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Oklahoma man's attempt to break his poodle out of the pound lands him in jail

HYDRO, Okla. — An elderly Oklahoma man landed himself in jail after using bolt cutters to break his prized pooch out of the pound.

Instead of paying a $100 fine for not having his poodle on a leash, 73-year-old Edwin Fry of Hydro decided to bust Buddy Tough out. Authorities say Fry drove his lawnmower to the city pound Oct. 13 and broke into the cage with bolt cutters. The pair were intercepted by police.

Officer Chris Chancellor told The Oklahoman newspaper that police had received numerous complaints about Buddy Tough, who had been in the pound before. He says Fry had been told he could retrieve the dog and sort out the fine in court.

Fry spent several days in jail and faces a municipal charge of allowing an animal to run at large. Buddy Tough was euthanized while Fry was in jail.

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-- Associated Press

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Funny, until you find out they killed the dog. Could someone please find out why they chose to kill the dog?

This is the story, time and time again animals pay for our stupidity with their lives. Why are we always so quick to make that cruel and irrevocable decision to kill animals?

And can someone please explain why it was neccessary to punish the dog so severly? Was the dog a danger to society? Was he old, infirm, or in pain? It always amazes me that pets often pay the price for the mistakes of their care givers.

WHY was the dog killed? He played no actual role in the "jailbreak".

It's unconscionable that he may have been killed because no one claimed him after 3 days, but they certainly knew where his owner was and why he wasn't being picked up!

It sounds almost like they wanted to punish the older man personally.

Now this really shows how screwed up america is. When you will kill the dog of a 73 year old man..what are you gona do next to him push him down a flight of stairs..i would,nt be a bit susprised that when he get released he will be on the new,s again this time for a shooting spree...

This story makes me angry. I watched a follow up story of this on an Oklahoma City news station which made my blood boil. They discovered the way they euthanized the dog was by putting it in a box and attaching a hose from the exhaust pipe of a patrol car. Barbaric!

The Police killed the dog themselves by placing it in a cardboard box and hooking up the tailpipe of a Police car.


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