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'The Bachelor': Chris Harrison warns fans not to believe show spoilers [Video]

February 28, 2011 |  2:27 pm

For the last few weeks, we've been doing everything in our power to avoid finding out what happens at the end of this season of "The Bachelor." But let's face it: Spoilers are everywhere. On the covers of tabloid magazines, on fan websites -- even in the comment section of our own weekly show recaps!

But to those fans of the show who think they know who Brad Womack is or isn't going home with in a few weeks, host Chris Harrison has a message for you:

"Be careful what you're reading. Let's all just wait and see what happens," Harrison told us on the red carpet at Sunday's Academy Awards, where he had just wrapped up hosting duties for his gig with TV Guide.

When asked if the rampant spoilers bother him, Harrison said he'd accepted the fact that the show now exists in a day and age in which it's impossible to keep a secret.

"When was the last time you didn't know who was on 'Dancing with the Stars'? When was the last time you didn't know who the judges were for 'American Idol'? Or WikiLeaks stealing Pentagon secrets," he said. "There's no accountability with Twitter, with Facebook and all these blogs, it's like you can just say whatever. So it is what it is at this point, in this world."

As for what's going to go down in the fantasy suites on Monday's episode with the final three girls in South Africa, Harrison was pretty tight-lipped. Previews for the new installment seem to imply that Emily is reluctant to sleep with Brad. Isn't that a deal breaker on "The Bachelor"? we asked

"You'll have to see how it works out. Emily is a very different situation," he said. "One of those relationships where she has a daughter to think about, and she's very careful about how she handles that."

No matter who Brad ends up with at the end, Harrison assured us: The Bachelor is in love.

"We just taped the 'Women Tell All' yesterday ... and he is in love and is happy as can be. He is so happy that he came back and did this again."

-- Amy Kaufman


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