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New Ron Paul music video sure to ignite The Revolution

February 29, 2008 |  4:17 pm

(Note to Reader: A Ticket update on the previous "Nearly-naked Hotties 4 Ron Paul" pin-up calendar item appears at the end of this item.)

Better late than never.

As several loyal Ticket readers have thoughtfully tipped us, Rep. Ron Paul now has his very own campaign music video, albeit an "unofficial" one assembled by equally loyal supporters and released just the other day in time for Tuesday's primaries in Texas, Ohio and two lesser states somewhere in the East.

Ron Paul Republican Party candidate for president from Texas

The new video involves a woman by the name of Aimee Allen waking up in what appears to be a radio studio. It's a symbolic scene -- get it?

Like the country waking up to the impending Ron Paul Revolution, which would involve electing the 72-year-old former ob-gyn and current Republican as commander-in-chief in the White House, radically downsizing the federal government, bringing our troops home, restoring the Constitution and abolishing several government institutions that infringe on individual rights. (That explains the handcuffs and a shadowy figure duct-taping Allen's mouth a couple of times.)

Covering all that in a 3:37 music video is quite an accomplishment. But nothing is beyond the reach of Paul supporters, who've made him the most successful GOP fundraiser in recent months, although he hasn't won any primary elections.

Instead of brushing her teeth, the first thing the newly-wakened performer does is start to sing. And there are many opportunities for sharp film cuts to her militantly marching, leaning into the camera, raising her fist, jumping up and down and the usual physical antics required to keep the current generation watching. Oh, and a couple of nearly-naked female chests.

There's a quick speech quote of Dr. Paul's, the 72-year-old libertarian-like Texas congressman who's also facing a party primary challenge in his home House district next Tuesday.

It's a rhythmic song involving phrases like "start a revolution," "break down illegal institutions," "never gonna give up the fight," "save our constitutional rights" and "boo yah."

And to our knowledge this Paul anthem is the first campaign music video's lyrics of the 07-08 political season to mention the IRS, the Patriot Act and the much-despised Federal Reserve.

Ms. Allen's prominent tattoos also add a nice, threatening biker touch to the music's theme. And we bet by the time you've watched the video 25 or 30 times, you'll have the words down perfectly.

You'll then feel an irresistible urge to join The Revolution. But, first, click on the Read More line just below here.

--Andrew Malcolm

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(UPDATE: Some loyal Ticket readers may remember a recent story we published about the 2008 Hotties 4 Ron Paul Pin-Up calendar. As a result of the item, its publisher, Juliet Annerino, a Ron Paul supporter (and Miss July), sold her remaining copies. However, she has gone back to the printer's for a limited resupply at $15 plus shipping, which can be reserved via e-mail at:

To refresh your memory and see some photos, click here.