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Charles Manson thinks Barack Obama is 'a slave of Wall Street'

Charles Manson in his booking photo taken March 18, 2009Billionaire Donald Trump recently proclaimed he is the Democrats' worst nightmare, but it's hard to imagining someone more frightening than Charles Manson ending a 20-year silence to call you out.

The 76-year-old spoke recently to Spain's Vanity Fair magazine on the 40th anniversary of his conviction in the Sharon Tate and LaBianca murders.

President Barack Obama is "a slave of Wall Street," the diminutive cult leader said by telephone from Corcoran State Prison to journalist David Lopez.

"He doesn't realize what they are doing. They are playing with him," Manson said of Obama. The president recently was being petitioned by Manson's lawyer, Giovanni Di Stefano, to free the iconic killer, who has been incarcerated since 1969. That request was refused.

When he wasn't proclaiming how "bad" he is, Manson rambled about how people need to pay attention to the enviornment and global warming.

"Everyone's God, and if we don’t wake up to that, there’s going to be no weather because our polar caps are melting because we’re doing bad things to the atmosphere," Manson warned.

"If we don't change that as rapidly as I’m speaking to you now, if we don’t put the green back on the planet and put the trees back that we’ve butchered, if we don’t go to war against the problem...' he said before trailing off.


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Note: Andrew Malcolm is on vacation

-- Tony Pierce

Photo: Charles Manson in his booking photo taken March 18, 2009. Credit: California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitations

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I think Obama knows exactly what he's doing. I think he's an opportunist rather than the idealist he presents himself as. As such, I believe that he's in sync with most of the country, only more intelligent.

Who really cares? They should've executed him decades ago. Some people still don't understand that there is good and there is evil. This man of evil deserved to die. It's the allowing up this type of person to live that endangers the rest of the world. If people new their were consequences for his type of heinous acts the ones who are "not so evil" could be controlled by love of their own self and survival. There is no hope for our country as long as we don't believe in evil.

Who, (in their right minds) actually cares what Charles Manson thinks about anything?! DUH!

Why in the world is anyone giving this guy a pulpit?

Great - slaughter pregnant girls and old people and "journalists" will want your political opinions. Why is this piece of crap still breathing? You people in California need to figure it out!

Bin Laden recently spoke against global warming. Why is it that those that are enemies of this great country latch onto the hoax that is global warming?

Bin Laden recently spoke against global warming. Why is it that those that are enemies of this great country latch onto the hoax that is global warming?

I have a question. Who really gives a rat's hind quarters what Charles Manson has to say about anything? And why should they? The man is a disease who should have left this earth forty years ago.

Manson sounds off for teh libtards in this country, great spokesman they got there. Between Manson and Obummer how could the country go wrong?

Really? You're giving this guy press? California does reside in another world.... Who cares?


Is the Times so hard up for news that they print the incoherent gibbering of this idiot. I don,t particularly care for Obama he seems unprepared for the job( much like Bush) but what this vile, pregnant woman murdering piece of filth thinks about anything is not news worthy.

Republican Party: Manson/Palin 2012!

Good move. Mix people that may have a valid point with psychos and count them all crazy. Since when was anything Manson said relevant? Grammar mistakes in the first sentence (replace "imagining" with "imagine").

Why is this piece of human debris even allowed contact with the outside world?

I have issues with Obama and certainly hope that he is deposed in 2012, but why does this dirtbag even have the luxury of having an opinion on this subject? His only concern should be if the jello for dessert tonight is going to be peach or lime.

And you're reporting on the ravings of a lunatic because....? Wow, I had no idea LA Times was so bereft of journalistic integrity.

Manson? Who? Why are we listening to the blather of this pathetic nobody? Can't believe I wasted a minute reading this drivel.

What a WHACKO!

Why on Earth does anyone care what this piece of human excrement thinks about anything? This vile creature should have been put to DEATH 39 years ago, forwhat he and his followers did.
How is it that anyone can assume fame for doing such EVIL deeds as this, and the taxpayers be forced to warehouse, and support their lives ever after?

It's a shame on society that any news organization would even print something about this creep.

Why is LA Times publishing a mass murderers opinion?

Only in the State of California Can a convict have accsess to internet ,cable, phones and be allowed to do interviews. Hell Why have him behind bars He's free to do as he pleases there!

So.. is this supposed to pressure me into thinking that Obama isn't a front man for Wall Street because Charles Manson thinks so?

Why are we giving this murderer a voice? Come on, media, ignore and shut him away.

Absolutely riveting journalism. But you need to open it up.

Does Charles Manson think higher marginal tax rates for the rich will yield greater revenues?

Does Charles Manson think Kate is a good choice for Prince William?

If Charles Manson could have lunch with any three historical figures, would he try to kill and eat any of them?

What does Charles Manson think of Lady Gaga's refusal to let Weird Al parody one of her songs?

Why does any respectable news organization give this vile degenerate a form to voice his opinion about anything? What an indictment of a society when journalist spend more time on sensationalism and thoughts of mentally deranged killer; not to worry I am sure this will be followed with the next Charlie Sheen rant or how Lindsey stole something else.

What the hell do we care what that scum bag has to say?

Even a crazed psycho killer can see whats going on in Washington!

Somehow I think I'd like to see Charlie as a regular LA Times columnist.

This psycho murder and his comments are irrelevant.

I am hard pressed to even think that the Times would run such a story. Do we have time to get a word from the Unabomber, or maybe the Night Stalker, or better yet, how about a Tweet from Osama Bin Laden. I am sure that they all have their "takes" on Barry Sotero.

who cares what Manson thinks?

why does the los angeles times think that anyone on earth gives a flying fig what charles manson thinks about politics, obama or anything for that matter?

And just why would we care what this psychopath thinks about anything? If the Fifth Estate wants to know why the public's opinion of them keeps sinking, here's a great example.

As per Obama and wall st, even a broken clock is right twice a day the rest is pure B S!

OMG! Algore and Charles Manson on the MAN-MADE GLOBAL-WARMING HOAX wagon TOGETHER!

I knew Manson was a little off, but I didn't think he was as CRAZY as ALGORE!

Why does the media insist on these types of stories? Charles Manson is not only a self-absorbed murder, but an expert on practically nothing. Neither are the Hollywood gadflys the media insist upon questioning for their views on matters they know little or nothing about. Reporters must be desperate for copy and very lazy. There are bonified subject matter experts on most newsworthy items. Please interview them. I may actually learn something.

Why would anyone care what Manson thinks or says?

This lunatic's opinion on anything is relevant how?

I've got no use for Obammy but who cares what a psycho killer with a swastika between his thinks?

The LA Times now recognizes the opinions of Charlie Manson as a legitimate news story? Who's in charge there? Ted Bundy?

I've got no use for Obammy but who cares what a psycho killer with a swastika between his thinks?

I've got no use for Obammy but who cares what a psycho killer with a swastika between his thinks?

Why should anyone care what this madman has to say and more importantly, why is the Los Angeles Times giving him a forum to say it?

Who gives a hoot what Manson thinks and why is that news??

If we're luck the o-word will occupy a cell near Manson in the future, or if we're really luck they'll both be executed, Manson for murder and the o-word for treason.

Why is anyone even putting Manson's opinion out there?

Who cares what that monster thinks? He is truly a nutcase and the times made a major mistake in printing anything opinions he has about ANYTHING.

first comment !! go israel biznitches

Not too surprising that this deranged idiot has the same views as most Democrats

golly- why is he allowed to see television and all? The media even has him hypnotized about the global hoax...
I admit to surprise though- the dems being such evil creepy greedy selfish pigs- my first guess is that the joker WOULD have pardoned manson, just to stir things up as a diversion from more evil creepy behind the scenes stuff...

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