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Envelope Directors Roundtable: The challenges of marketing a film

January 22, 2010 |  7:02 am

Marketing campaigns may not be the first thing one thinks of when imagining the creative lives of some of the country's most well-known auteurs. But directors behind this season's biggest movies wrestle to a surprising degree with the issues of selling a movie -- whether it's Quentin Tarantino finding parts of the process "inspirational" or directors like Lee Daniels, Jason Reitman or James Cameron understanding that these Faustian bargains can help expose their film to a wider audience. Hear how these directors feel about one of moviedom's trickiest balances.

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Man, incredibly interesting discussion. Felt like it was just highlights, though, would like to see more.

Incredibly interesting people having incredibly interesting conversation.

The loudest one(dude who filmed Precious) but he is less known and acclaimed one. Dude stop shouting and be more humble.

I like how the directors of the new age who are hired to tell a story in the form of a movie have marketing in their brain. Which makes sense, you want the feeling you are creating to be felt by the audience. If you have a trailor or a poster you feel does not portray your movie correctly then you will have bad reviews of false advertising.
But then you have the whole issue of selling your movie. In this day and age is it worth bending a bit to make sure those seats sell? Or or you looking to keep purity in your film? It is a difficult thing to think about which depends on ideology. Is it really that hard to sacrifice a minute of your vision to a trailor if it means getting lots of people in? Or is it wrong to ruin the overall vision to be greedy and sell seats, hence it seems to be all about money?
Things to think about.......

Are we gonna get the whole "90 minutes" of this series? Or at least more clips? (many more :P)

just release the whole thing already

A great discussion. Marketing is just so important for films - getting people to buy a product they haven't yet experienced


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