her dress!!!!

i do believe tha the next movie is gonna be absolutly bril cause i hav read the book alot of times and everytime i do i cant put it down i get even more excited..............cant wait to see the movie...........

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