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Kids' Choice Awards: wants to do a 'sci-fi, fantasy musical' movie [Video]

April 2, 2011 |  8:52 pm, the lead singer in the Black Eyed Peas, has earned a reputation for his outlandish get-ups. At the Kids' Choice Awards on Saturday, the artist sported a pair of a electric orange sunglasses that he said allowed him to observe any action occurring behind him.

Kids Choice Awards The Black Eyed Peas gave the opening performance on the Nickelodeon show this year -- but the frontman seemed more excited about his upcoming voice role in the animated film "Rio."

"I want to do more movies. I want to write films. I want to do a musical. In the vein of fantasy. Fantasy musical. I haven't seen that yet," he said, getting increasingly excited at the thought. "Like a sci-fi, fantasy musical. If you were to take 'Harry Potter,' 'Tron,' and 'The Wizard of Oz' -- but today."

Any plans to actually make that happen, we asked?

"Just thought about it right now," he smiled.


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--Amy Kaufman