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Charlie who? Jon Cryer is a team player and a half, man

February 25, 2010 |  9:15 am

Jon cryer You know how there's always that one guy at the office who makes things a little more complicated -- but the client loves him, so nobody can really say anything? And then there's the other guy at the office, who keeps his head down and helps the trains run on time

Welcome to the "office" of Jon Cryer, who just might have the worst job on the planet right now. At least that's how it looks from the outside.

"The important thing is Charlie gets healthy," Cryer reportedly told some "Two and a Half Men" staffers Monday. 

Charlie Sheen's costar (aka the high-road-taking-est guy in show biz) has more than fulfilled expectations at his sitcom job. But current office gossip -- which in truth could have a very large effect on Jon's life -- has shoved Cryer far out of the spotlight. That's hardly fair, so I'd like to shine it square on him for a few minutes.

Think of it as an impromptu performance evaluation ...

He is, after all, fully half of the "Two" of the two and a half men who fuel one of TV's most popular shows. And he's the only one of the "Two" who's taken home an Emmy for it. 

Cryer shows up early. He hangs in there for the team, even if it's not in his best interest. He's that guy who steps up when someone else calls in sick, even if it's not exactly his department -- the one who takes on freelance consulting work, maybe to help out the kids. And he gets the idea that every workplace needs a little diversity

Sometimes people might think he loves his co-workers more than, say, his wife. (And would you blame him, really, since he's finally found a place where he's accepted?) But nah -- turns out he's a good family man to boot.

Now, he reportedly hauls in only a little more than half of what the other half of the "Two" takes home per episode, but it's poor form to pay attention to a co-worker's salary, so I'll drop it. In this economy, who's getting raises, right? 

So here's to you, Jon Cryer. There are a lot of things I wish you would say. 

But in fact, that's not your job.

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Jon Cryer with his Emmy for best supporting actor in a comedy, which he won on Sept. 20. Credit: Lawrence K. Ho / Los Angeles Times 

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