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2011 Kids' Choice Awards: 5 things we learned

Slime oozed. Armpits farted. And Jack Black hosted. The 24th annual Kids' Choice Awards show was held Saturday night in Los Angeles. It was a kiddie affair that provided lots to mull over (when we weren't shielding our ears from the monsoon of screams). Here's a snapshot:

1) An appearance by Johnny Depp is a huge get for any awards show, sure. And he definitely generated a few shrieks when the scraggly looking actor, who seems to be a regular at the event, accepted the first award of the night for favorite movie actor. But his reception was lukewarm compared with the eardrum-piercing screams that the mostly young crowd unleashed at the mere mention of Big Time Rush. So you can imagine the power of that screaming when the foursome actually performed. Loud. Very, very loud. Who knew a bunch of clean-shaven dudes had more mojo than Mr. Depp? Kids these days.

2) Related to No. 1: We are so darn impressed with the universality of rapper Snoop Dogg. He, of course, is featured in Big Time Rush's song "Boyfriend" and appeared during their performance (he also has appeared on the hit Nickelodeon show). We couldn't help but be in awe as Snoop stood placidly rapping because all we could think about was what was to come from his collaboration with Charlie Sheen, who just happened to kick off his one-man show Saturday night in Detroit. Judging from the reception, Charlie would have benefited from having the Nick stars open for him.

3) The Oscar-hosting brouhaha involving James Franco might have been a moot point had he and actress Anne Hathaway taken the Jack Black approach. Black opened the event by dancing to Black Eyed Peas "I've Got a Feeling" in a flame-patterned jumpsuit. OK. Maybe that would have made things worse for Franco.

4) There are few things more cringe-worthy than someone constantly reminding their Facebook friends about their impending birthday, but here is one of them: Eddie Murphy, whose birthday is Sunday, encouraged thousands of people to sing the birthday song to him. What’s worse? He was the one leading them in the tune. Awkward.

5) We also discovered that (occasional) “Gossip Girl” actress Taylor Momsen is capable of wearing a semi-child-friendly outfit!


Arrival photos from the Kids' Choice Awards

Scenes from the 2011 Kids' Choice Awards

-- Yvonne Villarreal


Photo: Jack Black "performing" with Black Eyed Peas. Credit: Reuters

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Luv the Jack Black the Black eye peas they did such a good job on the Kids Choice Awards i expecially love Will.i.am I think he is so awsome He is great i love the way his voice sounds it sexy on him.Lol


One thing I learned about reading the LA Times, the writers love to put down Johnny Depp any chance they get.

The Kids' Choice Awards ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't what for next years Kids' Choice Awards and i hope next years will be beter then last years. Kids' Choice Awards

ps you rock JACK BLAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The idea of Big Time Rush getting a louder reception than Johnny Depp saddens me. Honestly. I've never even listened to Big Time Rush. I've only heard snippets of them in commercials between segments of shows I watch online and because my sister watches Nickelodeon. To me, they sound like a recycled, commercialized, auto-tuned boy band with the sole purpose of acting as a revenue machine for the Nickelodeon network. Bands that are born out of TV shows annoy me. It's cheap talent to me. There's nothing special about Big Time Rush from what I can tell. But I'm a 19-year old college student, so what do I know when put up against a bunch of squealing tween girls? -_- As far as I'm concerned, Johnny Depp is still king, and probably always will be. I feel sorry for all the silly little tweens who are too busy drooling over their BTR posters to recognize true talent. Okay, maybe I'm sounding a bit harsh, but Nickelodeon has kinda gone to crap since I was a kid. I'm a part of the "Hey, Arnold!"/"As Told By Ginger"/"Rugrats" generation. Now Nickelodeon is a bunch of fluffy, cheesily written nonsense with a laugh track to boot.

I'm gonna go watch "Pirates of the Caribbean" now.

Wow its great to see Jack Black host the awards, i think he would be the perfect person very funny and always good working with kids and Jonny Depp making an apppearance is amazing! Thanks for this post loved it!


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