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Donald Trump wants to build a $100-million ballroom in the White House

Property magnate and reality TV star onald Trump speaks to the press following a press conference in the White and Gold Ballroom at his club, Mar-A-Lago, in Palm Beach, Florida

Donald Trump may be eyeing the White House, but instead of measuring the drapes he's dreaming of a giant ballroom.

"I called up the White House about a year ago," the boisterous billionaire told ABC News' George Stephanopoulos. "And I saw that they were having lots of functions for people like the president of China … and I said, 'Listen, every time I see a function, you put an old broken canvas tent that they probably pay some guy, some local guy a fortune for.' I said, 'I will build you, free of charge,' to a very high official at the White House, 'one of the great ballrooms of the world,' " Trump said.

The official was David Axelrod, who confirmed with ABC that the proposed ballroom would be a lot like the gaudy white-and-gold spectacle at Trump's 118-room, 65,000-square-foot-plus Palm Beach, Fla., estate, Mar-A-Lago.

Trump says such a room would cost "maybe $100 million. Anywhere from $50 to $100 million."

What good is being a billionaire if you can't allow yourself some wiggle room when building a ballroom?

Trump says he would bring in the world's top 10 architects, set up a committe, and then be democratic about the much-needed ballroom with the eight- or nine-figure price tag.

"We’ll pick the one that everybody agrees, because it's a little delicate," Trump, who has recently been a fixture on TV talk shows, said. "You know, it is the White House, after all."


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Note: Andrew Malcolm is on vacation.

-- Tony Pierce

Photo: Donald Trump holds court with the media in the ballroom of his Mar-A-Lago estate in Palm Beach, Fla. Credit: Joe Skipper / Reuters


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PLEASE! Somebody stop this guy. Where are the patriot police? What an embarrassment this Trump is.

Wow! What a jerk.

I PRAY for Obama's sake that Trump is the GOP presidential candidate.

Because a $100 million dollar ballroom will educate, feed, and clothe thousands of needy and poor American children, will boost the economy and reduce the deficit, and will reduce unemployment to half its current figure...

Donald Trump as President??I want to see his Green Card.

I would do the exact same, maybe more...

What's a "committe"?

Keep on going there, Donald. In short order you will have everyone's attention all over the world. I hope you don't mind the laughter, because you are the comic relief of the political theatre that is the Republican party.

Why do I have a sneaking suspicion The Donald is throwing up this bluster only to reveal that after all his well spent money, President Barack Obama was actually born in the US? It would kill his presidential aspirations and destroy the birther/tea party/fringe right movements. Sure would be a great outcome for the Dems. So you go Donald. Make us laugh and giggle and destroy the birthers. You da' man!

I hope Donald Trump runs.

HE is HIS OWN worst nightmare.
I LOVE seeing self-overinflated rich people,
dump a HUGE WAD into their own election.
...and lose.

Just what a country already buried in debt and unemployment needs, an extravagant and decadent ballroom to cater exclusively to the wealthy and powerful.

Maybe after Trump builds his Versailles in DC, the people of this country will finally wake up and realize they're being trampled underfoot by the wealthy and we can try to restore a middle class in this country instead of putting all our effort into making sure the richest Americans keep getting richer at the expense of everyone else.

Oh yes, just what this country needs....a ballroom! That just goes to show how completely detached Mr. Trump is from the problems facing the people of this country. Actually I'd like to see Trump become president. Maybe then the people of this country would open their eyes and see how little their representatives in DC care about them.

Go Donald !! Spend those tax dollars !!

What a lamo! 100 million could go to help struggling schools, or anything like that. Donald Trump, is absolutly out of touch, and has no idea what this nation needs. We do not need a giant ball room, to make a good impression with foreign dignitaries. Instead let us make a good impression by what we do, how we live.

Hmmm....why am I not surprised by this? Think this character's ego is too big to fit into even the White House!

What a good way to spend our money! Trump, you cn't have the WH declare bankruptcy as your casinos did 3 separate times!


Will we bee seeing President Obama on the dance floor anytime soon?

The beauty of the English language is that there is a word for everything.

Repugnant is the word for Trump.

A $100 million White House ballroom?

No reason to cure an ignored disease, or expand a hospital, or build a library, eh toupster?

Don't let him anywhere near the White House, he will destroy it like the Plaza and everything else he touches...

What a goofball. He's soooo what we don't need this may be a good year for any half bright to win.

To the comments about wasting tax dollars. Trump said he would pay for it PERSONALLY. Not that I am saying it's a good way to spend his money, but it's his money, he can offer to do whatever he wants with it.

Did anybody read the article? He said he would build it free of charge with his own money. I say do it. It is ridiculous and embarassing to have these functions looking all ghetto.

Trump 2012

Obama has completely bankrupted America. He is destroying our future by sending our jobs overseas and flooding our country with illegal aliens.

Trump 2012

come on Trump.... we all know that you are flat broke and you want us to believe that you want to build a 100 million dollars ballroom. What's about New orleans past disaster, many schools are closing their door, hospitals needs nurses, hungry children around the world, People are dying of lack of food for God sake... Trump trying to show off and we should ignore him completely. He is hiding something definetely.

I suppose that $100 million couldn't go toward a charity to cure disease or end suffering could it?

So far his agenda is a ballroom and Obama's birth certificate. Oh wait, I forgot, and just telling OPEC to lower prices and go take the oil from Libya. This is like when Palin was headlining the news. It is mostly fodder for comedy because it cannot be taken seriously. Paying for it himself is still an example of what he thinks is a priority and as noted by many of the posts below, it probably doesn't reflect many people's priorities.

Interesting that Trump, who married two women from other countries, would make such a big deal out of Obama's birth certificate.

it is a great idea,,he can afford it, he can build will add a lot of grandeur to the next beer summit with joe biden

Trump fails to recognize that Americans of Armenian heritage have got the biggest BALLS of THEM ALL. They are indeed God's gift and notoriety of BIG BALLS. The social pages say their Ball Rooms are always bouncing and every body comes and comes again. I like them best when they are held for pleasure.

That is why they are always chanting....I've got BIG BALLS and she has BIG BALLS, but, we've got the BIGGEST BALLS OF THEM ALL.

What I really want to know from Trump is where his boss, GE, buried the money. GE PAID NO TAXES this year. Almost forgot though.......GE, The GOP and BIG OIL wrote the TAX CODES.

They are just as adorable as those three little pigs in Orwell's "Animal Farm." President Eisenhower was right about those three little pigs. I would love to follow Doctor Strangelove's advice and take them down the mine shaft to be slaughtered.

He's having fun, and knows whatever he says will get written about. Not because he's an important politician with important policy views, but because he's fun, and easy, to write about. He doesn't make any real pretense of caring about the poor and disadvantaged. And he's probably one of the view people who can bankrupt a casino as owner.

He's having fun, and knows whatever he says will get written about. Not because he's an important politician with important policy views, but because he's fun, and easy, to write about. He doesn't make any real pretense of caring about the poor and disadvantaged. And he's probably one of the view people who can bankrupt a casino as owner.

IS HIS MONEY !! duh donald PRESIDENT ......

At least he realizes "it is the White House, after all". Unbelieveable.

Does anybody have access to D Trumps tax return? I would just like to see if he's paying his fair share.

Easy guys. This is Trump's first good idea. Ballroom rental for weddings, divorces, stonings and bar mitzvahs, to people who can show their birth certificates, long form, will bring in over $30 million. Next. Costly miniature golf on the White House grounds, luxury condos on the Washington Mall and a Trump Casino in the lobby of the Treasury. Bring in on Donnie. Why sell out to China when we can give it all away to you?

this story is a deliberate hachet job on trump and just shows how scared the dems are of his running ... he is stirring the pot for obama starting with his birth certificate and he won't stop becasue he has no downside .. in fact, if donald can establish himself as being presidential he will increase the sales price per square foot at his condos by 100

Let him run his mouth.

As a stroke of political genius, he is executing two plans simultaneously: A. generating greater publicity for The Donald persona. B. using political theater to satirize what the Republican Party has become while re-electing Obama.

All we need to find now is someone who can dance worth a damn. Shuffling about one-two, one-two is not dancing. Reeling and writhing like you've got ants in your pants is not dancing. Salsa, Cha-Cha, Swing, Waltz, Tango etc are dancing. Intelligent people who take the trouble to learn synchronised dance steps not boneheads who are too lazy to learn a real dance. For most people, a tent is more than good enough for their antics.

The supercroc Warriors already predicted Obama is a one time wonder so maybe Trump would like to have dinner with the Supercrocs.

How about instead, we stop having balls at the white house! Go use the money to feed the poor or reduce the deficit. You don't throw a party when you are deep in debt.

Did anybody expect anything else from him??? Is there anyone surprised by his intentions??? I do not agree with the guy that says there is a word in the english language for everything. He is beyond description, name it.

Nice to get my daily laughter dose-keep them pouring in Donnie boy.

Trump is trying to p iss you all off and get you all worked up. And it's working.

Your headline is misleading. He offered to DONATE a ballroom worth about $100m. You imply that he wants the taxpayers to foot the they do when Obama eats his $100-per-pound Kobi steaks and when he holds court for celebraties.

Please try to be a bit more honest with your headlines. Most of your readers are ignorant enough as it is.

Bill Matsoukas

When Rome was burning Nero their emperor was playing the fiddle.

When US is struggling this moron Trump, should he become the President will be dancing in the ball room.

A clown should not become a president. He rightly belongs to the circus, not the White House.

And just who the hell does he think would be for that tacky, monstrosity?

I will vote for Donald 2012

Maybe he's planning to also put a throne in that eleborate ballroom.....but, of course, only if he's elected to be King Donald. Donald're FIRED! Sign the contract to renew your boring TV show because you'll never get elected president.

Hmmm, here's a guy who is currently only exceeded by Mitt Romney in most polls of Republicans.

The concern right now is the economy and the deficit.

Does no one remember that Trump, through his various entities, has filed for bankruptcy NUMEROUS times?

He'd probably do the same to the country....

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