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'The Bachelor' recap: Who went home with the final rose?

122552_0712_pre After 38 long years, Brad Womack has finally found himself a woman. Unlike his first time around as "The Bachelor," Brad didn't disappoint us this season, settling upon Emily as his final pick. It needs to be said: called it.

My friends and I were so excited about tonight's "Bachelor" ending that I decided to do a play-by-play of the all-important season finale as it happened. Relive the glorious three hours that unfolded Monday night with me:

8:05 PM: Woohoo, we're past the boring recap intro. And Brad has to walk away because he's crying so much when he sees his family? He's real? He's not made of stone? So nice to see him finally show a little bit of emotion.

8:06 PM: Too bad Brad's hunky brother, Chad, is married. He would otherwise have excellent "Bachelor" potential.

8:07 PM: Brad tells his family he's "100%" ready to propose to one of the women. I wish I'd watched his first season to see how this stacks up. Did he tell his family then that he was ready to choose someone, even knowing he ultimately would reject both contestants?

8:11 PM: Chantal shows up: interesting choice of outfit. And it only gets worse in the back. No matter, as Chad is providing welcome eye candy directly to her left.

8:15 PM: Mom pulls out the million-dollar question while grilling Chantal: "How can you fall in love so fast?" Chantal says she's been picky in the past, but Brad is exactly what she's been looking for. Of course he is. Still, Mama Womack seems to be buying it. Chantal seems like she'll get along better with Brad's family than Emily, because she's so much less shy.

8:23 PM: Emily, not surprisingly, makes a much more appropriate outfit choice, and also brings flowers as a gift for Brad's family. Smart move.

8:24 PM: He's much more affectionate with Emily right away. But he gets so awkward when it comes to explaining that Emily's fiance is dead. She starts telling his family what happened to Ricky in an intense level of detail -- "it was a Sunday and it was raining" -- and some of the family members are quickly moved to tears.

8:27 PM: Brad's...other brother, Wes, has a kid and is worried about Brad becoming a dad. (So are we, by the way.) Ultimately, Wes decides Brad is ready to be a "full-blown father." OK, if you say so.

8:31 PM: Brad's mom starts crying when she recalls that Emily called Brad "her angel." Oh, man. I think she's got their vote. Or do they just feel bad for her and her tragic past?

8:38 PM: Brad begins to debrief with his family. His brother's spouses say they relate to Emily because she's already in "their world" as a mother. The whole gang generally seems to think she's the right one for him -- and is he really going to ignore all of their advice?

8:45 PM: Chantal shows up for her date, again, inappropriately dressed. For their last date, she and Brad are going swimming with sharks. Why do the producers always have to make everything a challenge? Can't they at least let Brad and Chantal enjoy their final date together instead of continuing to test her?

8:49 PM: Yeah, Chantal is the woman for doing this. I would never get in that cage.

8:56 PM: Chantal gives Brad a message in a bottle. What dude would really want that? Or a memory book? These girls always whip out such cheesy gifts at the end of the season. There's a sensitive note inside that Brad reads aloud. It doesn't make him cry, but Chantal gets weepy.

9:06 PM: Kind of love that Brad calls Emily "Em." (Chantal's nickname, "Chan," just doesn't work.)

9:07 PM: Emily shows up for her date and quickly brings down the mood by reminding Brad that if chooses her, he'll no longer be single-guy "Uncle Brad." He's noticeably rattled thinking about that very real possibility, and seems to back off for a moment.

9:13 PM: During the evening portion of their date, Brad says he's ready to be a father to "little Ricki." Emily challenges him, asking what he thinks it means to be a father. His response? Being a friend and disciplinarian when it's necessary. He says he doesn't like being grilled. I mean, come on, dude. Answer a question you maybe weren't prepared for.

9:16 PM: Emily worries Brad is getting mad, and he admits he is. Although I'm absolutely baffled as to why. She isn't allowed to question you before she uh, accepts your proposal and allows you to become the father to her child after one night with Ricki Tick?

9:18 PM: He awkwardly leaves the room to go get some water and Emily worries she ruined her chances. Of course, she blames herself instead of Brad's inability to handle any challenge that comes his way.

9:27 PM: Neil Lane! Love that guy. Of course, Brad takes the opportunity to use Neil as his therapist, telling him about how strongly he feels for his pick.

9:32 PM: Thoughts on the dress selections: Chantal -- really close, but that shoulder boa just kills it. Emily looks like a perfect, real-life Barbie with far too much blush on.

9:39 PM: Chantal walks out of the car first! I knew it! She's a goner!

9:40 PM: Brad has a somber tone to his voice. He tells Chantal he just has stronger feelings for someone else. She seems so upset! This is tragic. She looks so "Black Swan" in her dress. She should totes slap him again.

9:43 PM: "Anything you want to say to me?" Brad asks Chantal. NO. Just walk away, already, girl! At least your makeup is waterproof.

9:46 PM: She's bawling in the limo. Ugh. This is sad. At least it'll all be better when she's inevitably named the next "Bachelorette."

9:54 PM: Chris Harrison's major skill: being impartial when greeting the women at the limo. Why has his role been so drastically reduced this season?

9:56 PM: What a difference. Brad greets Emily so much more warmly than he did Chantal. His proposal is horribly cheesy. "Please give me your forever?" It is adorable how she leans down into his face when saying yes, though. I'm a little touched. Need to get it together.

10:01 PM: Ain't no stoppin' us now! "After the Final Rose." Yes. Bring some drama, please. A gnarly twist, perhaps?

10:04 PM: Chantal seems really composed, saying she doesn't have any regrets. She's already tearing up, though. And out comes Brad. I like this, not wasting any time!

10:05 PM: Like every rejected woman, Chantal asks when he knew she wasn't the one for him. Early on, he says, he felt more strongly for Emily. Ouch.

10:07 PM: This gets awkward really quickly. Chantal says he feels like he's discounting their relationship because Emily's watching, which he totally is.

10:09 PM: Chantal is dating someone new and says she's doing great...even though she's still clearly not remotely over Brad. Which means she's not the new "Bachelorette?" No! Please, not Ashley.

10:15 PM: Wait, the "After the Final Rose" special was supposed to be Brad and Emily's wedding? He says tabloids came between them and it's been a "tough go." They apparently broke up and Emily said she "just couldn't do it." Hm, that doesn't sound too good. Looks like another "Bachelor" breakdown is a-comin'.

10:24 PM: "It's certainly not all roses," Emily says of her relationship with Brad, adding that she really does love him. But is she convincing us or herself?

10:25 PM: Emily on getting married to Brad: "Right now, in this instance, I love you, but no." Um, wow? She says they need to figure out how they fight, and she's thinking of her daughter. And she couldn't move to Austin today. The audience gasps.

10:29 PM: Emily is very defensive, saying she isn't the uptight girl she came across as. She got all of the scenic dates -- nothing exciting like diving in a shark cage. Somehow I don't feel like that was the problem.

10:36 PM: "How honest are we getting?" Emily asks Chris when she's pressed about the troubles in the relationship. Her biggest issue? Watching how affectionate Brad was with the other girls on the show. Which is weird, considering she signed up for the "Bachelor," and even though she wins, she has a problem that he gave other girls attention? Ugh. Whine, whine, whine.

10:45 PM: Jason! Ali! My favorite old "Bachelor" couples. Can Ali and Roberto get married already, by the way?

10:48 PM: How weird is it that Emily is the dominant personality in the relationship with Brad now? She seems so controlling, and he's just sitting there like a timid child afraid to say anything.

10:57 PM: He puts Emily's ring back on her finger. Somehow I can't get into the joyous ending of this. Do you think Emily and Brad will ever make it to the altar? Weigh in in the comments.

--Amy Kaufman



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Photo: Brad Womack and his fiancee, Emily Maynard. Credit: ABC.

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I think they will make it.....picked her from day one. He was always sweeter with her. Remember the impromtu picnic at the rose ceromony cocktail party? You know the one, the one that made all of the other bachelorettes FURIOUS! I hope they work through it all...I agree with Brad that seeing the bad is actually good. It does make it a real relationship....Good luck guys!!! I hope they can be the next Tristan and Ryan....

Great recap! Sadly, I think poor Brad & Emily are doomed as a couple. I always thought she was sweet throughout the show, but could tell she has never gotten over her 'tragic' past.... she claims she wants a future of love and happiness, but she's her own enemy. I actually feel sorry for Brad, I think he 's head over heals for her, but it's so obvious how she's not.

Doomed. 1 for 15 batting average. Guys are so dumb to go on this show. I just don't see what guys get out of this. True love? Just a string of cliches and stereotypes. No wonder nothing ever works out. These people aren't even honest with themselves, so how are they going to figure out what they need. I guess they are hoping for 'true love' to strike them. Grow up. You ain't in middle school anymore.

No! I don,t think they will get married.Brad is immature and obviously has anger issues that Emily doesn,t want to expose her daughter to.When Emily asked him about all the issues that come up in parenthood and he felt pressured,that said it all...The guy is a real tool!

I also picked Emily from day one. Whether they stay together or not, this season finale was particularly interesting because we got to see what it must be like to be on this show. The stress, the separation, the jealousy, the love, the media, the spotlight of it all. And of course, the pain that selfishly invisible bloggers can bestow on what we forget are two real people. I commend Emily and Brad for sticking through it. I hope it continues. Many relationships will never know their level of stress.

I would be SHOCKED if they make it to the altar. It's easy to feel like you're in love when you're going on amazing fantasy dates and everyone has their right foot forward. But, once you're in the real world and you experience what that person is really like.....

I think it's obvious they both have issues - he has a temper, she seemed a little immature last night with her petty jealousy.

To me, she just doesn't seem like a woman in love. I hope they won't rush into anything they'll regret later.

That was great! I felt like i wrote that. You nailed it all! But I'm still wondering about Chris Harris and his diminishing role!

Oh, Emily - Get thee to a therapist and grow out of your insecurities! Grow up and be strong, girl!!! He's a great guy, he went through such hell to choose you - Cowgirl-Up and get your butt to Austin!

Even though these shows are incredibly cheesy, lame and most importantly, fake, there is a place for them.

However, just like wrestling, it's time shows like this are recapped not as reality TV but as scripted TV.


Hey, did anyone else notice that Brad didn't ask Emily if she would "accept this rose," after the proposal? They ALWAYS do that, no matter how cheesy the scene is!!! Just sayin'...

Didn't anyone else find it odd that Emily was still wearing the rose diamond engagement ring from Ricky Hendricks through the first 5-6 weks of the show? How about those gaudy braclets she was wearing in South Africa with the initials JRH?

Emily's precious and her daughter cute as a button, but she's clearly not over her deceased fiance.
It's also obvious she's pissed at Brad for using not one or two but all three invitations to the "fantasy suite" yeah baby!

Gee Emily I really loved you early on in the show I swear....but let me sample some other goodies while I'm here. This iteration of Bachelor is DOA.

This is hilarious, and I swear, the blow by blow is EXACTLY as I saw it, word for word. So funny. I cannot believe they didn't go with Chantal for the Bachelorette. The little dentist mouse will not keep my (or I can't imagine, anyone's) attention past the first show, (watching the guys come out of the limo and wishing there was a coyote arm version of limo exits.) Thanks, Amy.

Emily needs to run, not walk, away. Her biggest concern: his temper. His response, "Yes, I have a temper." RED FLAG! Emily must be a mom first right now, and if her "mommy radar" goes off and she has any hesitation over this guy then she has to go with what is best for her daughter first and foremost. Brad is not a good match for her, and in her heart of hearts she knows it. Emily, listen to that little vice that is talking to you. I think you are meant to be single right now. Bye, Brad.

This message is for Chantel. Girl you dodged a bullet after watching that after show last night I feel sorry for Emily. Brad is no where near being as mature as you two. I say that with good reason. Every time one of you girls questioned him or gave him a hard time he started to pull back instead of congratulating you on being willing to have an actual relationship he was just ok to live in la la land. I think in the end he choose Emily because he thought she was quiet and sweet and wouldn't give him as hard a time as Chantel would although Chantel was more compatible to his life style. I say to his life style and not his personality because I think Chantel is a way better person than him and he does not deserve her. But if that was his angle when he chose Emily he has another thing coming because Emily is not a push over. In the end I think he is severly damaged because he didn't have a father and that is the cause of most of his issues. He is not a bad guy he is just not ready yet for what a real marriage and parenthood requires. Good Luck to Emily I think she is wise to delay the wedding I hope he matures for her sake.

If all the psych pundits, who never meet the celebrities but feel confident about analyzing them on TV talk shows, could turn their attention away from Lohan and Sheen for a moment and give Womack a look, you'd get some really interesting chatter. And then we might all learn what could be in Brad's closet.

She was sweet (unrealistically so) on the show, but had passive-aggressive moments. Last night she blossomed into a full-scale passive-aggressive controlling witch. Maybe he's attracted to that. He will feel obligated to work on the relationship because of his history. For two people who are in a new relationship and are supposedly in love, they have way too many problems. Too bad he didn't fall in love with Chantal (sp?) because she really loved him and was honest and open. And, now she has a REAL man in her life--one who doesn't need to go on reality TV to find a woman.

I'm sorry guys but you can't predict if a couple is going to make it or not unless YOU are one of the people in the relationship. I mean what if you had this boyfriend that you really loved that really loved you back and all these people around you were saying "I don't think you two are right for each other." You'd probably tell them to mind their own business because it's not THEIR relationship. It's YOURS.You have to remember that this is a TV show. What we saw is only what the producers of the show thought we would find the most entertaining as viewers. After 6 weeks of watching the show, you still can't tell EVERYTHING about a person. Emily said "I look so boring. I'm not this uptight girl that I come across as..." They don't show you all of the different personality traits. If we're lucky we get to see two or three different traits of each person. And Emily has a good point in waiting to get married to see how they mesh in real life as opposed to living in a fairy tale for 6 weeks. I would do the exact same thing if I were in her shoes, not just because I have a daughter to think about but because I would want to start fresh without millions of people watching thinking that they know what's best for Emily when really Brad and Emily are the ones who know what's best for Brad and Emily. Like Emily whispered to Brad at the end of the Final Rose TV special, "Just you and me." Now it'll be different and they can have a REAL relationship. All I can say is that I HOPE that Brad and Emily make it. They do seem to be genuinely in love and I think they'd make a beautiful and loving family.

I think they'll make it. There's more to every person than meets the eye and I think everyone on here is just too quick to hate on Brad and Em because of what they THINK they know about them.

I hope that they can work through whatever issues are challenging them right now. But - unless Brad can be less defensive about being questioned (and give Emily a little more space) and Emily can be more open, secure, enthusiastic, and flexible there will no doubt be trouble in reality paradise. They have the potential to decide if their personalities really do work in real life. If not, they're both better off moving on. But if so, maybe they can transform their weaknesses and come out better people in the end due to having loved each other. ..Only time and their own free will will tell the story.

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