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If the McCourts are forced to sell Dodgers, could Dennis Gilbert be the team's next owner?

July 17, 2010 |  8:08 am
If the McCourts' divorce forces them to sell the team, what then?

There's no guarantee a new owner will be an upgrade, though you gotta like the odds.

Eli Broad? Seems a little late in the game for him. Ron Burkle? Seems a little distracted. Peter O’Malley? Seems that ship has passed.

But here's another name floated by's Buster Olney on his insider's report -- Dennis Gilbert.

Olney writes there is speculation that Gilbert -- the former player agent and current adviser to the White Sox -- is the person most perfectly situated to purchase the Dodgers.

Olney notes that Gilbert lives in the Los Angeles area, is well known by commissioner Bud Selig, and essentially finished second last year in the bidding for the Texas Rangers "largely because Nolan Ryan chose to align himself with Chuck Greenberg."

He adds this telling, though hardly surprising, note:

"Gilbert knows a whole lot of people, big hitters in the money world, and if the Dodgers' franchise needs rescuing -- and in the sport right now, the team's ownership troubles are regarded as a cover-your-eyes embarrassment -- Gilbert will have the financial wherewithal to restore the club to its past greatness."

Regarded as cover-your-eyes embarrassment. Yeah, I'm liking the odds.

-- Steve Dilbeck