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Report: Lindsay Lohan's alcohol-monitoring bracelet went off on MTV Movie Awards night -- now what?

June 8, 2010 |  1:35 pm

Lilo-bracelet-web Our crime-chasing brethren over at L.A. Now are reporting that Lindsay Lohan's alcohol-monitoring bracelet -- not pictured at left -- went off Sunday night, alerting authorities, according to a source familiar with the case. 

Lilo mug mtv What this means for Lohan is still unclear; the monitoring company's report will go to the probation folks involved and also to the judge in the case.

Now, we're not referring to any blinking red lights folks might have seen, or thought they saw, while the actress was hitting an MTV Movie Awards after-party. A Ministry source noted Lohan's ankle device blinking furiously through her black boots at Hollywood's Las Palmas nightclub, but a call to the SCRAM folks confirmed that the blinking merely meant data was transmitting to Alcohol Monitoring Services.

Does an alert automatically mean the person wearing the bracelet has been boozing? Nope. Spilling alcohol on the device or tampering with it will also trigger a report. The SCRAM folks have an oddly hypnotic video (click where it says "watch the video") showing a person sliding a playing card between the bracelet and the leg as an example of a tampering technique. 

The video also shows how different incidents appear to those monitoring a person's results. Because the device monitors alcohol levels in perspiration over time, downing a few mojitos looks different than what happens after a spill or after, say, a person stows any spare playing cards that might not fit into an evening bag.

The SCRAM bracelet was popped onto LiLo's ankle shortly after an eagerly anticipated May 24 hearing; her outfit for the award show Sunday covered it up on the red carpet.

-- Christie D'Zurilla and Matt Donnelly

Photos: So, yeah, when people said they were hoping for a picture of Lindsay Lohan's "bracelet" on the MTV Movie Awards red carpet Sunday night, this isn't exactly the one they meant. Credits: Jason Merritt/Getty Images.

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