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Scott Brown's Senate win tied to dissatisfaction with Obama, Washington and federal activism


Under the polling category Keen Grasp of the Obvious Outside of Washington, a new coalition poll out of Massachusetts this afternoon says voters are unhappy with both Democrat President Obama's federal government activism and maybe-dying-but-don't-count-on-it healthcare legislation that has consumed so much of his attention lo these many months of double-digit unemployment.

That's why in Tuesday's special election against Obama-backer state Atty. Gen. Martha Coakley, Bay State voters opted instead for this handsome, longtime Republican nobody, Scott Brown, after decades of planting Democrat derrieres in that U.S. Senate seat.

Anyone who's talked to a neighbor or read anything online recently beyond the White House website (See related items below) knows how worried, frightened and angry many Americans are these days now that holiday bills are already arriving along with Obama campaign pleas for more money.

Many who were tired of and angry at you-know-who-from-Texas had thought that by turning the entire federal government -- Senate, White House and the other House -- over to Democrats in....

...November of 2008, the liberal crowd would get something done with its whopping majorities. More than 80% of Massachusetts voters back then felt the U.S. was off-track.

This new -- or perhaps continuing -- anger is building despite the Obama-Biden team's best efforts to talk the concerns down by vehemently nodding and saying they're really, unbelievably angry too. So?

Still, it's always helpful for the never-ending D.C. debates to have statistical confirmation that Scott Brown's arrival in the Northeast haNew Republican Senator Scott Brown on election night 1-19-10s no connection with the biblical rains arriving in the American Southwest.

In related news, a new Rasmussen Reports Poll finds 61% of Americans think it's time for Congress to get off the healthcare issue thing and delve deeper into fixing the economy.

And a new Gallup Poll finds similar numbers also support moving on.

Turns out now, the hopelessly minority Republicans in Washington may have benefited by being helplessly on the sidelines for the first quarter of the Obama administration with next November's midterm elections approaching and change to believe in on the GOP side this time.

Here's what the story is:

"The poll by The Washington Post, the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation and Harvard University's School of Public Health underscores how significantly voter anger has turned against Democrats in Washington and how dramatically the political landscape has shifted during President Obama's first year in office."

Other findings:

--63% of Massachusetts special election voters think the country is seriously off-track.

--Brown got two-thirds of them.

--Almost two-out-of-three Brown supporters intended their vote as an opposition message to Democrats in D.C.

--47% say the federal government is doing too many things better left to individuals and business.

--75% of Brown voters want him to work with both parties.

--58% of Tuesday's voters don't like what Republicans are doing either, whatever that is.

--43% of Massachusetts' Tuesday voters like the Obama-congressional healthcare bills. But 48% don't.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Photos: Associated Press; Reuters.

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The Dems CORRUPTION is what Americas are sick of, and come November they will be pointing fingers again. Hopefully Piglosi will be retired TOO!

Gee, think B.O. will get the msg? Doubt it. He thinks he is the Messiah leading us stupid little people out of the desert. What he and the Dems are really doing is moving us to the era of Big Brother, endless deficits, more taxes, less control over OUR lives. Yeah, B.O. bring it on. You are gonna be a soooo much one term president. I can't wait till you and your idiot advisors are back on the streets peddling pencils.

Hey, Congress has been controlled by Democrats since 2006, not 2008.

(Right. But there was a Republican president for two of those years.)

Andrew Malcolm did an email interview with me during our Dem primaries. I was one of the bitter, clingy, middle class who wanted Hillary.

back then we were tagged as racist rednecks I believe

as we see the middle class is not racist, it is frustrated and sick of being ignored and forcefed what the Ivy Leaguers think is good for us

we were right, Obama is out of his league and it shows

after 22 years of downticket Dem voting I sent money to Brown from here in AZ, and attended a tea party on April 15th

we are America, we support free market capitalism, we do not want government in our every day lives, people thought they were getting a moderate, HA!

now the CNNs are attacking the Independents for not towing the Obama line, lol

Obama is no Big Dawg, never was, never will be. I hope Romney.Brown run in 12 and Hillary runs in 16.

What the Americans (with any sense) are sick of is the influence by Corporate Welfare Artists and their LOBBIST on the Dems in congress and the lack of change (leadership) from the White House in managing the Democratic agenda. When the ConservaDems and the insurance companies were allowed to dictate a Health Care Bill that above all also attempts to invoke the Right's ProLife position into a Democratic Health Care solution and when Single Payor was not even considered, and when mortgages were not even considered for inclusion of a judges consideration under bankruptcy regulations and when the Stimulus was not made as strong as it NEEDED to be to create JOBS because of ConservaDems, and when JOBS became secondary to or tertiary to massive funding of a broken Wall Street, and when a Banking Reform Bill reforms nothing, and when Unemployment Extension benefits became overly restricted (as to drop actually unemployed job seeking workers from the rolls to artificially lower the rate), and when The Do-Nothing Republicans who have vowed to play politics and to not contribute to any solution were always put by the Democratic Leadership ahead of getting a bill that gets the job done for the American People, and when ... Well, you get the message. All things that would help the economy and individual voters were meaningless. Corporate Welfare First !!


What's a Democrat President? If you're going to write a piece like this, at least refrain from the schoolyard stuff and get the party name right.

Politicians dont get it. The Republicans are in trouble too. They have no spine to stand up against the American Bar Association ( aka: Democrats) They and the democrats all need replacing all are elitist rich that probably could care less about taxes, cost of gas and balancing a check book. They dont have too worry, because they have the best pensions and benefits that we and their families have given them. The middle class have been putting with most of these politicians for 30-40 years blaming each other for their failures and promising to make right if we just give them more money. This country needs to give elected officials only Social Security and Medicare as benefits and vote all encumbants out.


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