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Frankie Valli, Frank Sinatra and Frank McCourt

August 25, 2011 | 12:16 pm

Photo: Fans wait to see Frank Sinatra.

We told you last week how the family of the late Frank Sinatra has joined a group of season-ticket holders that has asked for a say in the Dodgers' bankruptcy case. Today, we'll tell you how another musical icon named Frank might impact the local baseball owner named Frank.

If Frank McCourt can fight his way out of bankruptcy court, he still would not be able to keep the Dodgers unless he can persuade the divorce court that the team should not be considered community property. McCourt's argument is that title to the team is held in his name alone, through a company he formed before his marriage.

McCourt's attorneys liked to cite this ruling in the divorce of singer Frankie Valli, whose ex-wife held a life insurance policy on him, in her name. The essence of the ruling: Even though the policy was bought during marriage -- with shared funds -- the fact that the policy was held in her name made her the sole owner of the policy.

On Wednesday, however, the California Supreme Court said it would review the Valli decision. That review could take a year or more, and in the interim McCourt 's attorneys cannot cite the Valli decision in any of their legal arguments.

The attorneys for Jamie McCourt, Frank's ex-wife, consider this development a major one. The attorneys for Frank McCourt do not agree, saying other rulings besides the Valli decision support their position.

The most interesting part of the Valli case, at least today: Who is the high-powered insurance broker who sold that policy to the Vallis?

He is Dennis Gilbert, the former player agent and current Chicago White Sox executive who would like nothing better than to buy the Dodgers.


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-- Bill Shaikin

Photo: Fans wait to see Frank Sinatra.