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Envelope Roundtable: 'The moment I became a director'

January 19, 2010 |  7:00 am

Nearly every director who's ever worked anywhere near Hollywood makes compromises. But many directors also have a defining moment when they drew the line and clung tightly to their principles. For Quentin Tarantino it was declining to cut a potentially graphic scene over Harvey Weinstein's protestations. For Jason Reitman it was insisting on shooting in multiple locations when a studio was asking he shoot only in one. Hear what they and others on our roundtable did to elevate themselves from hired hands to artists.  


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terrific stories. stuff of legend (apocryphal?) that should be in some Hollywood book regarding these talented auteurs ... yes, even Cameron. kudos to John Horn.

weird...harvey was right...I walked out on the torture scene in R.D., and spent the rest of the movie in the lobby of the New Beverly Cinema. Just too graphic for me.

great stores indeed.

I love these stories, but I hate how these roundtables are all chopped up. The same thing happened with the Hollywood Reporter roundtable that Jason Reitman alluded to. Once the series is done on this site, any chance of The Envelope posting the full mp3, or the video itself unbroken?

I hope one day soon, I also will be joining in the ranks of great directors like Quentin, Kathryn, Lee, Jason and James.

This is an awesome clip and a great way of learning how these famous directors learned how either put up or shut up and they all put up and succeeded


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