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Russian diver attempts to teach his dachshund to scuba dive

July 6, 2010 |  1:55 pm

We love hanging out with our dogs -- don't get us wrong. But we draw the line, whenever possible at least, at bringing them along on excursions we suspect would make them uncomfortable or anxious.

One pastime we can never imagine making our own mutts participate in: scuba diving. They aren't the biggest fans of water to begin with, but even the most water-friendly Labrador would take issue with having a mask placed over his face and submerged, we suspect.

Dog owner Sergei Gorbunov of Vladivostok, Russia, doesn't seem to share our qualms, however. The professional diver has equipped his dachshund, Boniface, with a wetsuit and helmet designed to allow him to breathe underwater, and he's trying to convince the little guy that diving is really a great idea.

Gorbunov doesn't seem to be hurting Boniface at all -- but the whines the dog can be heard emitting underwater are enough to convince us that he'd really rather be on dry land. Gorbunov seems to think otherwise, however. "Underwater, I don't think he experiences any stress," he told the Associated Press.

Couldn't little Boniface just try surfing, instead?

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-- Lindsay Barnett

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