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Donald Trump, Jerry Seinfeld upset over Obama birth certificate yada yada

Donald Trump speaks at a tea party rally in Boca Raton, Fla. on April 16, 2011

In what has to be a dark day for birthers, it seems Donald Trump, their most popular champion, has tired of talking about President Obama's disputed birth certificate.

At the top of an interview with CNN on Thursday morning, the brash billionaire bristled when the host asked him about the topic that has been on the tip of the tongue for months.

"You have to stop asking me about a birth certificate," Trump told CNN’s "American Morning" hosts Kiran Chetry and Ali Velshi. "You've got to stop asking the questions."

Trump, who has led numerous GOP presidential polls due, largely, to his beating the birther drum, complained that the issue doesn't allow him to talk about other problems like the trade deficit.

“The problem is every time I go on a show — like as an example, this morning — the first question you asked me is about the birth certificate," Trump, who has has yet to announce his intention to run for president said. "I think my strength is jobs, the economy and protecting our nation from OPEC, China and the other countries that are ripping us off.”

Velshi fired back by offering the bestselling author of "The Art of the Deal" ... a deal.

"We'll stop asking you the questions when you stop saying that President Obama can't prove he is born in the United States," Velshi said.

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Trump, however, refused to toss away his trump card. "Every day that goes by, I think less and less that he was born in the United States," Trump said. "He possibly was, but I want to get rid of the word 'possibly.' "

With all of the attention the billionaire has received for his questions about the president's true nationality, Trump has also received backlash. CNN is reporting that comedian Jerry Seinfeld has canceled an appearance at a charity benefit hosted by one of Trump's sons because of the birther issue.

According to Seinfeld's manager, the television star "feels this kind of demagoguery has no place in public discourse." Although the comedian made a contribution to the Eric Trump Foundation and to the hospital that is also a beneficiary of the event, The Donald wasn't pleased and wrote Seinfeld an angry letter.

"I just learned you canceled a show for my son's charity, the EricTrump Foundation, which benefits the St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital [which treats children with cancer] because of the fact that you think I am being very aggressive with respect to President Obama, who is doing an absolutely terrible job as our leader -- just look at Libya, our economy, gas, food, and clothing prices and maybe you will understand what is going on!" Trump began.

"What I do feel badly about is that I agreed to do, and did, your failed show, 'The Marriage Ref,' even though I thought it was absolutely terrible,” Trump continued. “Despite its poor ratings, I didn't cancel on you like you canceled on my son and St. Jude. I only wish I did."


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Note: Andrew Malcolm is on vacation.

-- Tony Pierce

Photos, from top: Donald Trump speaks at a "tea party" rally in Boca Raton, Fla., last week; Jerry Seinfeld on the set of his ill-fated "The Marriage Ref." Credits: John W. Adkisson / Getty Images; NBC

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Ah, yes, television rules the minds of Americans.

The paranoia of the most transparent president in His Story is unprecedented. I would love to see the little footprints of Barry Obama from the day he was born. C'mon... I am sure they are soooo cute... Let me see them.

Trump is the new gift that keeps on giving. Trump works for GE. GE PAID NO TAXES this year. GE, The GOP, and BIG OIL wrote the TAX CODES. They are just as adorable as those three little pigs in Orwell's "Animal Farm."

They would make prime "Animal" candidates to be taken down the mine shafts to be "slaughtered" or "massacred" or whatever euphemism one can conjure up to be PC.

I agree. "The Marriage Ref" was an absolutely terrible show.

Donald Trump is a Barrack Obama supporter. When Obama won the Presidency he was full of praise for him. He was also very strongly in favor of a single-payer health care system. Not only that but he was a strong supporter of gay rights and gay marriage. He made it very clear that he thought that Bush was a fool. Now he is creating havoc in the GOP. He is totally taking all of the limelight and having a disintegrating effect on the Republican base. If he does run and debates Romney and other Republican contenders he will make a mockery of the Republican primaries. He must be doing all of this as a way to insure that President Obama will have a second term. He may even have enough influence to make it possible for the Democrats to win back the House and strengthen their hold on the Senate. He is a Democrat dream and the Republican nightmare.

Donald Trump is a classless buffoon. When they talk about entitlement they should discuss self-entitlement.

The only thing the Trump is an expert in is leveraging.


I am so tired of the bulging egos of politicians, entertainers...all they want is a microphone and the eyes of the world on them. Why not write articles about what the world needs in the way of freedom, food and jobs.

typical liberal media,get off the tabloid news and find out what the candidates are going to do for our country. Sometimes I wonder if the American media cares about America

TRUMP 2012!!!!!!!

Go TRUMP!!!!

If he's willing to fire Chine and India and hire Americans than he's got my vote baby!!!!

More than I can say for the last two dirt-bags, Obama & Bush!!!!!

TRUMP 2012!!!!!!!

Go TRUMP!!!!

If he's willing to fire China and India and hire Americans than he's got my vote baby!!!!

More than I can say for the last two dirt-bags, Obama & Bush!!!!!

Trump is no fool. He's not playing the bat-sh1t-crazy birther for no reason at all. He's got no chance of even being nominated with this noise as part of his machine, but he's got something in mind, you can bank on it. Maybe it's just a ratings stunt. More eyeballs on his shows means more money in his pocket. Whatever it is, it's very carefully calculated and it surely is not aimed at the drooling dittoheads who actually believe the birther nonsense. And, of course, the mainstream media is playing right into his cynical hand.

A fun sidebar: Yada is the word "know," which is used in the Bible to mean "have sex with." as in Adam had sex with Eve.

So yada yada yada means f, f, f :)

LMAOL, Yes, please nominate Trump/Palin for the 2012 presidential run so that yadda yadda America will ultimately win.

Trump has accomplished so much.

But most notable among those accomplishments is one that many probably thought impossible: he has made Sarah Palin seem like a reasonably mature, informed adult by comparison.

Well done, The Donald.

By the way, has Trump given any specifics as to how he plans to fight China and OPEC? or is he just throwing statements out there just because he can?

I am sick and tired to see those idiots pressuring Mr. Donald Trump about his birth certificate, they are IDIOTS, the issues are that all those nations are ripping us off

What a baby.

This letter to Seinfeld is a wonderful example of the kind of President Trump would be -- one that flies off the handle, exaggerates outrageously, making irresponsible attacks on someone standing up for their core beliefs. It's completely contrary to our nation's founding (and represents the attitude of the Crown against which we rebelled). It's bullying, plain and simple. Sadly, perhaps America really has become just a bully.

This letter to Seinfeld is a wonderful example of the kind of President Trump would be -- one that flies off the handle, exaggerates outrageously, making irresponsible attacks on someone standing up for their core beliefs. It's completely contrary to our nation's founding (and represents the attitude of the Crown against which we rebelled). It's bullying, plain and simple. Sadly, perhaps America really has become just a bully.

I still can't see how "The Donald" can act so elitist yet sound so "absolutely terrible" when he speaks or write. We went through the whole communication and speech deficiency with President G.W. Bush, do we really need another idiot to represent America?

stop it you idiots , leave Mr. Trump alone

Mr. Trump sounds more and more like a spoiled child who want's everything his way. I can't imagine a worse choice for President of the United States.

Donald Trump is a vindictive and angry man who is not suited to be in public office.

HUMPTY TRUMPTY SITTIN ON A GREAT WALL..............................

All REAL Americans need to quit pussyfooting around this very important issue.
We as Americans are entitled to demand verification of every politian, NO FREE PASSES.
Trashing the Constitution will not be allowed.
Prove who you are or GET THE HELL OUT.
I don't care who the person in question is,, it is not race or gender intended, just GET REAL "FOLKS".


While Trump may have some good insight about making positive improvements in our economy and creating a business environment that is conducive to entrepreneurship, I wish he would stop trying to grab the political spotlight by taking on a fringe issue that has been repeatedly discredited. These types of states detracts from the validity of his other statements.

Keep going Donald. Pretty evident he wasn't born here and his election was a fraud, which is why he isn't producing his birth certificate. He's a phony & a failure and should be convicted of treason for lying about where he was born. Thanks for keeping the subject in the spotlight. I can't believe that people are so stupid as to believe what this guy says. Pure stupidity.

Mr. Trump! "jakesh" Just shut your mouth! Our President (Obama) is the most popular President we ever had since Kennedy. This is true. He is educated, well versed in Foreign Policy, speaks clearly and the world in general respects him and whatever honor the Good Old USA has in recent years is solely because of him in the White House. How can we have a "president" (reminds me of the fat ugly boy in Frankenstein...Baby Trump strongly resembles him while "Dr." John Boehner strongly resembles "Dr." John Dillinger) who has thrice proclaimed bankruptcy...openly decalres on national television that he does not repay what he owes on the properties and instead proclaims bankruptcy and an individual who is twice divorced. Just listen to him speaking with a drawl and a twang!
SHUT your fire spitting mouth and shove your ill-gotten money where the sun.....!!!! Also, for an elderly individual like you marrying a young "woman" from the Balkans and procreating children at this age is harmful to the child. This same statement also relates to "Larry Scheiss Esserman Zeiger" (larry king) who at the age of seventy sired two children!

Trump is the biggest blowhard there is on stage now. Plus listed as the stingiest zillionaire on record. He is a hypocrit and arrogant and anyone crazy enough not to realize what he has going on on top of his head is a loser! Donald, your fired!!

Donald Trump is a nut. This guy thinks he can be President?

A guy born in Hawaii facing birther conspiracy theories....
Donald Trump......
Newt Gingrich.........

Looks like the Republicans have conceded the election. Like it or not, 4 more years. Overconfidence and carelessness will kill an opportunity every time.

Robin Williams had the best line this week - "The Donald wants to see President Obama's birth certificate. I want to see The Donald's hairline."

Donald Trump the financial genius who has filed for bankruptcy multiple times. Where is his integrity? He canceled his work to pay his creditors. Where are the smart Republicans? All they come up with is Trump, Palin, and Bachman...

America, founded on freedom from a ruling class, can't help but watch itself devolve back into that which it believed it has escaped. I lament, deeply, the future for my country.

In reality, Trump is a Democrat who supports Pres. Obama. By making the birth certificate an issue he is driving most independents away from the Republican platform. What a trooper!

"Every day that goes by, I think less and less.."

He should have stopped right there.

Donald Trump, Republican favorite? Just shows how weak that party is. To think this most unattractive oafish blowhard, with a mouth as weird as his double-combover, and the mind of a New York thug, who is known to believe in reproductive rights, rights-hating conservatives, is going to buy/convince the dreadful Republicans to put him up against the black Herbert Hoover, is as laughable as the rest of our pathetic citizenry.

A halloween thought for late April: This country deserves Obama and Trump. If that doesn't give you the willies, you're dead.

this diminishes my liking of seinfeld. it was trump's son's charity not donald's. and as trump said, he did seinfeld's crummy show, the marraige thing. jerry, you have bummed me out.

Trump-Palin campaign slogan: "You're Fired! I Quit!!"

TO Doctor Strangelove:

GE paid no taxes because of green energy tax credits passed by DEMOCRATS. Get your facts right! The CEO of GE is one of Obama's coziest friends. Whirlpool is another company that paid no taxes because green energy tax credits.

These companies get a tax credit for any item they produce from dishwashers to refrigerators that are energy efficient thus bringing there tax liability to zero. These credits also carry over to the next year so in fact GE has additional tax credits for 2010 that will apply to 2011 and so on giving GE a ZERO tax bill for years to come thanks to all this "green" energy legislation.

What kind of journalism is this heading!!?? "yada, yada, yada"- YOU are paid by the advertisers and they are paid by us the people (ME INCLUDED!) how DARE you put your opinion into this artical I don't care about your opinion, if I want to read a commentary, that is what I will read.
As far as Trump goes, he is right about Seinfeld and all the other PHONEY liberals-- take away from KIDS with CANCER!!?? because you don't like what Trump says about OBUMMER'S LACK of to come up with a simple document that everyone who even applies for a drivers license has to produce!?-- IS THERE a PROBLEM??- If not, let's see it and END of story-- WHAT IF Trump is right? What if Obama WAS born in Kenya like his grandma said until she possibly was TOLD to shut it!
This president is driving us right into hell and we better stop this run away train NOW or we are ALL in it big!!
I don't know who will win the run against Obama but WHOEVER it is I will vote for him/her!

All the reporters are missing the real question here... The question is not where Obama was born. The question is not whether Trump is serious or not. The question is not how much Trump is worth. The question is not whether Trump will run or not. The question IS WHY Obama WILL NOT provide a copy of his "long-form" birth certificate with the signature of the Doctor and the name of the hospital??

Everybody knows that whoever asks the questions controls the topic of conversation. The reporters are guilty of asking this question of Trump over, and over, and over again.

Why doesn't Obama resolve this issue? It is not up to Trump to resolve this issue. Clear the air President Obama. You'll feel much better about it, the country can move ahead, AND then and only then, can you and Trump debate the real issues at hand.

To Mr. Seinfeld: By all means, stand up for your beliefs. But really, who are you hurting here? St. Jude's is a wonderful charity. Seems, like part of your appearance could have been to deliver a whopper comedy routine aimed at skewering the birthers. Could have been poignant and funny. Instead, all this holier than thou grand standing. What is wrong with asking ANY president to prove they are qualified BEFORE they run? Oh...I forgot...I must be a racist to ask such a question.

To Mr. Trump: Keep on keepin on!!

To Mr. Obama: The real question is not about your birth certificate. It is, why have you spent so much money covering up many records of your past? What are you hiding?

If the Certificate of Live Birth released by Mr Obama was in fact a true Birth Certificate it would say “Accepted by the State Registrar” right above the date on the document, in August 1961, meaning that someone filed a statement that Obama was born in Hawaii on a certain date, and that the evidence provided was sufficient to verify the statement, such that the registrar “Accepted” the accuracy of the filing and registered the Birth.
In the case of Mr Obama’s “Certificate”, it says it was “Filed” with the Registrar, but does not say that it was ever “Accepted”, meaning that when the statement was made concerning the Birth, which automatically triggered the newspaper announcements, there was less than the minimum required verification submitted with the statement. The Registrar could not verify the accuracy so he “Filed” the statement but did not “Accept” it.
What should have happened is the person making the statement should have returned with sufficient verification to meet the minimum required documentation to prove their statement attesting to the birth, at which time the Registrar would have created a new document stating that the record of birth was “Accepted”. What Mr Obama has presented is a document that was “Filed” but never “Accepted”.
It is my opinion that the reason he has not shown a long form birth certificate is he doesn't have one in the Hawaiian Health Department "File” because the statement attesting to his birth was never verified, or if he does have a long form BC it cannot be used to verify the information in the statement attesting to a Hawaiian birth "Filed" by someone living at the grandparents address.

My guess the birth certificate paranoia will keep going until the end of Obama's second term

This is how white Christian culture dies. Good riddance.

I love Trump...he places a HIGH value on loyalty...and seinfeld showed himself to be very disloyal

Obama himself said he was not born in Hawaii or the the
United States. this recording is on the internet (You Tube).
Was He lying??? I can not get anyone to answer that Question. All I see is everyone making fun of anyone questioning his birthplace.

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