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Hey Charlie Sheen, how's that whole image rehab thing working out?

May 5, 2011 |  3:19 pm

Charlie Sheen

As much as we loathe giving Charlie Sheen more ink -- or whatever the electronic equivalent is -- well, here we go. In recent days, Sheen has decided to aim his violent torpedo at something other than Chuck Lorre. Sheen's new targets? Homelessness, poverty and -- violence. Yes, really.

The actor's new charity, Sheen's Korner, recently announced plans to throw money at Bryan Stow, the San Francisco Giants fan who was beaten into a coma outside of Dodger Stadium on opening day. Sheen is also giving away signed baseballs in exchange for donations of $100 or more toward the victims of the Alabama tornadoes.

Lastly, Sheen's made some noise about raising cash for bipolar awareness, providing -- after a little nudging -- more than $5,000 for the Organization for Bipolar Affective Disorders.

So! Altogether now! Who's impressed?

"Too little, too late," sniffs Bretton Holmes, a crisis PR guy who recently represented Laurel Kagay, an ex of "The Bachelor" contestant Brad Womack. "A sure sign of desperation on his part."

"Fruitless," echoes BJ Coleman, a publicist whose client roster has included Naomi "Run! She's Got a Cellphone!" Campbell. "Sheen needs to directly address his pending issues with his fan base and take ownership for any personal problems he may facing and deal with them."

Ouch. But what about The People? They must appreciate the effort. Right?

"We've seen in the past two weeks someone whose reputation is damaged and continuing to spiral out of control," says Kenneth C. Wisnefski, founder and chief executive at WebiMax, a reputation management company specializing in social media. "There is simply no monitoring or control in place that can stop his down-falling reputation."

Well! We know someone who won't be getting a signed baseball anytime soon.


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-- Leslie Gornstein

Photo: Charlie Sheen. Credit: Rick Wilking / Reuters