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Mobile Green Beer Finder does what it promises

March 17, 2009 |  8:30 am
Green beer
Green beer. Credit: Eustaquio Santimano via Flickr

St. Patrick's Day is a time for quiet observation and sober reflecting.

Ha! Sober. That's a good one. To help celebrate the alcoholiday, Waterfall Mobile developed the Mobile Green Beer Finder. Its function is exactly what its name suggests.

Once you text message the phrase "greenbeer" to MSGME (67463), the application will prompt you to enter your city and nearest neighborhood. It will then provide you with a list of the nearest bars serving green beer on this St. Patty's Day, along with the bars' addresses and phone numbers.

Waterfall Mobile slapped together the Beer Finder software in a matter of hours based on technology it developed earlier. The team then polled Irish pubs in four cities -- L.A., San Francisco, New York and Boston -- to compile a list of 30 bars that are serving green beer today.

A Waterfall Mobile spokesman said the technology could be extended to determine location based on a cellphone's GPS or by guessing using the phone number's area code.

"This is a very simple use of the technology," said Mike Hope, a Waterfall Mobile spokesman.

"The Green Beer Finder is us having some fun with our own technology," Matt Silk, senior vice president at Waterfall Mobile, wrote in an e-mail. "We wanted to demonstrate the ways we can use mobile -- and green beer -- to make our lives better."

Or worse, depending on how much you drink.

If you put the Beer Finder program to good use, you may want to check out the last item on this list of eight St. Patrick's Day apps: a bathroom finder.

-- Mark Milian