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With a yearlong gap between films, 'Breaking Dawn' waits until dusk

August 3, 2010 |  1:25 pm

After releasing the first three movies in "The Twilight Saga" in a span of just 19 months, Summit will take its time with the franchise’s final two films. Plenty of time.

The studio announced this morning that the second installment of "Breaking Dawn" will follow the first one by a full year, coming out on Nov. 16, 2012. This despite the fact that Bill Condon is shooting the movies back-to-back beginning this fall, which would mean the second film would certainly be ready by the summer of 2012.

Breaking We were already a little perplexed that the first "Breaking Dawn" was being held for November 2011, putting nearly a 1-1/2 years between installments. With this announcement it's clear what Summit is thinking: Stick with the autumn and avoid the summer.

It may not be the worst move from a seasonal standpoint. Despite bringing out "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse" in an expectation-laden summer, Summit has been able to gin up only marginally more business for the David Slade film than it did for the November release of "The Twilight Saga: New Moon." (Domestic grosses at a comparable point in the release cycle sit at $288 million, compared to $277 million for "New Moon.)

But in taking its time between the movies, Summit is increasing the risk that that fans will get distracted or lose some enthusiasm.

Warner Bros.' Harry Potter franchise was able to wait longer stretches between a few of its installments -- for much of the film series, a stream of new books kept the property front-of-mind. "Twilight" doesn't have that. It has to hope interest carries over between films all on its own, and that filmgoers don't outgrow it or move on to a new phenomenon in between.

The yearlong wait between the two "Breaking Dawn" films is even more striking because the two movies come from source material that was initially conceived as a whole. No matter where Condon and screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg choose to split the book (spoiler alert: Bella's traumatic childbirth is a logical option), for filmgoers it will mean waiting a full year for what’s essentially the same story to pick up again.

With its bang-bang release of the first three “Twilight” films, Summit was initially perhaps a little too worried fans would age up or lose interest over time. With the more languid pacing for the final two, it's possible they may not be concerned enough.

-- Steven Zeitchik


Photo: 'Breaking Dawn' book jacket. Credit: Little, Brown

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We are 15 months away from the first Breaking Dawn. We are 27 months away from the second Breaking Dawn. Not a good move on Summit's part. Their audience is getting older, as are the actors. A lot can happen in this l-o-n-g lenght of time. Financially, not a good move at all. Their audience will be there, just maybe not in the numbers they are hoping for. Yup, it's not a good move on Summit's part at all...

I agree. whole year is too long to wait for 2 movies that came from 1 book.

it doesnt matter the audience is getting older...most of the already are adults in their 20's and up. what matters is that breaking dawn is the book that divided the fanbase with the crap that happens in it. the movie is going to make a lot of people uncomfortable when jacob imprints on a newborn baby, and when this big build up for this fight that never happens. good luck to bill condon in trying to make a movie that doesn't end up being a screwup. part 1 of the movie will probably be ok with the honeymoon and wedding, but then the birth of the demon might turn a lot off.

I think Summit should be a bit concerned. I understand that it takes time to make a movie, but if Summit plans on making financial gain from the end of the saga, they better think twice. I thought Eclipse was going to make a lot of money than it did. It was an awesome movie! Some people may start to lose interest in it since it is taking a long time between sagas. There will also be the Twi-hards who will stick to their guns not matter what. Also, the cast is growing older, you can already see the difference in Rob & Kristen from when Twilight was first made. Rob is 24, and Kristen 20, by the time is all done Rob will be 26, and Kristen 22. They started as teenagers, but when all is done, they will be adults ready for another challenge. This saga has taken years from their life, but given them financial gain and stardom.

I'm just fine w/the time between part 1 & 2. Three words: BETTER SPECIAL EFFECTS. If they split it where we assume they will part 2 is going to be VERY special effect heavy. This extra time will give them time to do all the special effects (especially Renesmee.)
They are filming them back to back so the actors aren't going to change between the two. Plus us diehard TRUE fans of the books & saga will be wait that year. Pretty much all other franchises have at least a year wait in between if not longer!!
Plus now I'll have more time in this TW world & something to look forward to.

I feel it's too long to wait. I understand that it will take quite a while to afix screenplay and 2 back-to-back movies, but too wait a whole year between "Dawns" seems unecessary and manipulative. I am a loyal (and older) Twilight fan, but I feel much the same way as I did with the Sopranos. They were secure in the fact that interest and loyalty would hold for extended periods of time, and they toyed with it and made us wait way too long inbetween seasons. I just can't hold this level of interest for that long, and I feel played with for the sake of money. Geez...how much money do you need to make? Summit, as I have heard nothing but similair comments from all the Twihards I know, I would seriously consider at least closing the gap between the two movies.

I think it is too long. I think that Summit is pushing the fans' loyality too far. I'm a huge fan and a little OCD so I have to see all films, but I am NOT happy that I have to wait so long for part 1 of breaking dawn, and now just mad that I will have to wait another year for part 2. Summit needs to sit up and take notice of these posts and reconsider its decision. The waiting sucks.

way to long this sucks yeah alot of people will lose interest we all the read the books what at least a year ago time to move on and get it done we want the movies!!!!!!

I agree with the idea that Summit has made an error in the release date of the second movie. Summit is not considering some key factors that can endanger fan interest in this movie. There are no new books being released driving interest in the story or there may be cultural fatigue with vampires at some point soon - after all, how many shows/novels, etc. related to vampires can there be before people start to lose interest? By the time the second movie comes out there may be a collective yawn among former fans. Summit - listen to fans of Twilight - it's worth it to maybe lose a few million with a summer release than lose 50 million due to fans losing their interest in the story.

Well, lets look at it this way... Both will be done when the first comes out. If for some reason Summit gets the stick out of their butt the 2nd will be ready to be released in the Summer of 2012 maybe they will change their mind if the fandom isn't going to stick around.

Aahhh, patience is a virture; I just hope it is worth the wait!!!!!!

i do not think that they are making a wrong move at all look at the space between each harry potter movie and each one has done better then the last it has been a very long time since the first of that set came out and it has not lost any fans i do not see a few years killing the twilight saga there was a years wait between the first and second movie and the craze was still going and even if they do loose some fans there are always more coming into the age group that the movies are aimed for

4 people who r in tru luv with d twilight saga,tym brings wit it impatience bt certainly nt distractn....

I think a year between movies that are made of the same book is too long to wait, i think 6months is reasonable but fans will already have to wait a year to see Breaking dawn part one, its too much waiting!!!


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