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Appiphilia: Eight iPhone apps for St. Patrick's Day

March 16, 2009 |  1:59 pm


St. Patrick's Day-related and inspired apps have been sprouting up like clover in the App Store. In fact, some have been plucked out and highlighted there.

We found a few other standouts. Here's your list of a lucky seven.

Irish iRISH (99 cents)

What it is: Instead of wearing a blinking "Kiss Me, I'm Irish" button, you can flash this interactive version on your phone. The instructions say that three kisses on the screen bring a special treat.

What sizzles: Simple to use, which is just fine considering the user's dexterity may wane long before the festivities do.

What fizzles: Tapping the screen is just fine. I'm not putting my lips -- or anyone else's -- on that grubby screen.

Bottom line: Cute, simple St. Patrick's Day fun.

Earthcam St. Patrick's Day Live (99 cents)

What it is: Live webcams give a voyeuristic peek at St. Paddy's Day partying in several bars and party spots. You can save snapshots from the scene or e-mail a particular webcam's link to friends.

What sizzles: It's kind of cool to see what's happening in other cities in a mostly live (albeit slightly stuttering) way. And for the sake of context for those of us who just need to know, it includes info on the weather and local time. It rotates through various scenes but also lets you pause on one location.

What fizzles: Key West, New Orleans, Nashville, South Padre, Glasgow City, Boston. Um, where's Chicago? We want to see that green river!

Bottom line: Something to check out until your party gets hopping.

More app reviews after the jump.

Mzlkcwywjbt Paddy Speak (99 cents)

What it is: Complete with his own pot of gold, your own personal Buddha-like leprechaun.

What sizzles: You pick a phrase and tap his belly to make him speak. With a familiar brogue, he chirps out things such as, "Are ya dancin', love, or are ya strugglin' to stand up?" and some occasionally indecipherable sayings.

What fizzles: OK, I'm not really sure, but it looks as if our little leprechaun is in nothing but a hat and shamrock. We really prefer them in green velvet jackets and knickers, frilly white shirts and black shoes with gold buckles.

Bottom line: Funny for a wee bit. It could become either increasingly hysterical or remarkably annoying, depending on how much or how little you have had to drink.

Ireland Ireland Travel Guide (99 cents)

Photo_2 What it is: You can buff up on some details about the Emerald Isle.

What sizzles: While sipping your green beverages, you can plan out a trip including places to stay on a budget, with a visit to Blarney Castle and the Cliffs of Moher, and figure out what the alphabet soup of roadways means. There is a breakdown for cities from Cork to Wexford. 

What fizzles: It's not as visually intriguing as it could be. What seems to be missing is clickable photos of this stunning country. 

Bottom line: A nice starting point for cooking up a dream trip.

Irishforaday Irish for a Day (99 cents)

What it is: A pocket guide to making favorite Irish dishes, drinks and toasts.

What sizzles: You can stir up some fun with corned beef and cabbage, dumplings and bagpipers melody (that's a drink). The recipes for food and drink (adult and family-friendly) are in easy-to-follow detail. It also tells you how the tradition of dyeing the Chicago River green started and where the first St. Patrick's Day parade took place in 1762.

Plus you get some ideas for slainte, or toasting, such as: As you slide down the banisters of life, may the splinters never point the wrong way.

What fizzles: Not much really.

Bottom line: A good bit of Irish flavor and luck for a buck.

Drinkup Drink Up (99 cents)

What it is: A pass-the-phone drinking game. Works better with more than one drinker.

What sizzles: It has moderately annoying electronic organ music that you just can't help bopping your head to. It tests your dexterity; just do what the dancing shamrock says.

What fizzles: You are encouraged to hand your fairly sophisticated piece of technology to your drinking buddies. How much do you trust them -- especially when they're drinking?

Bottom line: For me, it's more of a trust exercise than a drinking game.

Ishots iShots (99 cents)

What it is: Shot list.

What sizzles: Use the accelerometer to shake up a new shot to try. The stiff drinks show up with recipes and cute coasters. My fav was the three Irishmen, with "Larry" (Liam Neeson), "Moe" (Bono) and "Curly" (Colin Ferguson).

What fizzles: Again, it's iPUI -- iPhonics under the influence. That can be dicey.

Bottom line: You'll probably be too busy playing drinking games with your phone to ponder drunk dialing that ex. Whew.

So here's a little bonus. After drinking green beer and maybe a few Shamrock shakes, you might need a quick reprieve.

Have2p Have2P (free)

What it is: Think of it as GPS for the WC -- the potty.

What sizzles: Well, as crazy as it might sound, this app actually does have a purpose. It lists which establishments have bathrooms and whether they are for patrons only. You can rate the facilities and add comments.

What fizzles: Ideally, the listings would have some ratings. So far the two cities I tried had bathrooms but no ratings.

Bottom line: Nearly a little pot o' gold, but not yet flush with details.

Have a safe St. Patrick's Day.

-- Michelle Maltais

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