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Obama, not issues, is the draw for some L.A. voters

June 5, 2012 |  7:44 pm

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When Patricia Jordan, 57, was asked what brought her to the polls on Tuesday to vote in the California primary, her answer was swift and decisive.

"Obama! Who else?" said the Baldwin Village resident. "He's my No.1 concern."

President Obama has secured the Democratic Party's nomination as the incumbent, but here in Baldwin Village and throughout the city of Los Angeles, he is still the big draw. Some voters knew very little about issues on the ballot, such the cigarette tax and the candidates running for Los Angeles County district attorney. Instead, they showed up to throw their support behind the president.

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"I don't know much about Propositions 28 and 29," said Diane Racine, 68, referring to the term limit initiative and the controversial cigarette increase. "I came out to make sure I supported President Obama."

Racine, an adult education teacher with the Los Angeles Unified School District, admitted it was harder this primary to vote for him. The Westwood resident will be laid off in two weeks because of budget cuts that will end adult education in the state. Still, Racine believes Obama has a better strategy to fix the economy than his opponent, Mitt Rommey. All Obama needs, she said, is another term.

Anthony Kent agreed. The 58-year-old Baldwin Village resident blames Congress' inability to compromise as the reason the economy has stalled and not made a full recovery.

"He's doing the best he can with the opposition he has against him," Kent said. "He can't change everything overnight. He might need a few more terms to fix it all."

Though Kent disagrees with Obama on gay marriage, he still made the trek from his job over to the Jim Gilliam Recreational Center in Baldwin Village to cast his vote for Obama.

"I'm behind him every day," he said.


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Photo: President Obama speaks at a campaign rally at Ohio State University. Credit: Mark Duncan / Associated Press