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Nearly-naked hotties for Ron Paul! Really!

(UPDATE: An update to this item appears at the end.)

Frontcover1smYou better hurry because the last batch of Ron Paul pinup calendars is going quickly. Which pleases Juliet Annerino no end because she sank a sizable chunk of her own change into printing up hundreds of these calendars to help fund the campaign of her favorite politician.

You've already missed Miss January, Lisa Kelly, a lifelong Democrat and mother of two who never dreamed she'd be posing in a slip to help a 72-year-old, 10-term Republican congressman in his hopeless run for the White House. Actually, that's her as Miss Liberty down below.

Ron Paul's Libertarian-like candidacy hasn't interested millions of Americans in recent months, in large part, his followers believe, because of a media blackout, including Fox News, barring him from a debate and several debate moderators, including Anderson Cooper and Brian Williams, limiting his questions. Still, Paul beat Rudy Giuliani in Iowa, Fred Thompson in New Hampshire, both of them in Michigan and came in second to Mitt Romney in a couple of places. He gained some attention for his successful fundraising, at $20 million the largest gathering of dough by any GOP candidate in the fourth quarter of 2007.

The money came in small but steady packets from thousands of small donors  -- disaffected Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians and, like Annerino, the once politically apathetic. Until they saw the former OB/GYN and heard his message of smaller government, less foreign involvement and strict constitutionalism.

One of the least-noticed and most interesting stories of this political season was the mobilization of thousands of these earnest folks into 1,400 meet-up groups across the country in which they concocted all kinds of imaginative and bizarre fundraising schemes to help "the good doctor." One day in December, they raised $6 million online and about $6 million more so far this quarter.

The idea of Annerino (she's second from the right under the flag above and Miss July) was to do a pinup calendar of female Ron Paul supporters and donate much of the money to the campaign. She learned Photoshop and did all the writing. Instead of describing their love of volleyball, puppies, sun-bathing al fresco and long walks on the beach, each woman has something profoundly hot to say about the Paul campaign and a favorite Paul quote.


For instance, Miss February, Krista Allee DiPaola of Detroit, wears a low-cut top and kicks up her heels while uttering the irresistible come-on: "The current challenge to our civil liberties, combined with a never-ending welfare state, will serve to weaken the constitutional framework laid by our founding fathers."

Annerino sold the calendars for $15 online here, but has a special sale price now while they last. And she'll autograph bulk orders.

"It was a lot of work," says the part-time musician, who lives in Silver Lake and saw Dr. Paul on TV last summer despite the media blackout. She read a lot about him online. She belongs to two L.A.-area Paul groups, painted signs to wave at street corners, wrote letters to Iowa voters, staged music benefits and daily scoured the Internet to leave messages of support and correct misstatements about Dr. Paul.

They also manned phone lines to answer questions about....


the Texas congressman, who faces a well-funded House primary back home on March 4 that has curbed his presidential campaigning a while. Annerino especially enjoyed the camaraderie of her fellow Paulunteers.

"We're all ages, all walks of life, " says Annerino, who's barely old enough to vote. (All right, that's a political lie.) "They're a great bunch of people. I never thought I'd get involved politically like this, but our country is in such a mess I had to do something. And Dr. Paul's message moved me."

In her July photograph, Annerino is shown, head up in a defiant, Libertarian-kind of way, lips slightly parted, wearing an ammo belt and holding a rifle. She said she was going for a Revolutionary War look, although Betsy Ross didn't sew long leather coats and short black hot pants.

Nor did she wear her blouse open all the way down to Yorktown.

-- Andrew Malcolm

Bonus calendar coverage below:

Febkristasm_2"We must all stand up and vote for the one man with real solutions to these most pressing issues, the good doctor and congressman, Ron Paul." -- Miss February.

"True patriotism is more closely linked to dissent than it is to conformity and a blind desire for safety and security." -- Rep. Ron Paul (shown above fully clothed)

(UPDATE to the UPDATE: March 1 -- Miss July informs The Ticket that she has returned to the printers for a limited resupply of these calendars. Copies are $15 plus shipping and can be reserved via e-mail at: )

(Another item on a new Ron Paul campaign music video appears here.)

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Awsome. McCain needs to follow suit, and get a PTSD Patients For McCain poster. Then, our vets can "stump" for him, to show what we have to look forward to for the next 100 years.

Good stuff Andrew.

I've gotta a story for you. The Ron Paul forums have been reporting numbers on the media blackout. Something like we have .3% of the coverage the week before Feb. 5 and half of that was minor or negative.

Also, there's a ronpaul timeline which shows coverage and if it's good, bad or neither. It's updated constantly.

Again, the real story is the numbers out of Media Matters which I'm sure someone on the ronpaulforums has. email me if you want some help finding it.

Honestly though, Michele Obama gets more coverage than Ron Paul.

Done to Ron Paul today for Presidents Day.

I believe there are more instances of the abridgement of freedom of the people by gradual and silent encroachments by those in power than by violent and sudden usurpations.
James Madison

THERE IS NO CHANGES WITH OBAMA EXCEPT THE MEDIAS HELP AT HIDING HIS RECORD OF SUPPORTING THE WAR AND BUSH. WHAT OBAMA SUPPORTERS ARE AFRAID TO REALIZE. Obamas record shows he supports the war, voted twice in 2006 against bringing America's troops back home. He voted for war appropriations giving our money to Halliburton and Blackwater. His latest bit of posturing S 433 allows the Bush Administration to suspend any troop withdrawal!!!!if not suspended, still keeps the troops in Iraq for a long time to come? Obama when faced with tough choices always gave in to pressure from the Bush administration or corporate lobbyists. Such as Obama voted for Bush's energy bill, sending more than $13 billion in subsidies and tax breaks to oil, coal, and nuclear companies. Obama voted with Republicans to allow credit card companies to raise interest rates over 30 percent, INCREASING STUDENT LOANS RATES AND FEES increasing hardship for families. Obama voted for one of Bush's top priorities - expanding Nafta to South America - even as President Bush obstructed all the top Democratic priorities. Obama voted with Bush to make it harder for ordinary people to hold big corporations accountable when they do things like sell toxic toys, poisonous pet food, or just plain rip you off. Obama was the Senate's biggest Democratic advocate of subsidies for liquid coal, even though liquid coal produces twice the global warming pollution of the crude oil it's meant to replace and voted for increased subsidies, albeit with conditions.Obama, a Hamiltonian believer in free trade and supporters of globalization has lent his support to the "Hamilton Project formed by corporate-neoliberal Citigroup chair Robert Rubin and other 'Wall Street Democrats' to counter populist rebellion against corporate tendencies within the Democratic Party. Obama provided assistance to pro-war candidates (such as Joe Lieberman). Obama voted for "business-friendly 'tort reform' bill that rolls back working peoples' ability to obtain reasonable redress and compensation...from corporations!!! Obama considers single payer universal health care too socialist and has stated that he prefers voluntary solutions. **He voted against requiring medical care for aborted fetuses who survive. Abortion opponents see Obama's vote on medical care for aborted fetuses as a refusal to protect the helpless. Some have even accused him of supporting infanticide. He supported allowing retired police officers to carry concealed weapons, but opposed allowing people to use banned handguns to defend against intruders in their homes. And the list of sensitive topics goes on. With only a slim, two-year record in the U.S. Senate, Obama doesn't have many controversial congressional votes which political opponents can frame into attack ads. But his eight years as an Illinois state senator are sprinkled with potentially explosive land mines, such as his abortion and gun control votes. recent land purchase from a political supporter who is facing charges in an unrelated kickback scheme involving investment firms seeking state business. Obama has no substance. He has provided no solutions.

"...his hopeless run for the White House..."

Why in the world can't at least 1 reporter in 10 be able to "Report" the News withOUT giving their OPINION ??

Those go in another section of the least they USED to ! !!

(It is mathematically "hopeless" for Dr. Paul to get enough votes to win the nomination. That's not an opinion. That's a fact, which is why he's now focusing himself on his own House primary. Live with it.)_

This is great, I think I may buy a few as Dr. Paul is the only cnadidate that talks about freedom and liberty, the others are not going to change anything for the better, but will further this country into tyranny, as Dr. Paul says we have soft fascism and it will only get worse with people talking about 100 more years of war..I will vote for Ron or write him in..I hope he is in the CNN debate on the 28th..everone call and e-mail make sure he gets invited..Peace to all great work Andrew you should recieve a medal for keeping your integrity..

WE LOVE YOU RON PAUL - I believe in miracles and there is going to be a miracle at the Republican convention in MN this September.

rawstory is a pathetic excuse for a news site. thats all I can say. They are moving firmly between the cheeks of the establishment.

Thanks Malcolm, You may not always say things in the nicest way about the Paul campaign, but I can't off the top of my head remember you bashing, dismissing, or being hateful towards his supporters like so many other in the blogosphere have. You are certainly helping out Mrs. Annerino in her efforts, and for that I'll give ya a thumbs-up.

Now that you have contributed to the sinking of the Ron Paul campaign, I see your viewership along with the number of comments has sunk back down to its original levels. nil.
Ron Paul did more for your silly little online commentary than anyone else has or ever will. If you keep watching the economic downturn you will realize that no presidential candidate left running after the primaries will have a plan too cut spending or educate the american people on what REALLY is happening with the economy the way Ron Paul would have.....too bad for this or not Andrew, you have failed the American people by being part of a bash machine against a man and (according to primary voting numbers 10% of republican voters) a movement of people, whose only intention was to get rid of what was overbloated and didn't work, giving back the power of this country's destiny to its people. From the looks of you, you'll be dead soon, so you won't have to worry about the aftermath the way us youngsters do....

thanks for the tip. i'm going to order two right now.

OK, It's over for the Paul campaign...but America is over as a real democracy any...granted the people, with the help of a cowardly media, don't know it. You've all got you heads up your braindead asses! Enjoy decades of socialist tyranny you pethetic traitors! America used to be great. Now it's the USSR on steriods. Paid actor fanting at Obama events. Hillary wants a commie village and McCain wants to bomb every country in site. Peace you Idiots, from a non-yet-brain-washed Paul Supporter.

Ron Paul is still in the race? Is Mike Gravel in it too? You would never know! Media black out, come on, just because they don't show these candidates on TV or in the newspaper.... I wonder if they would have a chance if every candidate had to have the same exposure. I'm sure it would be a different story! I think I'll buy a 08 calendar!

Ron Paul’s military contributions are greater than those of all other current candidates – John McCain, Mike Huckabee, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama –combined.

The “Top Contributors” figures can be found at

I love the Hotties For Ron Paul. FreedomFest 2008 - Ron Paul spoke at the conference last year and he has been invited again this year to join our 100 plus speakers and 1,000 plus attendees in Las Vegas on July 10 -12 at Freedomfest 2008. We must do what we can to get the message of liberty, a return to limited constitutional government and free markets out to the American public. See

It isn't my idea of the best way to promote Ron Paul and his ideas, but anyway that works!

Ladies, keep up the good work!

David K> Meller

What? No nude photos of Ron Paul? Once again, the mainstream media has proven their blatant bias against Ron Paul and BLAH BLAH BLAH.

Actually, thank you for this post. I recognize at least three of those women from my UFO Club.

(A good idea for the next run.)

You sure don't see that kind of support for Juan Insane McCain, do you?

(Nope, you sure don't. Nor for any of the other candidates actually. Juliet was a delight to talk with and had a clever idea.)

We are headed towards a time where all comments will be moderated, and will not appear until they've been approved.

Bwa ha ha ha !!!

You call Ron Paul's campaign hopeless.

The MSM, including this media, is hopeless.

I think we'll go underground and start avoiding boring articles like these.

(Alas, it is hopeless mathematically, which is why even Dr. Paul himself is focusing on his own House district challenger.)

"hopeless run for the White House" "(It is mathematically "hopeless" for Dr. Paul to get enough votes to win the nomination. That's not an opinion. That's a fact, which is why he's now focusing himself on his own House primary. Live with it.)" Andrew, Forgive us. We're just mad because every news report that mentioned Dr. Paul starting in February 2007 was sure to throw in a "He can't win, of course, but..." This was especially true of any otherwise favorable article. Let me tell you, it sure made a difference on the ground in New Hampshire, and I imagine it did other places too. We got a lot of push-back from people that wanted to vote for Dr. Paul but were affraid that he couldn't win. Hmmm... I wonder where they got that idea!

Andrew Malcolm, you are being misleading. While it is not possible for Ron Paul to win enough delegates in the upcoming caucuses and primaries to win the republican nomination, it IS possible for John McCain to FAIL to win enough delegates to clinch the nomination. At the point, the decision would be made at a brokered convention. For most states, national delegates are not obligated to vote for any candidate in particular, so anyone republican still in the race could win the nomination. Ron Paul may be a longshot, but his chances of winning the republican nomination IS greater than zero.

This article is EXACTLY the kind of exposure the RP campaign needed 8-12 months ago. I find it in no way negative, and the simple fact that it appears here gives hope that the MSM may allow Dr. No a little air time... and maybe, just maybe, get his message out to the masses.

Let him be the pebble that starts the avalanch, even if he doesn't win the oval office.

Thanks for the exposure, Andrew!

To those who say that is it mathematically impossible for Ron Paul to garner enough delegates:

Let me give you one FACT:

When Lincoln was elected president, he went to the party convention with less than 10 (yes TEN) percent of the delegates supporting him.

Yet he won. He was the nominee, He was later elected president.

You must understand the process, it is not as simple as the MSM wants you to believe, counting delegates here and there. Some are uncommitted, some are committed for 1, 2, 3 rounds, some are committed to one candidate by party rules but could vote for another (just research penalties for not toeing the party line)

Look at the other contenders: Huckabee (a clueless clown) and McCain (an old man in bad health, affected by psychological issues like severe PTSD). You sincerely believe this is already over ?

It is not over until it's over. Ron Paul said it himself in his recent video update, he and us, all Ron Paul supporters, will fight to the finish.

Everything, repeat, everything is still possible.

Hey Andrew,

Nice article, I never look at pictures of women even if it were playboy I only read it because of the articles.

This calender would be nice and a good sight better than outlook express and all its bells and whistles.

I believe only McCain still has a mathematical chance but he will need more than just 1191 delegates he will need 1191 committed delegates. He still has to win and the delegates still have to vote for him.

Think about this, why does the supposed winner need endorsements to show how conservative he is ?

I hope there is a little more left in this race and frankly I have started enjoying reading your take. I don't always like it but at least it is reasonable and what's more impressive is the fact that you read the comments to you article and you seem to read all of them.

Oh yea, I am one of those who still scourers the net for Ron Paul article of which there are a surprising amount and a surprising amount of people that state they like his views. I was surprised when Geraldo (you know you 're famous when you get recognized by just your one name.. akk Bond, Rambo, Gilligan, Ronaldo, Pele, Malcom (in the Middle) etc) told Ron Paul that his son was a big supporter of Ron Paul.

(I do read all the comments, except this one. :) Just kidding. I find Dr. Paul's story and especially the story of his fervent followers to be one of the more interesting of this election season. Thanks for reading here.)

" This article is EXACTLY the kind of exposure the RP campaign needed 8-12 months ago. I find it in no way negative, and the simple fact that it appears here gives hope that the MSM may allow Dr. No a little air time... and maybe, just maybe, get his message out to the masses. " - TexasChris

Don't get too excited, TexasChris. It's just a blog. LA Times don't allow Dr Paul into the REAL section of the newspaper. This is like the kiddie's pool. (No offence, Andrew. You are a decent journalist. It's just that your forum is limited.) They would never allow Dr Paul's message to get out in the real mainstream, or to go offline in hardcopy distribution.

And Andrew: " his hopeless run for the White House." does not imply "currently, apparently mathematically-hopless run for the White House". What you have written implies it was ALWAYS hopeless.

And Dr Paul has scaled back his campaign for two reasons:
(1) He had scaled up to be able to campaign in 24 states simultaneously, for Super Tuesday. With the remaining schedule of primaries, that is clearly no longer necessary. He can have fewer staff, and roll them from state to state, whilst still campaigning in several at once.
(2) The primary in his own district, that you mentioned, is taking some of his attention, but it will be over on March 4, and it will be full-on for teh rest of the states thereafter.

(Hate to tell you this, but the thousands who come here every day and have our archives back to June to peruse far outnumber the number of people who might read any single political newspaper in its short 20 hours of life before it goes under the kitty litter pan or into the birdcage. You gotta catch up with the times.)

The people are right about the chance not being zero. The media's mathematical estimates are based on assumptions that aren't neccessarily true. The only votes that actually matter are at the convention. It's a long shot, admittedly, but not impossible.
Also, we are running 50+ candidates on the same platform. In Maryland three of our guys secured their party nomination. Here in New Jersey, we have a candidate running for senate, Murray Sabrin. And we've definetly had an impact on the political dialogue. Just look at the new "populist" appeals of the candidates.
I think we have been very successful. Also, we don't tend to lose supporters, only gain them. This political movement will not end with this presidential run.

(Not talking about the political movement, which may well go on and we'll cover it. Talking about the number of delegate left available for Dr. Paul to get.)


Nader Gravel & Paul Kucinich

Awake from your slumber
4 Wise Men march with the people
Washington DC

Honesty compassion intelligence guts
Not carrots sticks coercive diplomacy

Divided we fall
Mike Gravel
Dennis Kucinich
Ron Paul
Ralph Nader
No bribery blackmail extortion

Rage against the machine
Democracy rising democracy now
Suffer not

Andy my boy, Well just got back from Mt. Baker It was my oldest daughters twelveth Birthday, We snowboard on her birthday since she was five, It was great rollin up fivefourtwo on a blue bird day, a Great blues band rippin at the lodge, Smiles all around, My daughter's car game is count RonPaul signs, she has the eye's of a hawk, two I called her on them and turned around to lose again, ahh well we counted Sixty three signs up threw Whatcom County and the Great City of B-HAM So when we vote up here tomorrow I think we will smile, have a good one Andy. RonPaul, The Only MAN worthy of being President of this Great Nation!

Great article Andrew! It was worth the wait.

I've seen the Hotties for Ron Paul Calendar before and thought about how clever of an idea it is. But with all of the media bias I never thought that this story would actually appear in a major Newspaper.

But alas, along comes the Lone Ranger (Andrew Malcolm) to give credit where credit is due.

I mean take a couple of steps back and look at this. This is just one of who knows how many endless stories of a movement taking place in our country. No I'm not talking about the "Barack Movement" ( which is basically a huge media production) I mean a true good old fashioned 60's style movement. Wow.

And you're right Andrew, the story behind Ron Paul and his supporters is a truly rare and fascinating thing.
Mr. Smith goes to Washington.

I feel really good about all of this. Regardless of the outcome. It is inspirational to see people like Annerino (and many others, including yours truly) standing up for something.

It's always easy to cheer for the winning team. To cheer for Obama, Hillary, McCain who recieve all of these honors and pats on the backs and endless hours of free press. But to break away from the pack. To make up your own mind and stand up for something that you believe in, something that's even scorned by most, well that is a revolution.

And now, Andrew, you're a part of it. Like it or not.

So go back to your desk, sit down, pin up your monthly Hotties For Ron Paul Calendar ( I know she gave you one) and have some green tea.
It builds strong bones.

I'm talking about the tea.

Gee, I hope you like your new boss. Now that the old media is losing relevance and advertising revenue, will they keep you on? Do you get extra points for higher traffic on your blog when you mention Ron Paul? I hope so. Please keep digging for stories like this -- they make you look good.

(We sure do like him, John. And he likes us so much he threw a little party last week when we moved into the world's Top 1,000 blogs. Really appreciate so many thousands of readers now making The Ticket a regular stop each day.)

Andrew saw you on CSPAN yesterday. You are one big wind bag that never shuts up. You come across as pretty stupid or deceiving neocon, but thanks for being one of the very few that had the balls to write about Ron Paul and his followers.

(Alas, I fear you need glasses, Joe. I wasn't on C-SPAN yesterday. But glad you came here to read our stuff. Thanks.)

Wow! What a fantastic article you wrote about the Ron Paul rEVOLutionary movement and my little calendar project!

Thank you, Andrew. I'm also really enjoying reading the comments here from people and your responses. some are quite funny! Very impressive I have got to say, that you read all these comments.

I hope that whoever your "boss" is, he or she is thinking that you wrote a very informative and clever article about an amazing and newsworthy movement.

The Revolution lives on no matter what happens with the election, good people! Here is a wonderful quote taken mercilessly out of context from Henry Miller's "Tropic of Cancer": The wheel is falling apart, but the revolution is intact...

For Peace, Love & Freedom,
Juliet Annerino

ps: Looks like I will sell our last calendar today ~

(Well, that's good news indeed, Juliet. I know how hard you worked on this project and how much of your own money you risked to make it a success. Congratulations to you and the other women involved. And thanks for being a regular reader.)

I will vote for Dr., Paul - even if I have to write him in as protest. ..I was so disgusted by the choices offerred in the last election, that I opted out for the first time since I was legally eligible to vote! I am tired of choosing between "a rock and a hard place"...should I vote for "the devil, or the deep blue sea"? Well if the msm is going to force me to choose between puppets and straw men - then I choose neither, so that at least I will not be to blame for taking this country from freedom to facism. Ron Paul cannot be bought, so is it any wonder that everyone is AFRAID to speak his name? It isn't over, till it's over, and since Paul 's message is continually gaining ground despite the media blackout (props to the Independent Film Channel for the Ron Paul feature!) while the other candidates lose credibility daily - I wouldn't count him out just yet...Most of the folks on the street who ask me about Ron Paul (because of the button I wear) haven't even been watching the election coverage, or made up their mind yet. The VEP is fed up, and we're not going to take it anymore!

Thanks for using the term "media-blackout" instead of "media-conspiracy".

"What made me come out and tell the truth?"

Originally I was a Ron Paul the 1980's I remember walking past the war wagon that was parked behind the Foodland on South Lamar in Austin, Texas.

But my friend who I had been working with for some time...were all anti-racists...and THEY suddenly all became anti-Paul's about 6 months ago...I asked why and was told he had written some racist newsletters in the past...I was never shown the newsletters...only told that they would soon be released publicly.

After six months of working with my "friends" against Ron Paul...I was apauled that the newsletters were released JUST before the first primary...obviously the entire thing had be orchastrated.

I began investigating further...and found out that the Anti-Racists were recieving their directions from Daryle Lamont Jenkins of that he and Bill White, Comander of the National Socialists movement, had been working together with the reporter who released the newsletters and that THEY had in fact supplied the newsletters!

Bill a Federal agent.

Media blackout?

Puh-lease... nobody coveres him cuz he couldn't make an impact if someone threw him out of a plane at 30,000 feet.

He's a kook! Bring back the gold standard? Dude, Adlai Stevenson called, he wants his platform back.

Thanks for the nice article about Ron Paul, Malcolm!

Maybe this line wasn't so bad
"...his hopeless run for the White House..."
Good way to trick the Constitution Bashers into reading the article.

Thank You to Hotties for Ron Paul!
I'm willing to volunteer for a "Granny's for Ron Paul

If Bush has the support of 30% of the American people, Then WHO are these people voting for McCain? Even the MSM admits that McCain is Bush reincarnated. Do these voters really want 4 more years?? Do the Huckabee voters know he's going to keep us in the war until we WIN? At least McCain's going to let us come home after 100 years. Do Clinton & Obama voters remember how they jumped on the "Nobody move, Nobody get hurt" train in Congress?

If you take 10 percent from each party GOP,Dems,Libs,Independents
That's 40 Percent overall! Not great math, just some really wishful thinking.
We've got to keep trying guys. I know if the TRUTH ever come out, there really are enough supporters to write in who WE want leading our country.

There's gotta be enough of us who support the Constitution to win. Have you heard his son speak? WoW. He's good and just as sincere has his Dad. How about Rand Paul for Vice President? I believe Rand is an eye surgeon. That family works in a lot of ways to improve our vision!

Throw McCain Overboard! (

In St. PAUL the national delegates will be faced with a hard choice: do we allow John McCain to be nominated and thereby commit Party suicide? or do we violate the rules and put together a winning Paul/Romney ticket?

The Republican Party is not a government with inviolable laws. It is a private organization with some "rules". One commentator, when reflecting on the Democratic rules allowing only half the number of delegates for states setting their primaries "too early," observed that in a deadlocked convention those rules would likely be subject to suspension. Likewise the rule that "requires" "committed" delegates to vote, at least on the first ballot, for a certain candidate who "won" them, is just as subject to being ignored if it becomes obvious that following that rule to the letter would set up the party not only for certain defeat in the General election, but in all likelihood for permanent extinction.

Paul being on the ticket is what will guarantee a win by bringing along his millions of supporters who would otherwise write his name in. And he must occupy the presidential spot in order to be a credible incentive for bringing in Democrat crossovers with his anti-war record and position that far outshines Hillary and Obama.

Romney, though Paul's opposite on foreign policy, is at least pointed in the right direction on domestic issues, and would bring a lot of his own anti-McCain supporters. Both have their own strengths as debaters, and could easily wipe the floor with Obama and Hillary respectively.

The guy that said Ron Paul is a kook, obviously brain dead or been paid to say such a bashing remark against the only decent , dedicated, sincere , courageous, and not bought and paid for and controlled candidate, as are for sure the others . Do your homework and discover the truth about the other candidates. It's all a big scam as always. But it isn't over til it's over, we need to keep getting the word out, keep the revolution alive, take our power back, your's doomsville for all if we dont take a stand and force the change.

Why are Ronulans incapable of constructing proper sentences? Why do they have so much trouble with spelling?

You seem to think that Ron Paul's supporters believe that Ron's ideas have not caught on because of what amounts to a media blackout. While the poor and infrequent media coverage certainly does not help, I think most of us believe that the American public has simply lost faith in liberty and prefers to be coddled by government. It is almost embarrassing to be an American these days. Personal responsibility and rugged individualism are, apparently, out of fashion, replaced by government dependency.

The budgetary realities of the next several decades are unpleasant, to say the least. Ron Paul's supporters are willing to try to take on the challenge and change course while we still can. The majority of voters, on the other hand, prefer to remain in extreme denial about our nation's problems, foreign and domestic. Don't take my word for it. If the GAO reports don't convince you, time will.

I just sent a letter to the Seattle Times scolding them for a front page article about Tuesday's Republican primary which did not even acknowledge the existence of Ron Paul despite his strong third place showing in the Washington state caucuses on February 9th and his continued presence in the presidential race. Ron Paul got 21.48% of the pledged delegates, yet no mention in the article. Not one word. Is that good journalism? Not in my opinion. But it is typical.

I don't see how anyone who looks at the data subjectively can honestly say that Ron Paul got fair treatment from the media based on his relative grassroots, financial and electoral support.

By contrast, the media will not shut up about Ralph Nader whenever he runs for president -- and he never had the kind of support that Ron Paul has.


If you r consintrating on speling, then you ar mising the mesage. look deeper thin wht is on the serface and maybe you wood be able to understnd the peple who ar writing them.

Andrew, by now you were probably expecting some absurd observation about how we appreciate this coverage.
Perhaps this is better described as un-coverage?

Congratulations on being a top 1,000 blog, sirs. I have become a regular reader since December, thanks to the Paul coverage. Finally, writers who know a good story when they see one!

(You're right about that. Thanks for reading and returning and taking the time to leave a comment.)

Andrew, thanks for being an honest journalist. It's not the kind of conduct that gets one promoted in today's establishment "journalism". I image you don't quite fit the politically correct mold that management desires, and that's how you landed the lucrative assignment of covering the Ron Paul campaign. But it's turning out be kind of fun, isn't it?

A degree in Journalism got me started on a professional career in mass communications many years ago, and I've been apalled by the intelluctual dishonesty of the mainstream news media.



I cannot thank you enough for writing this piece, and for doing it so cleverly. Juliet worked hard on the Hotties Calendar project and I am so proud to have been a small part of it. Sorry I missed you when I was in LA! Maybe next time?

(It was a fun project to write about. I know how deeply you guys felt about it. Congratulations. I understood almost all the calendars are gone by now.)

Unfortunately, its not just the Hottes for Ron Paul.

He is the icon of adoring "troofers", anti-semites, neo-nazis, aryan brotherhoods, to name but a few.

If your starting point is self induced hysteria and delusional episodes, you aren't Presidential timbre. One can infer that may be the case with the good doctor, because the terms can be so accurately applied to the mewling Paulbots, who will hereafter inundate this blog with their yammering support of Der Fuhrer.

Racist Ron is still in the race!!?!

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A veteran foreign and national correspondent, Andrew Malcolm has served on the L.A. Times Editorial Board and was a Pulitzer finalist in 2004. He is the author of 10 nonfiction books and father of four. Read more.
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